The President in Cuba!

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I’m completely confident that if Barack had majorities in both houses of Congress that he would give up the US Base at Guantanamo Bay to the communist Castro Brothers. Fortunately he does not. 
We pay the Cubans $4,085.00 per year for the lease of Guantanamo Bay and they are dissatisfied with the arrangements. One of Barack’s key reasons for trying to shut down the detention facility there is to give the facility over to the communists. It was a dream of his and he feels most profoundly sad that he couldn’t leave that sort of legacy behind.
However we are left with one profound photo from his visit to Cuba that says it all:

6 thoughts on “The President in Cuba!

  1. Douche Bag for sure. I wonder if Rauel called him one in Spanish that the interpreter didn't translate? I mean, not showing up for his arrival was pretty much the same thing.

  2. I'm sure Che would be quite proud to have made such a revolutionary photograph. Cue the next student anarchy T-Shirt.

  3. I'm not a foreign policy expert, but the Teddy Roosevelt picture seems more inspiring somehow.

  4. The next student anarchy t-shirt should have Barack on it. Photos of Barack eating a banana are popular in Russia.

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