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Among all voters, when independent candidates Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Cornel West, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein are included in the matchup, Trump holds 42% to Biden’s 33%, with Kennedy at 16%, West at 4%, and Stein at 3%. Kennedy draws 13% each from supporters of Biden and Trump in the initial two-way matchup.


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When I had lunch with MRSLL, MR & MRSCLAUDIO, and their sons, my old boat came up in the conversation, as how I taught my daughters to fish. He sent me this meme in recollection of that story, told over soup and sandwiches.

I had a slipped SeaRay 36, Defiant,  at Alamitos Bay/Spinnaker Bay (SoCal), and we’d take it out to Catalina Island, roughly 26 sea miles distant, and use it as a condo-on-the-water for the weekend. I had a dingy, and we’d put it into Avalon for lunch, etc. I usually anchored at White’s, and when at Avalon, I threw out a hook by the Casino.

My four girls enjoyed fishing. Here’s how we did it: I’d bait up a hook with a live squid, kick over the side, and free dive down, looking for the right fish. I put a black light or chem light on my arm to see the monofilament line, and it didn’t get tangled. They’d keep light tension on the Line. I’d swim the edge of the kelp, and when I found a calico bass or sculpin, I’d offer the squid. They’d bite, and the girls would crank it up. Sometimes, I’d swim the sand and locate a legal halibut, and the same process occurred. The girls would show photos of their catch at school, etc. Later, when they had boyfriends and still later husbands and went fishing, they were frustrated with the results. “We always caught a LOT of fish when fishing with Dad.”

I related one day when the seas were running high in the Catalina Channel. I was snugged up in the island’s lee in about 70′ of water with the main anchor and a lunch hook off the stern, riding in calm water with a small swell. After noon, the wind kicks up in the channel, and things get nasty, particularly if there’s already a swell. On this occasion, MRSLL demanded to go back. I pointed at the sea and asked, “You want to return in that?” She did. We made it back maybe five + hours later in those 15′ seas with a 40-knot gale blowing sideways to our course of travel, but I took a lot of blue water over the bow and suggested we might go down. The girls were lashed together with MRSLL wearing life jackets. I wore my dive BC. I said, “If we go down, you should hit the shore at about San Clemente — maybe Oceanside,” because that was how the swell ran.

That was the last time there was a demand to return in foul weather. I don’t think that we would have foundered. We just had to run with the weather and then tack (no sails, but you take my point) into the wind. It was a rough passage. If it had been bad enough, I’d have put a sea anchor out, but not that bad. It scared some sense into MRSLL.


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23 thoughts on “Gynotikolobomassophile

  1. I don’t understand why loudmouth obnoxious people like Carville still have an audience. Who the heck wants to listen to that crap?

    Fishing. The things you do to make your kids happy.

    Polls. The pollsters probably take it into account somehow but I have been known to lie on polls. Just my contrary nature I guess.

    1. Why do they still have a voice? Because the leftist socialist eneMedia keeps allowing them to have a voice, while stifling non-leftist socialist voices. Heard much from James Wood or Rob Schneider other than on X? At least Roseanne got a show, on some unknown streaming service or something. All because they are not non-leftist socialists.

      It’s why the non-global warming scientists are never heard from. They are out there, in far larger numbers than the climate religionists, but they have no voice.

      Remember Pluto? De-voted from planetary status because all the Pro-Planet Pluto members were in another room when the vote took place. But how many people know that? Because it is against the leftist-socialist standard. And, for God’s sake, don’t wear a Hawaiian shirt with hulu girls on it because that’s bad think no matter how many degrees one may have or how smart and correct you are.

  2. Off this wind on this heading lie the Marquesas
    We got 80’ of waterline nicely making way
    In a noisy bar in Avalon i tried to call you
    But on a midnight watch I realized why twice you ran away.
    Your fishing story reminded me of those Steven Stills lyrics.

  3. The Catalina Channel can develop some nasty weather if conditions are right. The winds get funneled between the island and the mainland, and conditions can rapidly change. Been out in heavy swells, with lots of chop, but nothing like you described.

  4. Carville is a dead ringer for Skeletor in the old He-Man cartoons my kids used to watch. Also Red Skull in the Captain America film. I don’t know why more folks don’t refer to him by one of those flattering monikers.

    1. Skeletor would be a compliment to Carville, who doesn’t nearly have the physique.
      It’s more like “White Trash Gollum”.

  5. “You’ll end up with Christian nationalism”

    Why, you’re saying it like that’s a bad thing, Mr Carville! Now me personally, I have problems with all Abrahamic religions (for one thing, Abraham is personally objectionable), but how could putative CN be worse than the world Our Betters are shoving down our throats (and up other orifices at the same time)?

    1. Love me some Christian Nationalism. It’s what made the US great, made it develop into one of the most powerful countries, and then the dis-acceptance of Christian nationalism is what led to the downfall we are currently in.

      Now I really wish Europe would grasp Christian Nationalism. And reform the Orders Militant to take care of the local muzzies.

