Counting to 10 only makes it Premeditated


Bullet Points:

** 8 Times – This time a pockmarked wall behind, 8 volunteer marksmen, and the command, “Fire”. I wouldn’t give the rapist a blindfold. If we started applying that remedy in these situations, it would solve the problem (one way or the other). Offer pay-per-view to cover the expense of the execution with excess funds distributed to the victims. That is equity.

** While I’m on the topic (above), a year ago South Carolina gave the green light to firing squad executions, a method codified into state law last year after a decade-long pause in carrying out death sentences because of the state’s inability to procure lethal injection drugs. Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Utah also execute by firing squad. None of them offer the pay-per-view to pay for their incarceration and to provide restitution.

** Never let the same snake bite you twice.

** Never push a man to violence who has been waiting for the excuse to justify its use.

** Just because I’m old, doesn’t mean that you’re out of range.


The Age of Discovery Begins


Identify the Aircraft




ID the aircraft in the foreground


Identify the Tanks







He started the show by firing a 40-million-candlepower parachute flare into the air. The light produced by the flare was almost as intense as a mid-range nuclear blast: the area of 40 miles around Nicholson’s house was bright as daylight for some 40 seconds.

I love it when somebody sets a very high bar like this one.



  1. (1) KC-97
    (2) Something German, with lots of extra airfoils.
    (3) The weird nose looks sort of familiar, but IDK.

    (1) Mk VIb light tank.
    (2) ONTOS


      • It’s still a P-38. There were a few P-38 variants for recon work, a night fighter with radar (there was a Corsair similarly equipped), and so forth.

        You all nailed the Ontos – I thought it was a cool photo.

        • Great work on the P-38, Hogsbreath!

          The angle/cut of the shot had me convinced it was a conventional fuselage aircraft, and I was trying to figure out if it had a small auxiliary jet in the back, or what?


          • I wouldn’t want to be the VC infiltrator going up against a battery of those SPGs positioned hull-down along a perimeter with a clear area of fire.

        • True WRT recon versions, but if the InterWebs can be trusted this isn’t one. It’s identified as 44-53087, which was built as a fighter, sold after the war, and modified for aerial photo work. A later owner put a fighter nose back on it. It’s in the EAA museum marked as Dick Bong’s aircraft.
          Oh, and another thing: to be painfully, pedantically, precise, Ontos was SPA, not “tank”.

  2. IDA.
    Top three of 3.
    -F8F Bearcat
    -P51 Mustang
    -F4U Corsair

    Hunter S. Thompson’s prank.
    “Needs a very fast car w/no top, and of course the cocaine.”
    Bar reset.

    ” You’re never out of range LL. “. ⚡🐗⚡🤙

  3. execution- i’d do an emergency broadcast system preemption nationwide. but it seems to me the crims fear hanging most of all, i don’t know why.

  4. 100% off-topic – but not really
    They’re here: by the millions
    “…Old men, and babes, and loving friends,
    And youths and maidens gay.”
    All illegal! Are we gonna do a Ronald Reagan or hunt ’em down, one by one.
    and then what are we gonna do with ’em (a sixteen-year-old, zip for education, unable to speak English, with three kids all born on American soil aged 12 months apart.
    I know, I know. My paranoia (coming true) – and it is a deliberate destruction of the social fabric of the US.
    Any suggestions?

  5. Proper disincentives will have the desired effect…which is why The Uniparty will never do it, they are not solution oriented. Chaos is their game Fine, leave the Blue stronghold cities to continue rotting while those voting The Deranged & Demented into office cry and whine about the result. Tough darts…sucks to be you. Some people are so dense they’ll only understand (assuming at all) that hard consequences require hard lessons. (starting to sound like my dad)

    Sidebar: Had a weird thought (maybe not so weird) upon waking up that we were going to get an official announcement today that Biden is gone, with a minds-eye vision of Harris taking the oath. Just what I needed first thing.

    Sidebar 2: The Murderous Illegal Alien Escapee is still at large, but after 2 weeks “authorities” somehow managed to locate his illegal alien sister in the area and are deporting her because she is not cooperating. (Gee, could you think of another reason to toss her a$$ out versus that one?) The PA Boys are really on top of this one. Apparently this cretin now possesses a .22…police announcement was to tell people to shelter in place, lock their sheds and garages, and be watchful. More soft tyranny incompetence from those tasked with catching and keeping criminals behind bars, seems they forgot how to do that. Me, I’d be armed and on overwatch…S3.

