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The weather and climate on Earth is complex but it exists within a larger context that not much is known about. That is referred to as Space Weather. The “Solar Cycle” hit the eleven year maximum two years ago and will be cooling slightly. Will that impact the climate on Earth? The real answer is, “who knows?”

This link to space weather and the New Horizons spacecraft may be interesting. The coronal mass ejections account for a lot of the fluctuations – where large volumes of the Sun’s surface is blasted into space. Earth’s magnetic field protects us from most of it, but yes, it impacts the weather on Earth. If President Obama is to be believed, the US Military is working hard to fix the Sun so that its surface burns at a constant temperature for the benefit of the people of America.

If the Sun’s radiation heats up the planet ten degrees, we are in crisis. If it cools ten degrees, we are headed for an ice age. Yes, it’s just about that sort of balance. You can chalk it up to divine providence or to chance, but Barack and his minions are not able to do much about it.

The Pope has weighed in on the war on the weather as well. Aren’t there bigger problems for him to address, like the lepers in Calcutta and ISIL? Apparently not. The weather and the Sun’s output maybe a better task for a Pontiff?  Up to him.

To make things even more complicated, the Sun is not stationary. As it moves, we move, and we move very quickly through space. Sometimes we enter areas of dust. It can change the amount of light and radiant energy that strikes the Earth and with it, the climate.

Some believe that space weather influences people in the Middle East to travel to the United States and murder innocent people, going about their lives. (see right) I think that the theory is without foundation, but our elected executive feels that he will be vindicated given enough time and enough American blood.

I believe in doing what we can to make the planet clean including air and water and to keep it free from undue pollution. Most outdoorsmen, hunters and fishermen agree with that sentiment. I think that as with all things, a degree of circumspection is called for. At present, the “war on the weather” is always accompanied by our leaders reminding us that we will have to pay a hefty weather tax to save the planet.

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  1. Barry and his minions' vigil on global warming seems relatively iffy in efficiency in catching on with us Proletarians. Common sense kicks in too often, along with pretty darn cold weather periodically (primarily in winter) to throw a wet blanket on Barry's plans to tax the weather.

    We'll see if a few election cycles will relegate Barry and his global warming schemes to the dustbin of history.

  2. His presidential library (and monument to himself) will be there in town for you to visit whenever you need to be reminded of how cool he truly is. You might want to lobby against having it sited down the street from your house. The radiant light from the rainbows – even at night – might be bothersome.

  3. I understand we have a "space command" — now we know what it's up, keeping the enemy Sun at bay! Thank God for our brave womyn and men in space.

  4. I don't think that we've had any trannys in space. If Biden becomes president, all that will change as his advocacy for that minority takes the forefront.

    President Obama tasked NASA with making Muslims feel good about themselves. Maybe shooting jihadis into orbit will solve our global warming problem as their numbers blot out the sun? It's clearly worth a try.

  5. My point is this, let jihadis find a useful way to end their lives — in the war on the weather.

  6. the radiant light from the rainbows! hahaha

    The sun is MOVING? Where are we GOING?? The fact that they can even claim that sorta blows my mind…

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