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Bullet Points:

** It’s not a day when we remember and honor community organizers and agitators. It’s a day when we remember the Suni Muslims who hijacked airliners full of people and flew them into Towers 1 and 2 at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. It’s the day we honor the passengers of Flight 93, bound for the White House, that the passengers recaptured and crashed. That was 2001. Eleven years in Benghazi we recall the attacks on the US Consulate and the CIA Base – when USGOV officials REFUSED to intervene to save US Citizens.

** Biden Pulled from 9/11 memorial service -Joe Biden is set to miss the 9/11 memorial service in New York this weekend, as the White House is said to be “limiting his public appearances” in order to avoid gaffes. The White House is taking a “basement strategy” approach – keeping him out of the public eye.

** Marines consider how to move weapons around contested waters to resupply forces ashore, it’s copying an unusual source: drug traffickers. (h/t Claudio)

** If we have the courage to face reality, we will know and proclaim these harrowing truths: that the degenerate society consumed in pleasure-seeking will not survive, that the society that will not defend its freedom will lose it, that a society that consumes more than it produces will go bankrupt. We had better prepare ourselves and our posterity for a reality that is infused with moral laws as surely as it is infused with physical laws; a reality in which there is no consumption without production, no freedom without defense, no self-fulfillment and no self-government without self-disciplined persons who govern themselves, persons who are capable of subordinating their desires long enough to achieve the conditions on which freedom and survival, and even pleasure, depend. (Kipling’s Gods of the Copybook Headings)

** M1E3 (Upgrade) The M1E3 Abrams will “include the best features” of the M1A2 SEPv4 and will be compliant with modular open-systems architecture standards, according to the statement, which will allow for faster and more efficient technology upgrades. (h/t Claudio)

** Where did I put my shocked face? Internal Revenue Service auditors continue to target middle-income earners despite promises by the president and his team to turn agents loose on those earning $400,000 and higher.

** NYC Mayor is a moron – “Let me tell you something New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to — I don’t see an ending to this,” New York Mayor Eric Adams said Wednesday night in his opening remarks at a town hall-style gathering in Manhattan. “This issue will destroy New York City.”

The Mayor is right. What he does not seem to comprehend, however, is that that is the entire point of this administration’s immigration policies. It is to destroy America as we know it. This government is not run by individuals looking to serve the population of the United States and safeguard its citizens. At the upper levels, it is run by radicals who despise this country and everything it stands for and are looking to radically restructure it along clearly Marxist lines.

Our leadership did what the terrorist hijackers were unable to do.

** Earthquake in Morocco – AMIZMIZ, Morocco (AP) — People in Morocco slept in the streets of Marrakech for a third straight night as soldiers and international aid teams in trucks and helicopters began to fan into remote mountain towns hit hardest by a historic earthquake.

The disaster killed more than 2,100 people — a number that is expected to rise — and the United Nations estimated that 300,000 people were affected by Friday night’s magnitude 6.8 quake.


You Have No Rights

Michelle Lujan-Grisham just weaponized the New Mexico State Police against local Sheriffs and the citizens of Albuquerque and Bernalillo County.

For the next 30 days, will the NM State Police enforce her suspension of the Second Amendment in Bernalillo and Albuquerque, because she ordered them?

What will Bernalillo County and APD do, if NMSP starts arresting legal carriers? Will BCSO and APD uphold their oaths and defend their citizens against the governor’s patently oppressive and unconstitutional scheme?

Is it all theater?

Is it all just words, until Doc Holliday winks at Billy Clanton?

The State Police will have to USE guns to violate our rights. Ironic, no?

See, laws and Executive Orders should be taken VERY seriously, as they ALL carry the threat of government force with them. It just takes one badge-heavy asshole like Lujan-Grisham to cook things off. She painted herself into a corner, and only an injunction allowed her to save political face.

She will claim the injunction came from extremists.

She tried. She tried to pervert the Constitution to make cowards feel better about themselves.

She didn’t address the crime. She merely turned the people into criminals.

The Constitution means what the government says it means, right?

Sometimes, these power-hungry schemes will pit one badge against another.

Since when does one person have so much authority, that she can suspend the rights of the people?

The statists keep pushing our buttons, trying to determine what our real “trigger” will be.

I have said repeatedly, that the trigger will be blue on blue or green on blue.

If the governor is willing to sacrifice her state force for political ends, what respect does she have for the private citizens she chooses to rule rather than represent?

The eyes of the nation are on a governor who should be behind bars.




In Winslow, Arizona

About an hour’s drive from the White Wolf Mine

RIP Glenn – Take it easy on the ‘other side’.


