Walking Through Dystopia

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Mark Twain is often quoted as saying, “History may not repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”


I’ll Gladly Pay you Thursday for a Hamburger Today.

Republicans and Democrats in Congress alike borrowed another $60 billion — $60,000,000,000 — to give to Ukraine, a nation known for pretty women and large bribes to the spawn of Biden, Pelosi, Romney, and other DC scum. Then the Democrats all waved Ukraine flags and patted themselves on the ass for saving democracy and defense contractors.

Mark Tapscott wrote, “There is only one Member of the House of Representatives born in Ukraine, Rep. Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.). She voted against that $95 billion foreign aid package approved by the lower chamber over the weekend.”

She said, “If we don’t have proper oversight, we will not achieve our goals. We cannot have these never-ending wars.”

But as Obama, the leader of this pack of rats in Washington, said, “Yes, we can.”

And yes, they are. Vietnam is their model, and they have modified it to the point where their defense contractor buddies can sell war materials to the USA for a war without sending soldiers with them.

It works out well because no Americans are drafted or harmed, the missile merchants are paid, the politician’s kids (stepkid in John Kerry’s case) collect the kickbacks, and everyone gets to pose with Mister Greenshirt for their re-election ads. For just $10,000 more, he’ll throw in air raid sirens when he strolls with you from the president’s house on Hrushevsky Street.

The downside is Poles are stuck with millions of Ukrainians — many of them draft resistors who do not want to die for their LBJ, Zelensky. Imagine that.


Some call it Progress.



The discovery of the golden bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius, 1939

The bust was discovered in an excavation of a temple at Avenches’ ancient predecessor, Aventicum (Switzerland). Aventicum was the capital of the Helvetii and was incorporated into the Roman Empire under Augustus in 15 B.C.

The golden bust of Emperor Marcus Aurelius is the largest known bust of an emperor made from precious metal and one of only a handful of gold busts to escape being melted down, which takes me to my point. Sometimes, I dig deep to find my inner WSF (h/t WSF) when I read of precious metal jewelry being found. Someone will mention it, and I always ask what the melt value is with a completely straight face. “They could melt that and buy carbon credits from me.”


Bullet Points:

** “Why bother taxing us when they keep printing money anyway and buying back the bonds they issue with taxpayer money?”

You know why.

** Should USGOV be paying the Taliban $40 million per week? That’s what we’re doing. Are you cool with that?

** BRM discusses issues within the Catholic Church.  I think that it extends to all churches. The Boy Scouts had their problems, and so forth.

“I’ve written extensively about the Catholic Church’s clergy sex abuse scandal in these pages.  As regular readers will know, how it was mishandled led me to withdraw from that Church’s ministry.  Today’s discussion will discuss the latest developments in that scandal.  A warning:  I remain Christian and will provide a believer’s perspective.  If you’re not Christian and/or not a person of faith, you might prefer to skip this article.”

** I can’t believe they put this on MSNBC (link). No, it’s not clickbait from me. I don’t do that. He does not propose any solutions, probably because the solutions that might have a chance of succeeding would be unpalatable to the MSNBC staff and listeners but also unacceptable to the “enraged” liberal young people who don’t believe they are doing as well as their elders.

He doesn’t examine what the financial state of the older generation was when they were young, and most young people think the older generations had lives of plenty and luxury without realizing the sacrifices and hard work it took to get there or how many in those generations are barely getting by financially today. A sampling of sour postings on TikTok and Twitter shows how deep the misconceptions are among the young. I couldn’t afford to buy a house (at 16% interest, BTW). Certainly, there are severe challenges to afford a house today, but saying the old folks had it easy is inaccurate. The question remains: how do we make life better and more affordable today? I haven’t heard any viable answers from MSNBC. The place to start would be a 35% reduction in the federal workforce and eliminating many departments in the federal government. Think Tenth Amendment.

** Most Darwin Award entries begin with, “Hold my beer.”


From the Mail Bag:

Q – Why don’t the Russians overthrow Putin?

