Bullet Points

* It’s always better to wake up and pee than to pee and then wake up.

* Being kissed while you’re asleep is one of the purest forms of love unless you are in prison.

* Americans have a right to know how Liz Cheney made $36 million while serving in Congress for six years.

* No one was fired in DOD or at State or CIA for what happened in Afghanistan. No one resigned. Indeed, when we do hear from them, our most senior leaders at the time make excuses and point blame … looking to do little more than keep their position and privilege in their carefully curated circle.

* In China, I’m told from sources on the ground, they’re preparing for war with the US – and the rest of the world. Almost all domestic airline flights are artificially booked and they just don’t fly.

When I needed to get to a commercial flight in rural PRC back circa 1998, and I was in a car with officials of the People’s Security Bureau, they said, “don’t worry, the plane won’t take off without you.”  I was two hours late and they held the plane. Such is the nature of control. When I boarded, they closed the door and pushed off. 

Some say the present moves along with very suspicious other activities are portents of war.  An intel source in KL, Malaysia confirmed the rumor, so maybe it’s genuine. I really don’t want to be in frigging Africa if the balloon goes up.

It might also be that Zhang Gaoli’s faction orchestrated or attempted a coup against Xi. Things are exceptionally weird over there. Weird, where China is concerned is dangerous. Weird in the US White House is par for the course.

* Young doctors in Canada are dying at a rate 23X normal after the second booster We now have all the CMA Canadian doctor death data in a spreadsheet. It shows that doctors 50 and younger are being killed after the second booster a rate that is 23X normal. 

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) data for 2020 shows doctors in Canada aged 50 and under die at a rate of about 6 per year. After the latest booster, 6 Canadian doctors, 50 and under, died within a 15-day period. Something is very wrong here, but nobody wants to talk about it or look into it. They’d rather look the other way.


The British M-Class Submarine (historical retrospective)

Hey, what if we put a battleship rifle (cannon) on a submarine? What could go wrong?  We have a bunch of them in surplus!

The British M-class was introduced at the end of World War I. They were originally intended to be used for coastal bombardment or as submarine monitors. They were among the largest submarines in the Royal Navy when they were laid down. Though the class was armed with torpedoes, this was not their main armament.

The submarine was equipped with an enormous 12-inch (305mm) naval gun. This foot-in-diameter gun was manufactured for British battleships in the late 1890s, but due to a lack of funding was never widely used, though Italy did mount the gun for use in some of their ships. Japan successfully used original and license-produced guns during the Russo-Japanese war, where they were used in the first all-steel naval engagement.

During the M-class manufacturing phase, the role they would play was reimagined. Rather than coastal bombardment, the M-class would take advantage of their underwater ability to prey on merchant shipping. Instead of hunting ships underwater with torpedoes, the M-class would surface unexpectedly near enemy ships and fire its naval gun at the enemy. The gun would have a flat trajectory at shorter ranges, simplifying aiming. It was assumed that a merchant ship would not be able to survive a hit from the 850-pound shell the 12-inch gun fired.

The drawback to the deck-mounted naval gun was that the first shot it fired would have to either sink or significantly damage whatever ship it targeted, as the gun could not be reloaded underwater. Aiming was done with a simple bead sight that was viewed through a periscope.

M-1, the only hull of the M-class to carry a deck gun, leaked badly. Corrosive saltwater damaged the barrel of the gun during test firing and the M1 was never involved in combat-related duties. Post-war, the M1 was struck by a Swedish ship during a training exercise in the English Channel. The blow was enough to tear the main gun from the hull, which quickly flooded, sinking the submarine, with all hands lost.

M-2 was converted to a seaplane carrier in 1925, a hangar replacing the gun turret. She was lost off Chesil Beach, Dorset, on 26 January 1932. It is thought that the hangar door was opened prematurely… never a good move. M2 lies in shallow water, 32 meters deep with the top of the conning tower only 20 meters below the surface at low tide. She is a popular attraction for local scuba divers with as many as six boats anchored above her on busy days.

M-3 was converted to a minelayer in 1927 with stowage for 100 mines, primarily to test the mine-handling equipment of the Grampus class. The mines were carried on a conveyor belt that ran along her upper deck and was covered by an enlarged casing. The mines were laid through a door at the stern. She was scrapped in 1932 after the trials had been completed.