    1. I’d snorkel and spearfish while the girls floated in life jackets – wife ashore with the tender, watching the kids. Sometimes, she’d count and get some extra heads as the sea lions (looking for a donated fish from me) bobbed near the children. Sometimes, we slept aboard, sometimes ashore at Catalina. The Colorado River Lakes (Havasu, Mojave, etc.) and the river itself – then Mead and Powell back when water was in them, were sources of weekend entertainment on the towed lake boats. A million stories.

  6. I taught my kids to fish and am now working on the grandkids. Fishing off a dock, or in a boat, in freshwater. Got to admire your dedication. Never heard of someone diving to get a fish. Impressive.

  7. At 26 my parents had three kids and a stable home life…what do 26 year-olds squatting on campus have to measure their success and contribution to society? Nothing but angst. (Regardless that in their demented brains they believe this insanity IS productive.)
    Older brother – the family sailor (I prefer terraferma) – was assisting on a sail from the Jersey Shore to the Florida Keys. He was on night watch off the Carolina’s, storm blew up, blackness all around, huge sea…got swept overboard. Thankfully was tied-in. He said later, “When they say your life flashes before your eyes…it’s true.” Still loves to sail. (PS. Leo over at Sampson Boat just launched the rebuilt Tally Ho (1915 gaff-rigged cutter yacht)…nearly 7 years from first siting of the rotting hulk with about 6 more months to finish. It’s absolutely stunning, and entails a level of rigging and gear only a serious sailor could know, coupled to boat-building with some of the highest level of craftsmanship with every manner of materials I have ever witnessed.)
    Returning TO a Christian nation is the only hope we have for America. Anyone pointing to what is transpiring with the level of corruption and promotion of every debased lifestyle choice…and calls it good…is the enemy. A return to God is the answer…how many will “see”, then “do”?

  8. LOL, that’s why it’s called fishing and not catching! Oof… That was NOT a fun trip back from Catalina! Did something similar back from San Clemente in one of the ‘patrol’ boats. I had bruises in places I didn’t know COULD bruise!

    1. One of the fun things about the J-Boats at Kwajalein, used for carrying around people or fishing excursions outside of the atoll into the deep blue deep, was standing on the engine room access hatch in decent seas and see how long you could stand there, engine room hatch being in the worst place for not being subjected to vibration or wave action. Fun times for an 8 year old.

  9. That California coastal story reminds me of growing up around Vandenburg AFB. Dad had a 24′ Bertram and it was stored at a marina. The marina had a gantry crane thingy that would pick up the boat and then dangle it over the water. Operator would carefully time the wave surge and release the boat (hopefully) at the top of the surge.

    One day we went out and it was so rough that I projectile vomited across the open area of the boat and it hit my dad’s prized leather boat shoes. Ate through a good portion of the leather and stitching in 30 seconds. Mom made him turn around the boat and go back. We hadn’t even left the… fjord, for all intents and purposes.

    I got to be a pretty good small boat pilot before Dad finally got rid of the boat when I was 15. Could hold a decent magnetic course in up to 6′ seas, and could handle going out or in to Sebastian Inlet.

    1. I either had a “lake boat” or an “ocean boat.” The powered ocean boats slipped, and the lake boats trailed. My girls were up on waterskis as soon as they could walk. There was a time when I had two and called myself an admiral, but the expense and use simply didn’t justify more than one boat at the same time. I sailed on other people’s boats as crew. MikeW will recall the late Tom Purdue (San Francisco Detective Sergeant), who was a fine sailor who knew his sheets, lines, and knots. He did the same thing—it was more fun to be a servant/sailor on a racing sloop or ketch than paying for it. A girlfriend’s parents had a Cal 40 and I learned first on that. When we broke up, I missed the parent’s boat more than her. Fun life, fun times.

      1. I really do miss the water, being stuck far away from it. For me, from my father, water means salt water. Brackish water is okay, but real salt water. I’ve done blow-boats and speed boats and water skiing and such, but my favorite boat type of all times is a decent deep vee center console in the 20-25′ range. Small enough to trailer, big enough to handle getting out to the Gulf Stream from anywhere on the east coast of Florida. Miss it, miss it terribly. Getting up at 3am to get on the water before dawn to get out the inlet at dawn to fish all morning and early afternoon and head in before dusk and get home at night.

        Ah, well, things we’ve done in the past that we’ll never do again. But they’re things that made us who we are, challenged us, broke us, gave us strength. Dang, starting to sound like some old fart sitting in a rocker on a porch somewhere.

      2. Yes, Tom was a very good sailor and loved to sail. Probably spent nearly as much time on the water as he did in Chinatown. He will have been gone twenty six years this coming November.

  10. I’d never buy a boat, but I’ve crewed on a bunch of them. One of the Engineers I worked with at Hughes had a Catalina 37 that I crewed on out of Redondo. I was the only one he’d let go below to the sail locker, as I didn’t get seasick. Great times!

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