A – Many countries in the world are thugocracies that operate top to bottom on a system of patronage and bribery. Russia is one, China is another, and the US aspires to get there ASAP with deals like 10% for the Big Guy.

The system works for them, and Putin encourages it because it’s how he became one of the wealthiest men in the world.  Many Russians (Ukraine debacle notwithstanding) still support Putin because Putin supports them. 

In the US, the Swamp (permanent DC Establishment) defends its own… Look at the Epstein List – oh, you can’t because the FBI has it, and they’re not releasing it. Look at the lawfare directed against Pres. Trump.  Why hasn’t DC risen against Demented Pedo Joe and the Ho? I realize that it’s not popular to lump the US in with Mexico, Russia, and China, but if it quacks like a duck…

The only difference between the four is that the USA has hundreds of millions of firearms and trillions of rounds of ammunition in civilian hands. But for that?

Note: H/T Claudio – Russian Clandestine Warfare skillsets – not quite as good as they once were.


From the Days of Fighting Sail

Binnacle List

Firstly, the Binnacle has a stand or house for the ship’s compass in front of the wheel. And the binnacle list is the sick list for the crew. The Ship’s surgeon or physician generated a daily list of hands unable to report for duty due to sickness or injury. The list was then given to the officer or mate of the watch for use throughout the day during muster, drafting of work details, or other such evolutions. Deck Officers usually kept the list beside the binnacle for ease of reference, hence the binnacle list.

The Orlop

Large merchant ships with a fixed deck are documented as early as the 13th century. This deck was called an overlap or overlook. In the course of the 17th and 18th centuries, the height of the deck in relation to the waterline changed. Until then, it was generally the lowest deck and gun deck. Below this began the so-called space, which could be divided by planking or have a light and, therefore, watertight deck. The overlop could be covered by a canopy. It is unclear from the sources whether this deck was given its name. ‘Verdeck’ refers to a deck; Dutch sources usually contain descriptive deck lists. In German usage in the 17th century, there is also no evidence of a distinction between decks by name. In Hamburg in 1685, all decks were described as overlop (‘overflow’). In Röding’s dictionary of 1798, overlop is translated as overflow and generally as a deck. In contrast, the English orlop is translated in the same work as Kuhbrücke (cow bridge – where the cattle were housed) under the lowest deck.


Orlop deck of a ship of the line (in red), 1728, in: A Ship of War, Cyclopaedia, 1728, Vol 2

The orlop deck was used as an ideal storage area and, at the same time, as a recreation room for some of the ship’s crew. As the deck did not have to be cleared or remodeled during combat operations, cabins and rooms were permanent and could even be locked. The purser could, therefore, store his valuable or dangerous items (small arms) here and the surgeon his medical items (medicines, instruments) so that they were protected from unauthorized access. As the deck was below the waterline, it was one of the safest places on board during a battle. For this reason, the ship’s surgeon often had his workshop down there, as he could do his work unhindered by the fighting, and the wounded were brought to him on the orlop deck.

The Purser

When a ship was in port, the ship’s purser would buy the needed items from these merchants. The clothes, which were packed in bundles and shipped in barrels, were stowed in the “slop room,” which was usually located at the aft end of the orlop deck, where the other store rooms, the bread room, etc., were also located.

When a sailor needed or wanted new clothes or tobacco, bedding, and so on, the purser would charge the items against the man’s pay, and the purser himself would withdraw the money from the Navy’s imprest account. The system was, of course, susceptible to fraud, and by 1758, more money was being deducted from the poor sailors than was usually the case. From 1758 onwards, there were fixed prices to which the purser had to adhere.


Until 1680, it was customary in Europe to toast the ship’s health and future crew with a silver wine goblet at every launching ceremony. This was then thrown into the sea. – I hope they didn’t assume it would stay there. It was certainly recovered and sold as quickly as possible.

A very old saying was that a warship must taste men’s blood. So, galleys were launched over the bodies of slaves. The Vikings also used prisoners for this purpose. – Maybe we should reintroduce….we certainly have a lot of illegal aliens to choose from.

