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Missing Uranium

U.N. nuclear watchdog inspectors have found that roughly 2.5 tons of natural uranium have gone missing from a Libyan site that is not under government control, the watchdog told member states in a statement on Wednesday seen by Reuters.

The finding is the result of an inspection originally planned for last year that “had to be postponed because of the security situation in the region” and was finally carried out on Tuesday, according to the confidential statement by International Atomic Energy Agency chief Rafael Grossi.

IAEA inspectors “found that 10 drums containing approximately 2.5 tons of natural uranium in the form of UOC (uranium ore concentrate) previously declared by (Libya) … as being stored at that location were not present at the location,” the one-page statement said.

The agency would carry out “further activities” to determine the circumstances of the uranium’s removal from the site, which it did not name, and where it is now, the statement added.

“The loss of knowledge about the present location of nuclear material may present a radiological risk, as well as nuclear security concerns,” it said, adding that reaching the site required “complex logistics”…of course.

So who done it?  My money is on Wagner PMC, who sold it to Iran.


Identify the Aircraft (2 photos to aid you – not a B5N “Kate”)

Early in WW2, Japanese torpedo bombers enjoyed huge success both because of their aircraft, their torpedo quality, pilot training and proficiency, and the ability of fighters to provide cover.  As the war dragged on and the experienced pilots were killed without replacements of the same quality and as US fighters became more than a match for Japanese fighters, their success diminished. To be fair AAA from US ships became a steel curtain that was very difficult to fly through and survive.


I was going to BBQ tomahawk ribeyes for dinner but after reading this, I need to head out and get a woke Bill Gates steak… yeah.


Bullet Points:

** (Breitbart) Russia has vowed to destroy all fighter jets donated to Ukraine by European nations after Poland and Slovakia, backed by new equipment and finance from the U.S. and the European Union, became the first countries to send warplanes to Kyiv.

Fighter jets have been a long-term demand for the Ukrainian government of Volodymyr Zelensky since the renewed Russian invasion at the start of 2022, but NATO leaders have shied away from what they considered a major escalation of their involvement in the conflict until now. Enabled by cash and replacement warbirds from the United States and the European Union, two European nations are sending fighter jets to Ukraine in the coming days.

** As of midnight Paris time, some 217 people were arrested in the French capital after the city erupted in rage after the National Assembly was bypassed by the globalist Macron government which used article 49.3 of the constitution to pass through its controversial plans to raise the retirement age from 62 to 64-years-old by the year 2030 in order to keep the program from going under.  So what do you think is the appropriate retirement age?


  1. I generally disapprove of cannibalism, but if they really are offering Bill Gates steaks I’d order some. With enough orders all at once I figure they’d have to carve the bastard up once and for aye.

    What? Oh. […] Nevermind. Misunderstanding.

    So this hospital where I once worked, the cafeteria closed at 8pm, but a fast food joint in the hospital stayed open until 1am. (Needless to say, I ate a lot of stuff from that place.)

    Anyway, one night a friend had gotten her “frozen shake” around midnight and started reading the ingredients. “Lactulose?! I just wrote a prescription for lactulose for that guy with hepatic encephalopathy!” We looked into sugar substitute ingredients in other foods. Sorbitol in “diet candy!” We were giving sorbitol as a laxative to constipated patients.

      • I’m usually a medium-rare or rare kind of guy, but in this case I’m thinking “carbonized”. Lord only knows what that sort carries.

          • As to diet beverages, I admit to Diet Dr. Pepper as a go-to. But the crap that they put in “diet” to replace sugar is sort of like paint thinner to the body. I realize that’s not a medically correct statement, but the spirit of the material is paint thinner.

          • I like Diet Dr Pepper too. Prolly my attempt to “look hard” (the late Weaponsman, SF, was a Diet Dr P fan as well, must be an SOF thing…).

            My prior comment reads very circumstantial (extraneous, irrelevant detail — about how late the fast food place closed). It’s relevant to the following: we got our food around midnight, then both got paged before we could eat. I got done with whatever the problem was around 2am and returned to the team room to find my friend dubiously poking at her “shake” with a spoon. After 2h it had melted, but the texture was really weird. Which led to “what’s this thing made out of anyway?”

          • I take my DP straight, HFCS. but not often.
            My goto is IBC Cream Soda.
            Every few days. Otherwise, coffee.
            And more coffee.
            Chased by coffee.
            My favorite non-caloric flavored beverage.

          • The way I look at it, I can drink Diet Dr. Pepper or Diet Coke or I can drink water or alcohol.

            Unless you’re getting your water from an extremely pure source, or drinking distilled water, you are getting lots of chemicals, from Chlorine to Flouride to whatever other contaminates in the damned water. If it’s from a municipal water system, unless you’re using a reverse osmosis system, you are not getting anything slightly ‘pure’ to include amoebas and other parasites (seriously, at Kwaj we drank desalinated water or water collected from the airfield. At Satellite Beach, our tap water was purer than the landside water because of all the crap growing in the delivery pipes actually filtered out a lot of stuff, still crappy water, but…)

            I could drink sweet tea or regular sodas, but that’s a lot of sugar.

            I could drink alcohol, but between having alcoholic parents and inheriting mom’s weird alcohol reactions, that’s a no-go.

            Diet soda? They start with using RO’d water, partially distill it and then add all the chemicals. All of which do far less damage to your system than Flouride and Chlorine.

            Seriously, safer to drink diet drinks than water.