Beyond Beef?

The Beyond Beef ingredients list is almost identical to the ingredients in the Pfizer Covid Vax… a coincidence?


Ridin’ with Biden!


Florida Plumbing Python

When the plunger just doesn’t work to clear the clog.


  1. Question raised by a comment elsewhere: how quickly would the supply chain problem get solved if we started sacrificing totalitarians to volcanoes?

    • Starting with the US, it shouldn’t take long. But what do you have against volcanoes? What did they ever do to you? I think a wood chipper and dump the slurry into the Mississippi to feed the catfish.

      • A VERY environmental/Green solution…they should stand in line to sacrifice themselves, altho, we do have a list of who should be first.

        • They continually bitch about overpopulation. It’s time for them to show their commitment to the Green New Deal. And I’m fine with that.

          The Canadian government want people to suicide out, but I don’t see Trudeau taking the pill to show the way like Jim Jones.

          • The woke say that conservatives don’t care enough. I agree, so they need to shut up and just do it – show us how much you love the planet!

          • Agreed, leading by example is fully supported. Better yet, they should toss themselves into the pig stye so us left behinds can at least enjoy some free range bacon.

      • Strap them onto backboards, attach JDAM kits, hand-truck them onto C-130s (IDK, would the C-17 work?) then orbit the volcano at 10,000 feet and start shoving them off the ramp.



  2. That’s a big snake!

    Africa is a long way from home if things go to shit world wide… but until then life goes on…

    Speaking of the world having changes happen “right now” … with Iran having nukes how long will Israel sit and wait?

  3. China + war. A way to quell domestic unrest? Close to home, is the Ukraine fiasco being directed by China via their bought and paid for US elites?

    Might the Iran situation be defused by Mossad taking out certain Martha Vineyard residents?

    (Working for that premier bunk placement)

  4. Ingredients list is missing the mRNA secret sauce DNA compliance factor. Seems the Not-A-Vax/Booster/Booster recipients have gotten stupider as time progresses, like they’ve been toking all day long on their Rec-Med. Might be both at play, but I swear people are walking around in a fog.

    Guessing the boat air horn I use to scare off the bears wouldn’t have much affect on that thing. Did a trek in and around the Everglades, they have a prison near the East Park Entrance…figured there’s no way escapees would be wading through that brackish water, especially with stuff like that lurking, let alone the Gators. Geez.

  5. Wild wild west beat me to it. In other news, four FSB officers confronted two Russian sergeants in a cafe in Kharkiv and ‘counseled’ them about their drinking. Apparently the sergeants didn’t like that and a gun battle ensued with one sergeant and two FSB dead, one sergeant and one FSB in the hospital. Apparently the fourth FSB hauled ass and didn’t get shot!

    • That’s 1 Darwin award that needs to be given out. For a Russian to be considered “drunk” there have to be gallons of vodka consumed — enough to kill a regular citizen of the planet. For the FSB to feel justified to intervene with two drunk sergeants, who were likely expressing their opinions of Dear Leader and the FSB means that they wanted to be removed from the gene pool.

      • The Christmas parties at Sea Launch were a hoot. The Russians had some brand of vodka that wasn’t available in the US, and I swear you could have used it to fuel the rocket. SLW had one sip of it, and I’d never seen her open hers eyes that wide. She said she didn’t know they made booze that strong. The Russians were guzzling the stuff like water, and much hilarity ensued as the evening went on.

  6. Good gravy….a 12″ deck gun? “Just Because You Can, Doesn’t Mean You Should” comes to mind…

    Wonder what they used for “Natural Flavor” in that abomination of a beef substitute?

    I’d read the pythons got pretty big in FL, but…..wow….

  7. i told my buddy deploying overseas to take a couple of gold krugerands and a pocket full of cash with him, and make local contacts immediately to prepare a hasty exit, sans uncle sam. he thought i was crazy, but that was before kabul. i know i don’t have to advise you of same. god speed my friend.

    • I changed the rules and I’m flying back to Dubai and the people involved will meet me there. With the Chinese bullshit and the Cholera plague in Sudan, discretion is the better part of valor. It’s important to always carry gold and Krugerrand doesn’t have monetary value stamps on them so no CMIR reporting is required. So I’m with you.


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