Identify the Aircraft




Not a Dassault Mirage V


Identify the Tank


Cartoon of the Day


77 thoughts on “9-11 Never Forget

  1. (1) F-94 Starfire
    (2) One of the Su-27 family.
    (3) Kfir, I think.

    (tank) some version of the BMP-T Terminator fire support vehicle.


        1. You could argue that technically, Surly is correct since the MiG 29 was re-designated as the MiG 35. Then re-re designated as the MiG 35 after more modifications. This is a MiG 35 – the actual later version.

          Yes, BMPT-72

          1. The Russians had high hopes that the updated MiG 29 would generate export sales and that was why they started playing games with numbering. Russian exports pre-Ukraine invasion of tanks, etc. were beginning to take off again but the splatter effect of the vaunted Russian war machine against a bunch of Ukrainian pig farmers put halts to a sale of everything. Customers reconsidered and it turned out that all of the hardware was needed at “the front”.

  2. Read somewhere else that the political in-crowd in Arizona are champing at the bit to emulate New Mexico. Meanwhile, since the statists keep giving the impression that they are a death cult, are they pushing buttons in the hopes that, as they are too chicken to off themselves as their values seem to demand, they are trying for death by normie?

    1. The democrat party, or at least a faction of it supported the NM action on social media, allegedly. It might also be a false flag by Republicans because firearm ownership in Arizona is both popular and pervasive…

      1. If we are looking at cause and effect, let me expand a little. Arizona as a state, didn’t go as insane as many other US states during Covid. The Indian reservations took a solid hit though and one can understand their continuing concerns there. It was more the open border, the open flow of illegal narcotics across the border, and the economic devastation from this government’s failed policies that upped the pressure cooker.

        1. We have a strong Sheriff in this county, and he absolutely, positively is a 2A supporter. I don’t what would happen if Emperor Polis tried this gambit, but I’m pretty sure at least half of Colorado would tell him to go pound sand where the sun don’t shine.

          1. I knock around the Durango area from time to time. They’d say “Come and get it” (Molon Labe).

  3. Today is my birthday. To say that I was more then a little pissed off when my country was attacked on my birthday would be an understatement. As a result of this event, I joined our local volunteer fire department at the age of 43. I didn’t realize that my life experiences up to that point would mesh so well with my new found passion. Cowboy, construction worker, structural specialist, as well as having a high tolerance to noxious smells developed from growing up on a dairy farm. I’m still hitting it 22 years later, but in more of a yell and point position. Thanks to all of this blogs posters and to LL for your tolerance to my occasional outbursts. I going on duty at 05:30 for 12 hours, and then head to a school board meeting after that. I will never forget!

  4. Michelle Lujan-Grisham‘s illegal dictate is no one-off; it’s just testing the waters. If New Mexicans comply,,every blue state or city will quickly follow suit.

    I keep waking up thinking it’s 1775.

    1. Yes, there’s party motivation behind it and much as Covid-19 turned out to be, it’s a test case. I wonder what they paid her?

  5. Spot on post today LL.

    Democrats, and by all appearances half the R’s, hate you and me and anyone who loves freedom afforded under our Constitution. While 9/11 drew shocked Americans together, be it for only a month or two before many reverted back to conditional habit, the overt soft coup by The Rats in Office we continue to experience on the heels of palpable freedom and prosperity felt under PDJT, has culminated with yet another Constitution destroying test flag by this POS in New Mexico. Gun owners and law enforcement should tell her to go pound sand (my polite version), then handcuff her for an orange jumpsuit fitting. These Marxist operatives are cockroaches…there can be no quarter given.

    H/t to FHubert and RSH above…exactly the sentiments of most of us.

    1. I talked to a guy recently about the Civil War, the previous one, and he pointed out that we had the same aspirations, the same God, and the same morality.
      It allowed for reconciliation.
      There is no common ground with these misguided souls.
      If their heads must come off, it’s because they called it.
      Woe unto them.

      1. So true Ed..they have seen to that…or as I like to say:

        One cannot become a victim of something they have directly caused.

  6. 22 years and you still believe the official government lies about 9-11. Sad. Most know that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, the CIA, FBI, Mossad, and other Deep State actors pulled it off, while conveniently directing blame to radical Islam to justify trillions in profits for their non-stop war.