Gun salutes are always odd numbers because it’s bad luck to tell anyone how many cannons a ship is carrying. At this point, don’t be lulled into a sense of security if a ship of the line only fires ten guns.


Identify the Armor





22 thoughts on “Walking Through Dystopia

  1. Would I want to be a young person trying to buy a house now NO. House prices have certainly outpaced inflation and wages in Australia.

    I have tried to explain to young people on occasion that I owned my first house by 30 by working a 45 hour week for job and 45 to 60 hours owner building my house. Licensed trade for electric and plumbing. The rest me and my wife where she could. Parties and stuff did not happen.

    Then when they comment about wages explaining 4 years university post army (self funded no GI bill here) and 4 years training in electronics plus 30 years practice is why I get called for problems and why I get paid for it. I still say yes to any related training courses. Two of the people who turned out to be short term hires went surfing instead of being at work when I lived on the coast.

    I’ve been very broke to ok now and worked two jobs etc. Does not seem to penetrate to the me generation (end rant).

  2. Tacitus: “Because they didn’t know better, they called it “civilization,” when it was part of their slavery.”

    Could apply to several points in today’s installment, therefore make of it what you will.

  3. “Why don’t the Russians overthrow Putin?” – Those of us watching the destructiveness of “The Elected Who Took An Oath To Uphold The Constitution But Don’t or Ever Will’ wonder the same for America: Why don’t we overthrow these cretins running things off the cliff? As I see it we can do little to effect a proper reset because the other side of the voting fence LIKES and RELISHES their “precious” soft captivity. Call it willful ignorance or anarchy or plain stupidity, the result is these types will decry any move We The People make, similar to what was done with The Covid Crap, J6, and The 2020 Election. But yeah, we’re the kooks. Waiting for the Virus or “other crisis” to pop up again…it’s an election year (funny how that happens). SISU MAGA ™
    I’ve decided the knowledge base and skillset to operating a proper sailing vessel – that most of us don’t know (or know well…similar to riding horseback)…is the same in the reverse with our handheld phones, which have become mini-Cray devices (incredible when one thinks about it). I’m guessing people who lived in the sailing era and knew lines, blocks, gear, etc…would [initially] be confounded by the phone tech (altho, likely pick it up quickly once they caught onto the idea). I mostly meter my knowledge to use my phone as a tool…including having ZERO social media Apps/accounts, or Zoom for that matter…and have never Facetime’d (no need, but I do see it as another tool to do the Dick Tracy thing, which IS cool). My attitude is almost like imbibing in too much alcohol, I might just like it then forget to live life.

    1. >>But Don’t or Ever Will’ wonder the same for America: Why don’t we overthrow these cretins running things off the cliff?<<
      Here in the US all the MSM is part of the cartel pulling the strings & propaganda has just gotten better with the technology. A LOT of the "we" believes the crap MSNBC & CBS (and all the others) put out 24/7/365. They see nothing odd about the networks refusing to cover the President Of the United States giving a speech about the election, they see noting odd in the networks covering the J6 kangaroo trial with just one side… They BELIEVE it's all true and that belief is reinforced by the media all day, every day.

      1. Exactly…can’t fix a demented mindset, the campus screamers foaming at the mouth proves Satan has their brains. No where near the America I grew up in (with all its inherent flaws and dings), which is disconcerting to say the least considering the trajectory isn’t changing for the better.

        1. They set a great example of what might happen to anyone resisting the theft of the government from us.
          The Jan 6th show trials, some of which are still awaiting trial.

          1. Which is why the “I just wanted to be left alone” people are waiting and waiting. They know that the tipping point will come, and will be bloody and there will be no stuffing the genie’s intestines back once he’s been disemboweled.

            Me? I know that if things get spicy, my mother will die, my wife will die, I might die, same with my brothers and their families. So, yeah, waiting and waiting. Until I canna wait no more.

            Until then, notes taken, faces burned into memory, list of ‘needs killing’ grows longer and longer.

            I hope the lists and faces never need be accessed.

          2. “…still awaiting trial.” …without actual charges. Trespassing is a fine, as The Dem Darlings got for doing similar.

