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It’s nice to take a walk in the morning. Today is no exception. I  trimmed off the bottom of the Christmas Tree early and put it on the stand outside so that I could hose it down before I dragged it into the living room before my walk.
While I worked on the tree, I noticed that the jihadi-next-door, who is Pakistani and attends the mosque down the street was giving me the stink-eye (mad-dog stare). There are several on the short street where I live that light up their homes. The Muslims steam and stew over it but haven’t vocally objected until now. I find that incredibly odd in light of the San Bernardino Massacre last week.
The jihadi-next-door (who is a different person than Mohammed the Muslim-next-door, who I had a dispute with) commented on my Kimber .45 lawful open carry on my belt while I walked, as I passed his home. He said, “You will need that if Donald Trump is elected.” (the weather is warm enough here that you don’t need a jacket, but I wore a shirt over the handgun but you can see the bulge)
I replied, “I hadn’t planned on voting for Trump but you just changed my mind.” That’s all, no more than that. No women keening while he unlimbered his artillery, just the threat and reply.
There is a lot of anger in the Muslim community directed toward those of us who live here and practice faith and tradition according to the dictates of our consciences. Before the Mosque went up, there were none of them here in this neighborhood. I’ve been threatening myself to sell the house and move more because it’s about 5 times larger than I need, but I hate to do that to my neighbors because Muslims actually bid the price up to live close to the mosque and the buyer will likely be a mooselim.
There is a mooselim store that went in about half a mile away. I went there a few months ago and the people in the store along with the owners were disturbed at my presence. The owner tried to give me the bum’s rush out, but as you would expect, it only caused me to linger. The place was filthy, much of the wares were out of date (I check the boxes) but it was full of Barack’s people. There were no posters of Osama bin Laden, and I found that odd. Otherwise, it was a place you go once and never again. There were rat droppings on the floor. I called the health department. 
But the place stayed open. 
Then just recently it struck me that Sayed Farook was a health inspector with the County of San Bernardino. I don’t live in that county, but it would make sense that they’d send somebody to this store that would speak the linga franca… get my point? 
ISIL martyring Christians because of their faith.

27 thoughts on “Chatting with a Neighbor

  1. Sell and move. When I read posts like this, I actually fear for your safety. If your neighbors were smart, they'd sell and move, too.

  2. I live in Tiny Town, Texas, so I have no experiences until I go to the big city. An "Islamic community center (not a mosque, REPEAT, NOT A MOSQUE) went up in Amarillo not too long ago. They've kept a pretty low profile until the last couple of years, now they're pushing for rights to broadcast prayers to the neighborhood which has become highly Muslim. I hear the VFW Chapters are looking at buying the lots adjacent for a lodge and weekend pig roast. God I love the Vets.

  3. What would Mohammed and Moustaffa call this new caliphate: Caliphatia? And of course, you would be elmininated as a resident per proper custom, as would other filthy infidels such as yourself.

  4. I was wondering how you were getting along in the neighborhood. I find that most of them are very stupid people since most of them only have a 7th century education. Me thinks they don't want to mess with the old LL. What ever happened to Reno, or are you having too much fun tweaking your neighbors?

  5. Rat droppings are incredibly nutritious (great in Tacos) and help you to see in the dark, get my point?

  6. I might become a sheik? There are advantages if it comes with a yacht, a Gulfstream, and I can jet off to places like Arizona and behave like an infidel – and then return to Caliphatia and be pious and call for death to all infidels.

  7. Amarillo already has a healthy Muslim community, compliments of the Catholic charities and the Obama resettlement plans. We're high on the list for the next round of "refugees".

  8. Not Armadillo, I'm about three hours east of there… 🙂 And maybe it's time LL… Just sayin…

  9. It's muslim policy, I hear, to set up a new mosque and then try to clear the neighborhood of non muslims for up to three miles, creating a new "no go" zone. They're assholes.

  10. You'll note that the ISIL savages only attack unarmed and helpless people at Christmas parties in mental health facilities and facilities treating disabled children, restaurants in Paris and Christians in the Levant.

  11. If I stop by your sheikdom in Caliphatia, do you have a guest harem that you would offer visiting infidels?

  12. It's important to offer visiting dignitaries the hospitality of the Caliphate in Caliphatia…however true to ISIL tradition, you would have your option of captured Christian slaves, a goat, sheep or a camel.

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