    1. You mean like this:


      We will never know the full truth of 9/11 except that the spring-boarded result is the weaponization of new laws against the citizenry, and now morphed to attacking political opponents. There are too many operatives installed into every facet of government and the judicial to effect righting the heeled-over ship by mere words. We are past “discussion” as they laugh at us every week. The Subversive’s intent is to never have another free election, unless, somehow, true Americans excise the cancer that seeks to destroy our Constitutional Republic. I contacted our election czar, asked for a return to in-person voting with proper ballots. Have not gotten a response. When these bums have achieved the attitude they don’t have to answer inquiries then it’s clear they believe we work for them, and that is the slippery slope. Hell, authorities can’t even apprehend a murderous illegal escapee…and I know Phoenixville, PA, and have family in the area. My trust in government is nil…actually below nil.

      Watch what happens with The Nan, who to normal thinking people is insane and evil, yet has decided she is God’s gift to humanity and at 84 wants another stint. Subversives always project their intent.

      1. I was close to the issue pre-911 and closer to it post-911. The government didn’t, “let a good crisis go to waste.”

        1. The government had a big laundry list of “Wouldn’t it be nice if” put together. When 9-11 happened they were able to get most, if not all, of it passed into law. A remarkable resemblance to vultures taking advantage of dead bodies.

          1. FedGov are not the only people who got their wish list because of 9/11. And no, I don’t mean the MIC.

            The other day someone posted a story about how some pale-faced 18-yo girl with a Polish surname was shot to death, apparently by genuine accident, by her 16-yo negro boyfriend (who was brandishing a pistol to scare some neighborhood teens). As with several others, my response was “my GAF function is broken. I’m just glad she didn’t squeeze out any spawn with homey before she died.” I purely hate that I’ve become the sort of person who’d think that. But it seems like the rational response in this post-Christian, post-American, post-decency US that Our Betters have worked so hard to create.

            Anyway, I bring that up because it’s germane to the discussion: my tolerance for foolishness is extremely limited now, and I don’t hardly (sic) believe anything our government or the newsmedia say. And that includes the official 9/11 narrative.

            And speaking of “9/11 Truthers”, Our Betters are clever. So many obvious whack jobs have been encouraged that whatever truth is out there is buried in a manure pile of “they used nukes” or “there were no planes involved, just holograms” to “they used a heart attack ray on Breitbart” (you get the idea) that the whole thing is considered nut case territory by the average person. That’s what Our Betters do: obfuscate, lie, spew BS (chaff and re-direct) and — most annoying to me — reverse victim and offender.

          2. I have the same reaction to the average TV commercial or the average film that comes out. It’s simply a knee-jerk these days.

  7. Michelle Lujan-Grisham who both her first and second gubernatorial elections. The state legislature is 45D 25R. I’m sure she’s not worried about her political future. She understands the message sent was not to criminals, but to those who would defend themselves against them. Since this is her second consecutive term she must be planning on a promotion in the 2024 election as she can’t’ run for a third consecutive term.

    1. Senator, cabinet post? There is a promise in there somewhere and plenty of laundered Ukraine aid and skim from the US State programs to fund her every ambition (along with those like her). Remember, there’s really only one party.

      1. Enough of us retire and/or die off, plus Covid Crap death rate acceleration on top of millennials, post lockdown – believing work is for schmucks, and pretty soon The DC Pigsty will have to start printing money full time to pay these operatives what was promised.

  8. “Bernalillo County District Attorney Sam Bregman, who once served as a Democratic party leader and was appointed by Lujan Grisham, on Saturday joined Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller and Police Chief Harold Medina saying they wouldn’t enforce the order.” https://www.kunm.org/2023-09-11/mon-no-clear-penalty-for-violating-n-m-public-health-order-on-guns-more. Even David Hogg (!) said on Twitter that he thinks it’s a bad idea: https://twitter.com/davidhogg111/status/1700601787605266779

    As a Bernalillo County resident, I’m baffled by the sheer foolishness of the order. How exactly are the state police supposed to enforce a ban on concealed carry: stop and frisk everyone?

    1. I was seriously considering armed response to insistence on wearing a mask on the street.
      Going for my gun will have the result of me going for my gun.
      That’s not keyboard warrior talk.

    2. And this is why I oppose, loudly, having to have a permit or pay a tax to exercise my right of self defense against all enemies foreign and domestic.

  9. IRS = Willie Sutton. Prove me wrong.

    22 years in since 9/11 and most of America is (still) at the mall – present company excluded, of course.

        1. Mitt was a horrible candidate. He’s a democrat uniparty swamp creature but the swamp went with the devil they knew. Who will they back in 2024?