            Unreal how unhinged the useful idiot 26 year-olds are, some recording direct threats with bodily harm and/or murder. Crickets ensue from TPTB. Who is supplying their anarchy…which will determine cui bono. Someone is.

          3. To PaulM – From the teaser, ” The group, consisting of three couples, must now reunite in Prescott, Arizona, the site of their bug out location. Two of the couples must use power line easements and old cattle trails to find their way to their ranch in Prescott. They face many challenges during their grueling journey, which they make on ATVs. Meanwhile, the third couple hunkers down at the ranch and prepares for the arrival of their friends. The Prepper’s Crucible is the first of a three-part series. Follow along as the group struggles to survive and thrive in a world gone mad.
            Well, that’s good. But why do they set these things (increasingly) within a short drive from where I live? All it does is encourage readers to relocate here. We have enough people. If we survive and you don’t—oh well—find someplace else to live out your prepping.

          4. I suspect you were Bobby Andrews muse, makes sense to me from this cheap seat. Preparations are critical to success (stating the obvious, I have listened to Book 1 where society takes a nose dive at the hands of an EMP “attack” with all the requisite General Public mayhem on day one except this group who had to defend themselves at every turn despite being incredibly prepared. It is a treatise on preparation (much of what BRM and others have suggested). I need to take a road trip to finish out the others.

  4. Always the closer question. “If I could, would you?” The answer isn’t as important as their unspoken agreement that they will negotiate. As long as you ask the questions and they answer, you are in control. Nothing works all the time. As the late Jackie Cooper stressed, “Winners do what losers won’t”.

        1. Old NFO and DrJim. I endorse your position.
          Being the evil type, I usually answer a question with a question. Few are prepared for that response.

          I was trained in part, by Honest Art Kinsman, “The working man’s friend”. A Korean War Marine and a Green Bay Packer offensive guard, he was a hard ass’s hard ass. Art, “I don’t give a f**k what they want. Find out what they will do”.

  5. My reply at BRM:
    My three cents worth:
    I was raised Catholic, 12 years of Catholic School, altar boy, lector, thought of the seminary.
    At 15, the parish priest came on to me in the confessional. He knew who I was.
    I was having none of that.
    As an altar boy, I/we knew he had a drinking problem, often late for mass after we had to go get him at the rectory.
    Family friend who was a priest took over the parish a couple weeks later, after he “retired”.
    I don’t know who ratted him out, but it wasn’t me.
    I am now a Pentecostal, as many charismatic Catholics became.
    Peter, you are absolutely right about church administration. I’ve been saying similar in the Assemblies of God. Why do we have to make a guy whose a pastor, do all the administrative work for which he is not equipped, setting a good pastor up for failure?
    I am reminded of David Niven in The Bishop’s wife.
    He got dragged away from being a good pastor because of the administrative duties.
    God sent him Clarence.

    1. Well said Ed. Bill Hybels created Willow Creek Community Church (South Barrington, IL), 42 years at the helm. His father groomed him to take over the very successful family business but Bill was called to start a youth group which grew into the church. He was well equipped in business so took on all the expansions and management while mentoring others and “casting visions” for future outreach efforts. Did this even as a young man. Few priests have this background…heck…few ministers and pastors do as you suggest.

      The Bishop’s Wife/The Preacher’s Wife (remake with Whitney and Denzel, and Courtney as the beleaguered pastor) are a favorite in our yearly movie stable.

  6. Ahhhhh…….”Melt Value”…..The true worth of an item minus the work put into it. SLW had some old “silver” teapots and things that she was going to give/throw away. I took them into a local Parlor of Pawn just for grins, and walked out with $375 worth of “Melt Value”. Not bad for some dinged up, bent, and bruised items that she considered trash.

    40 million a week to the Talibastards? That’s $238,095.24 per hour. Could I siphon off a couple of hours worth? It’ll never be missed…

    1. They could pay me in armored vehicles, M-4 rifles, night vision goggles and ammunition. Or I’d take cash – Aloha Snackbar!

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