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A friend living in Tyumen, Siberia, Russian Federation, commented that we have more snow at the White Wolf Mine than they currently have in Siberia. 
It can’t be a mine thing because you know that there are a lot of salt mines in Siberia. Maybe it’s global Cooling? We have only ten years to live before the planet becomes a cinder if you listen to our Congressional brain trust (AOC).
We were snowed in (state highways closed, and I-17 and I-40 closed for w while) so everyone hunkered down over turkey and fixings and then left overs. Half of my compliment of grandchildren were here and two daughters, so there was enough excitement and mischief.
Our propane powered electric generator is a key ingredient to the place in the mountains. Without the self-sufficiency to live off-the-grid, life here is much more of a challenge. 
There is a lot more digging to do in order to clear away snow and get the vehicles up and moving. 
Family is everything.

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  1. Best way to start a fight. "My grandkids are cuter than your grandkids".

    In this case, don't know if I could say that with a straight face.

  2. I was going to say here in Northern Colorado it looks like Siberia (or Duluth), but maybe I should say it better resembles the hills of Arizona. With enough standing beetle-killed pine we're good for the next ten years of cooling…before we head into the sun of course.

    And yes, a generator is critical for flyover areas (and lots of snacks in the pantry)…just part of the deal.

  3. Jan 17, 2013 – According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit of the University of East Anglia, within a few years winter snowfall will become "a very rare and exciting event". "Children just aren't going to know what snow is," he said.

    Congratulations on the fine crop of kids there.

  4. Ed: you should ask Dr. Viner, U. of E. Anglia, if he knows the difference his ass and a hole in the ground. I suspect he does not.

    And we all remember Paul Erlich's dire warning back in the late 1960's that there would be a world wide famine by the 1990's because of the 'population bomb.'

    And of course, AOC's vision of the earth in 10 years from now: devastation, ruin and the end of days. I suspect she is wrong, as bartenders often are about nearly everything.

  5. I was forced to sit though [a more aged] Erlich's dire overpopulation presentation in the early 80's…knew then the guy was either a fraud, fool, or both, realizing he ran around giving his speeches in order to sell books. Modern frauds use their predictions with power and control over the masses in mind. Best ignored.

  6. Great looking snowman, LL. My compliments to the crew that built it. The snow here is too dry to pack decently, and today the winds are howling at 20~30MPH, so no snowman building in the neighborhood.

    How reliable is your utility power? I'd hate to have the propane bill if that was your only power source. Is your kitchen stove also propane?

  7. The electricity went down again today after having been up for six hours or so. But it's working again. Usually, it's exceptionally reliable but this particular storm was very windy. I spoke to a neighbor who keeps up with such things and trees fell onto the lines.

    My primary fuel source is propane for heat, and the Wolf stove is gas. The Wolf ovens are electric and pull so much power that their circuit isn't backed up by the generator. I augment heat with burning wood (mainly cedar because I can and because of the fragrant smell). Cedar logs burn slowly and I can often squeeze two hours out of one.

    Propane is very expensive. I use it because it was recommended, but to it all over, I'd use propane, backed up with as many as four pellet stoves. Eventually, I'll put one in the garage. Maybe downstairs as well?

  8. Fredd has been eating Aunt Sally's cheesecake. We only have ten years left. After which we will all be dead, unless we can agree on paying the US government 100% of our income. (other countries are naturally, exempt) Come on, Camperfixer, drink the Kool Aid and come in to the donkey corral for the big win!

    Can't you all just dance around the maypole (it's free) and accept your ration coupons as Uncle Sam gives back. Turn in your firearms, your ammo, hand in your fossil-fuel driven cars, and all move to big cities where life will be like paradise. It worked for the Nazis and the Jews, it can work for you.

    (Don't forget that WSF has a claim on the bunk next to the stove in the camp where you'll learn to be more effective workers. Even you, Camperfixer, will learn to love Big Sister – AOC.)

  9. I know. This will be the last generation to know snow and all of the coastal cities (including the Obama Mansion) will be underwater. Didn't Gore, an oracle of great renown say that the Polar Caps would be melted by 2012?

    That's half of the grandkids. The other two daughters couldn't make it, but I'll see them at Christmas.

  10. They did a good job on the snowman. It kept getting knocked over as they played around it, but eventually the work was finished.

  11. I have to tell you that between kids, sons-in-law and grandkids that a dent was put in the snack area of the pantry. Fortunately we can make a run into Prescott (nearest Costco) and replace them.

  12. I found my shoulders aching this afternoon and questioned what I did to cause that. Then I realized that I shoveled a lot of wet snow…ah, that'll do it. But it's good exercise.

  13. I knew zip about pellet stoves until we moved here. EVERYBODY uses them here. Even a small one will throw out an amazing amount of heat, and there's very little ash residue to clean out. They're also fairly easy to vent, which is why I'm (still) considering one for the garage here.

  14. Hehe…apparently I am missing out on being a full party slave to my betters.

    Might make a town run Monday, I'll take in the "atmosphere" (under high yellow alert), maybe slip into Whole Foods to see what I'm missing from those who inhabit such places (although, come to think of it, the bread counter is really good so not a total loss in entering the fray). Will keep you posted.

    If my next bloviation has a different tone then you know I've been won over…tell me where to send my freely relinquished firearms.

  15. Family is indeed everything. Next weekend I'll be seeing the other two granddaughters, one of whom will be three next week. We're pals.

  16. The Raptor is fueled and ready. The kids and grandkids have departed. I havre business people flying into Phoenix to meet with me next week and I'm trying to finalize that schedule.

  17. I'm with you, my friend. The grandchildren are the best part of me, and my love for them is boundless.

  18. Sunday is organize my office day. After that, I'm sure that I'll be able to squeeze a day or two in for fun.

  19. Send your firearms and ammo here. I'll see that they're …destroyed… or something like that. Send your knives too. The British know that that's the 'next step'.

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