          1. Mitt was placed on the ticket to avoid an R winning to avoid exposing the Uniparty too soon…and so The Magical Mr O and his Tranny Bride could stay in our White House…you know…because it saved on transportation and moving costs. Simpler, and we are a fawning grateful nation for their forethought and compassion. (gag me with a pitchfork)

            Who? The Nan will gain the seat, then when Harris gets knocked off or “retires” she takes over. Tried that before but now they’ve upped their game and worked out the kinks. That is, unless they install the Dem House minority minority…Hakeem…who has been oddly quiet lately, like a Magician’s Misdirect.

          2. My comment was poorly worded. The uniparty didn’t care who won. The half-blood Obama or the treacherous Mitt. There were advantages to both. The illusion that a Republican could win would have worked for them too.

            Then comes DJ Trump and the fix wasn’t soundly placed. They learned from that too. You won’t see one of those mistakes again. They believed that a PRESIDENT Trump could be wooded into swamp water but he didn’t budge. Ooooops.

          3. Didn’t take it other than as you clarified…knew what you meant…everything they do is a win-win for them and a total loss for us and America.

            Trump underestimated the depth of the Swamp, and they underestimated a guy who has dealt with their ilk all of his life and possesses a good BS detector. But he is only one man…and with the grace of God will emerge victorious. If not, half of us – the Aware – will do what they wanted all along, go semi-Galt, fade into the background to protect our hard-earned lives from their Marxist rot. Maybe that’s not so bad.

            Fixing fence…nice day for it. Clears the mind and fills the soul being out in God’s presence. This stuff? Yeah, dangerous…but mostly noise.

          4. Paul M, but the WH cleaning staff had a horrible time getting the smell out of the family portion when BO and the wanna be tranny.

          5. There was also the theft of silverwear and silver candlestick holders from the First Family’s area.

          6. Heh…forgot that Cederq. So despite being presented as the Hollywood rock stars, behind the scenes they were gross and petty thieves. A person’s home or bedroom tells you who they are behind the facade.

  10. I sat in a little restaurant just across the street from that corner in Winslow and had breakfast in March of 2018. I watched a line of older people (like me) arrive, look around, take picture and leave.
    I wonder is anyone will remember why Winslow has a park there in 20 years?
    The only reason I was there in Winslow Arizona in 2018 for breakfast was that song by the Eagles.

    1. I live a long way from the nearest store. In bad weather, the drive to Winslow is less hazardous than Payson or Prescott so I go there. There are not a lot of dining options in Winslow. I do go to The Relic Restaurant (maybe twice a year), which is just west of the place you describe. The ONLY thing that keeps much of Winslow going outside of government allotment checks is that corner where people go because of the mention in the song. The city made it fancier and polished it up to create a tourist trap. If government cheese stopped to the Rez and for welfare, the place would vanish. The military base is long shut down and the railroad jobs are few and far between.

  11. 9/11. Could have been prevented. Several flight schools where the hijackers were taking lessons tried to bring alert the FBI Saudi students were acting suspiciously.

    At the time I was living in a big town in Colorado and working on a Dodge van. Heard the news. Kept working on the van. By evening the lines at the gas stations were around the block. Two days later many people had small plastic flags clipped to their car windows. Considering the law of supply and demand, how did the flag suppliers know there would be a huge demand? Yeah, WSF, your suspicions have little foundation in facts.

    1. Most adults recall where we were at that exact moment…sorry, smelled then, smells now, the FBI knew every one of them. Problem is that “some people did something” has been ratcheted up to a soft tyranny at every level.

        1. That was back before most places had inventory tax. JIT was not king yet.

          America has always (had always, I suppose) a large standing supply of flag (items). Back then, I worked in a little Mom-and-Pop sign shop; both custom signs and commercial (OSHA, DOT, etc.) type work, direct to public and wholesale to distributors and direct-sale places.

          We didn’t do pins, really.

          However, the week before 9/11, we probably had 100,000 flag stickers in stock, on the shelves. I think we even had some of those window flags, but only in the hundreds – we used to do a lot of business in campaign years of campaign stuff. Also, Independence day happens every year.

          The stuff we made in-house, we had a huge capacity to produce – tens to hundreds of thousands a day. This in a shop with 8 total employees, with few machines newer than 30 years, and at least one going back to the mid-1800s.

          The week after it happened, we had flag stickers with “remember”, the towers, and the date. A roll went out free with every order for years.

          The point is, there was no need to ramp up production, and there were plenty of patriotic products in stock all over the US. The sudden appearance of the window flags is not evidence of nefariousness, although there was plenty of bad stuff associated with that time.