            And, funny, there is research that shows that coffee and tea made the modern world we know. How? Well, you start with boiling water and… The process of boiling killed so many pathogens it’s not even funny. Only the creation of modern antibiotics and treatments for cholera and diptheria have saved as many lives as just having people drink boiled liquids (which is kind of what the pasteurization system does…)

            You can pry my DDP from my cold dead hands…

  2. Some of those chemicals might have been on the East Palestine train. Who in their right mind would eat that? Then again when you ask the “man on the street” if the government should ban “dihydrogen oxide” most would emphatically say “Yes! That’s bad for the environment!”.

    Then there’s this (from my TurboTax): Credits for Energy-Efficient Vehicles

    “Example: You paid $30,000 for your 2022 Nissan Leaf, which you use for your own business. The car is eligible for a credit in the amount of $7,500…”

    Must be nice to have taxpayers pay for your 152 mile range little car. Anyone buying a vehicle named “Leaf” deserves their symbolism over substance.

    The lie that EV’s are energy efficient is beyond galling. Really? Howso? Same as Adult Pinwheels being “green and renewable” while killing raptors and requiring more energy in materials and vehicles to construct that it produces before leaking oil all over the ground.

    But this stuff – fake food and renewables – is a religious cult.

    • With reference to the “Adult Pinwheels”, over at Ace of Spades HQ, THE MORNING RANT: “Wind Theft” and the Climate Impact of Wind Farms is a good exposition on how blind the “green and renewable” crowd are to the damaging effects of their windmills on the climate and weather. I had always suspected this but now have real studies expounding on the harms of wind farms beyond killing raptors and requiring more energy in materials and vehicles to construct than they produce before leaking oil all over the ground.

      • Saw that, another damaging aspet of Industrial Wind I did not know (yes, the two I stated are 2 of 10). IW is not the nirvana that promoters say it is, all of them are liars and cheats, and this ridiculousness needs to stop being forced down our throats by TPTB.

        • Dihydrogen oxide is the #1 greenhouse gas, after all.

          Soon to be regulated as a pollutant, mark my words.


          • Hydrogen Hydroxide is by far the most dangerous chemical out there. Seriously. To make it requires burning. To vaporize it requires heating. To freeze it requires cooling it and that means heat has to go somewhere. Hydrogen Hydroxide is causing global warming from burning and being heated and from cooling it.

            We’re all gonna die from Hydrogen Hydroxide.

  3. I cannot believe I got the drop on you Surly! I don’t expect this to happen again so I’ll take this time to crack a Dirtwolf IPA and wash the reoperations tears from my face while playing the world’s smallest fiddle for the people of San Francisco, pray for the East Palestine residents and curse the Biden Crime Family. Hogs Call tonight fellas. Were going to find out who won the rifle sweepstakes, feast and drink like HOGs do. Thank you for anyone who donated and check your tickets for the drawing tonight. Everyone can’t wait to see who wins this build.

    Sta Lethal-

  4. The Dr Pepper lovers among you all might have some Southern blood. Having family down there, Dr Pepper is very popular perhaps even more so than the other Southern carbonated soft drinks Coke and RC Cola

  5. I saw that reuters story on uranium. Yes- abject disgust and annoyance.
    BUT… It sounded like refined stuff by inference?
    I thought, THAT don’t make sense… I do geology for a living. I don’t know much on the U end of things, just enough to stay outta mines and away from specimens associated, cause I prefer to.
    Hazards of presence and contact are well laid out, but there’s really no way to know what will happen to YOU because of casual contact. I was pall bearer to a lot of old relatives as a teen/young adult- all cancer. I think I will avoid as much as possible…
    FUTHER reading showed… OK… It’s uranium ore- crushed and tuned up so it’s mostly uranium.
    Made sense considering Libya past concerns etc.
    FURTHER reading said– OH! they FOUND the missing ten barrels… Nearby… Some thief militia raided- stole everything they could… Dropped the barrels when they saw it was full of (I suspect yellow) powder crap, not ammo or flammables.
    The face palm for me, was golly gee, here’s some random barrels dumped in a pile, no one wants. Random desert junk? How long? Nah, don’t waste time answering that.
    The last part of article made comment though, about they thought the new count found was 18.
    Wait? What? Math doesn’t follow.
    My main take away was…. WHY is ANY of it still in Libya??? I mean REALLY!
    If they have “monitor ppl” dropping by, why is the country(party in power) not paid (well) for it, and “we” just box it up and military transposrt it to secure holding in a 1st world location???
    Another day- another outrage!

    Anyhoo- Like to know more if anyone has better update- especially down the road in time.
    I rarely comment but DO enjoy reading the banter between y’all that are acquainted 🙂
    Best Regards,

  6. I’m a bit surprised at you, LL.

    You don’t want to eat factory produced food assembled for your benefit by our rulers? In vats?

    Time for a struggle session in the gulag, my friend.

  7. Cooking for the group tomorrow evening, it will be REAL steaks from an Angus… with baked taters and a salad. Re Libya, concur on Wagner, they were ‘operating’ there for quite a while.

  8. I liked Dr Pepper, but it had a side effect that prevents drinking it – copious clouds of noxious gases being emitted from the nethermost region. I could live with that but my wife: no, No, and NO!

  9. I like the “Libya site not under government control”…

    Yeah. Which government? What control, exactly?


  10. When one crosses the Mason-Dixon line the craving for Dr Pepper ecwomes undeniable.
    LL: why is it that RC cola and Moon Pies comprise an entire food group for some folks?
    Must be a country boy thing.

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