        • I just figured that the Reps will only take what appears to be effective action once there is no point to it. So, if we see them actually appearing to be doing something then it’s only because it’s safe to do so. Kinda hard to impeach someone who’s dead, but it’ll give them bragging points for the next fund letter campaign.

          • I find it amusing the Dem’s are up in arms over McCarthy’s impeachment “inquiry”, stating there is no evidence. Okay for them tho. Always comes down to whose ox is getting gored.

    • noticed how that one jackwagon is keeping 500 cops running around keystone style? citizen shot at him seven times, he should be publicly shamed and then retrained. maybe they can herd the fugitive down south where marksmen live. we’ll three ess him and save the prison funds for deporting the rest.

      • According to my brother and his boots on the ground the good citizens got tired of waiting for the Keystone Cops (literal) to catch this murderer with a weapon, took to the skies with drones and IR tech, streets with weapons and vehicles, and trails with weapons and UTV’s. They’ll flush him out before tomorrow morning.

        Point 2: Another brother who is out this way now but has his businesses there, told his employees if they can legally carry to do so in the office building, and lock the doors during business hours.

        Precautions matter when the cops are two weeks behind the curve. But hey, The Rats want to disarm everyone to ostensibly keep us safe (a lie) despite the fact a lot smarter men knew the best way was to create the 2nd Amendment. Gee, wonder who’s correct.

  6. Firing Squad:

    I think they should raise the money by auctioning off places in the squad.

    Overage to the families of the victims is a good call.

    Then we just need to start with the politicians.


  7. Firing squad. If they ever need someone to re-load ammo, I’m available.

    IDT. Having been trained on the M-40 recoilless in Small Arms Repair School, I got the Ontos. Likely I have remarked before, most bad-ass six shooter ever. In Vietnam, direct fire Beehive rounds rendered a jungle full of the enemy into so much fresh coleslaw and raw hamburger.

    • Having run an Army 106 section, I REALLY got the Ontos. With what we had, sticking around to reload after firing one shot when tankers were around would not have been conducive to longevity. A fast, maneuverable track with 6 shots quick and even a little bit of armor made a lot more sense.

  8. Give the rapist a blindfold? I’d get his victim to choose which appendage she wants to gag him with so he can’t scream. Shouldn’t take too long to work out.
    In good old Blighty, we recently had a nurse, Lucy Letby, convicted for killing 7 babies in the neonatal unit and trying for another 6. During her sentencing she didn’t come to see judgement served because she was “too upset” Ohh, poor lamb. How very dare she. What right does she have to be upset? I’d have dragged her by her hair kicking and screaming to sit and face everyone. Outrageous. People call me intolerant but I think I’m right. I don’t know what brought that rant on.
    Anyway, I’m back from my serene boating trip now. Obviously it didn’t work!

      • Lucy should be hung and her head mounted on Traitor’s Gate for all to see. Maybe hang her off of one of the bridges over the Thames. Or on the Tower grounds, like all traitors to the Crown were executed. Hell, I thing the Tower Wardens would pay to gack her with their polearms.

  9. I’m good with the 70s coffee shop too! And PPV or offering the family a ‘lane’ for the execution isn’t a bad idea either. Re the Droop Snoot, the issue was there wasn’t enough ‘range’ with a bomb, and there was NO defensive capability for those birds.

    • Someone who did that to a ‘friend’ probably deserved to suck-start his pistole.

      There’s pranking, there’s being a jackass prankster, then there’s being a total anal sphincter. What HST did was TAS. Deserved to get his face pulped by the prankees. If not Jack, then his wife would have put HST in the ground for that.

  10. Okay… Execution chemicals unobtainable? Geeze, just go to the local med supply house and get a concentrated Calcium IV and a concentrated Potassium IV and run them full bore. A bolus shot of Magnesium and one other, can’t remember, and the ticker is toast. Total cost? Maybe 20 bucks, maybe 50.

    Or use some of that wonderful junk fentanyl that’s just lying around waiting to be disposed. Dissolve a kilo in a saline solution and shoot em up.

    Back a while, maybe when I was 15 or so (I had dark thoughts way back when I was 7 or so) I thought about putting a collapsing wall on the side of Death Row, leaving only bars. Charge people to sit in spots with rifles, machine guns (no explosives, because damage to the buildings.) The closer spots, of course, will be more expensive.) Once a year, it’s Shoot day. Wall folds down after morning chow, goes up for lunch, comes down again till dinner. Anyone who survives? Well, there’s next year…


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