        2. What was up with the anthrax floating around at the same time.

          Never mind. Nothing to see here, Kulak, back to the mall with you.

          1. It was investigated by the US Postal Inspection Service. I have some insight since the guy running the investigation at the time was a friend of mine. e-mail me at larrydotlambertatmacdotcom.

    1. Sundance is prescient…and thankfully re-posted his “silo” treatise as a reminder of the hardened weaponized government structure that metastasized after 9/11. It is why I found yesterday’s RHT447’s link to Jeff “Skunk” Baxter’s commentary highly interesting in contrast.

  12. The biggest ‘tell’ for me that 911 was an inside job was that Bush was in an elementary school, where that visit was public knowledge 4 days prior, and stayed at the school a full half hour after the second plane hit. At that point, everyone knew it was not an accident – it was an attack on our country – and the Secret Service left the POTUS sitting there reading to the kiddos?????

  13. Checked in on Mark Levin….started with Faith Hill’s incredible rendition of The Star Spangled Banner…followed by Amazing Grace on the bagpipes…always gets me…then played the confused Tower comm’s with the airliners…then those gut-wrenching radio comm’s from NYFD…then John Wayne’s America the Beautiful….Got seriously dusty over here in remembrance of the day. Geez.

    (Anyone actively wrecking or dissing our country, sullying her goodness and greatness, needs to be run out on a rail….tomorrow.)

    1. Heard same thing. The airline and fdny communications enrages and saddens me everytime. Before leaving for an op in the triangle many moons ago my LT played the flight 77 recording…enough said.

      1. Today is a sad day. I could only watch so much pain and so forth and had to turn it off or walk away.

  14. Hard for me to comment on 9-11, as I watched it happen live, on the unedited, raw network feeds.

    When people started jumping, all the ladies in the Control Room let out a gasp, a wail, and started crying.

    I’ll never forget that sound…..

    1. Geez, some things you cannot, should not ever, forget. We were at a veterinary conference in Steamboat, MrsPaulM was to give a talk…we were getting ready and I had the TV on and were at first dumbfounded, then dismayed. Everyone was in shock. Something to be said for being able to pack up and get out of dodge and head home in a couple of hours. After that we always had a plan if she was out of town…pack and drive home, no hesitation.

      1. I was in the business at the time. Mohammed Atta was running around Mission Viejo in that time frame before.

    1. Not an over reaction, she was paid to float more freedom-robbing BS to test the General Public’s response, pushing the narrative that some POS governor has emergency power to supersede The Constitution and Bill of Rights. And some cheered. Listen to her tortured logic delivered in that political smarmy manner to make it seem righteously benign.

      This is no different than what these scumbags did with the GoF Generated Covid Crap…lockdowns, asinine masks, the Not-A-Vax, societal destruction including middle class businesses…all of which was magically suspended for illegals crossing our southern border….and now selling this “new and improved not-a-vax”…has zero challenge data studies like the others. More of the same immune system killer as a DNA manipulator. Should be behind the woodshed for these people…no quarter offered. Sorry, sucks to be them.

    2. According to Lujan-Grisham’s office, “The action plan includes a suspension of open and concealed carry laws in Bernalillo County, temporarily prohibiting the carrying of guns on public property with certain exceptions. Exceptions include for licensed security guards and law enforcement officers. Citizens with permits to carry firearms are free to possess their weapons on private property (such as at a gun range or gun store), provided they transport the firearm in a locked box, use a trigger lock, or some other mechanism that renders the gun incapable of being fired.” https://www.governor.state.nm.us/2023/09/08/governor-announces-statewide-enforcement-plan-for-gun-violence-fentanyl-reduction-plan-includes-30-day-suspension-of-concealed-open-carry-in-albuquerque-and-bernalillo-county/

      1. “Two weeks to flatten the curve” (aka “flatten freedoms and The Constitution”). Same lie.

        While appearing benign, this is nothing but more creeping freedom loss worded by a bunch of operative Lefty lawyers who define the “action plan” in their own terms then – when it suits – can morph those terms in whatever direction supports their subversive agenda under the guise of “public safety”. “Anything for safety” is their go-to mantra.

        I don’t trust them one bit. Besides, just look at this woman, would any rational person trust her?

  15. I chased the rabbit hole of building 7 for a while , but it still seemed odd to me that it collapsed. Anyone here got a reasonable take on that ?

    1. There’s nothing suspicious about Building 7 at all.
      Nothing! Trust the science. After all, why would any one in a position of power even want to deceive us? And if they tried, the heroic and plucky members of The Press would reveal it to us. When has The New York Times ever let us down?

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