Let’s Have a Conversation about Race

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Liberals love Barack Obama because he’s half black (and half white), and because of that he’s (by default) not a racist.
Liberals hate George Zimmerman because he’s half white (and half Peruvian), and because of that he’s (by default) a racist.
If all of this makes perfect sense to you — you’re progressive.

Progressives continually whine about the need for an “honest dialogue about race,” which, of course, always turns out to make white people confess how deeply racist they really are and enlightened minorities share their experiences of oppression.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright, ‘man of the cloth’
Half black – can’t possibly be a racist…unless the white half takes over.

From a personal perspective: 

All of the American soldiers and sailors who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan remind me of me when I was a young man. 
None of the dead gang members in America remind me of me…
I must be a racist.

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  1. Will we ever get back to where we were, in racial relations, in 2008? Not for a while, or as long as the Democrats can profit by dividing and conquering.

    And it has been very profitable to them so far.

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