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The Venezuela timeline is a cautionary tale for our days because we can see it unfold. The pattern is unmistakable.

When it comes to veterans, custodians of the nation’s defense, there is so much to say to so many. Some left it all on the field. Some came home broken, some managed to push through and everybody traded time, which was all they had, in the hope for something greater for the people they served.

On days like today, I feel as if the blood and treasure spent to defend the nation has been horribly betrayed. The Traitor, Jane Fonda, was a one-off to me during the Vietnam war. She should have been stood up against a wall and shot. Now when I look at the Congress, I see hundreds of them. 

But the Constitution remains the law of the land and I am thankful to all who faithfully served – and serve – to make it so.

Thank you Veterans!

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  1. Absolutely. Thank you, all you Veterans, you're better men than me.

    Also good to remember it's still Armistice Day too… seeing the back of WW1 was an excellent thing. What a clusterfuck that was.

  2. Thanks LL, and thank you as well. You did your part too. +1 to the Hanoi Jane reference. Most of my friends agree.

  3. LL and all of the veterans that habituate this blog, thank you for your service to this great Nation. May your patriotism and sacrifice not be in vain.

  4. Just heard on the news today, U.S. unemployment is 3.7%, and the military vereran unemployment rate is 3.2%, significantly better than average.

    The reasons for this are many:
    1. The military instills respect for authority in its members
    2. Military folk have been trained to be responsible: be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.
    3. How to work hard under duress – to perform under pressure is not something that comes natural, it needs stick time.
    4. A sense of urgency – this cannot be stressed enough, as having this sense of urgency in any task is something that is a major factor in succeeding at anything.

    Hire a vet, you won't be sorry.

  5. People of conscience do what they can to build things up, to serve, to put it all out there. Yes, I did my bit, but friends of mine who did not return obviously did more. All you are and all you're ever going to be is left there on the field.

  6. I don't think that it's in vain, but there are a lot of good people who were wasted by very bad decisions. The nation is in a Golden Age now (not that the progs notice) and it's because of THEM in large part.

  7. As one old sailor to another, I thought that the time I served under the standard was a lot of fun. I still have great friends (and great memories) from those days.

  8. L.L.,

    As you know from my past stuff, I am not a veteran. At the time I was of draft age ("68" and my lottery number was 3), they would not take me after I flunked three separate physicals.

    None the less I grew up with and around the service, especially the Navy.

    I fervently admire all who have served and thank them from the bottom of my heart.

    What hurts me the most, is the traitors who are our so called leaders and the electorate in general who not only are advocating the very thing you discuss above, but worse are willing to forget the sacrifices of our armed services.

    when I read the other day that some so called educational institutions called for stepping back from teaching about WWII as it is too traumatic for our young, that almost sent me into a snit.

    Sorry about the rant. Again, my thanks for your service and all who have in turn given me and all of us this great country

  9. Astonishingly, I have some liberal friends who still refuse to accept that it was socialism that sent Venezuela down this calamitous path. I documented the history for one of them and she insisted that socialism wasn't the problem, dictatorship was. She just can't – or, more accurately – won't see the direct connection between socialism and dictatorship. What a waste of an extremely expensive education.

  10. The progressives are continually trying to wipe out, dilute, or destroy history. Witness their wanton destruction of statues, commemorating great struggle and sacrifice.

  11. Socialism means government control over all business. Communism means government ownership of all business. Both can only exist in a one-party system (such as they have in California these days). Both require a totalitarian dictatorship to make them work. You can't have one without the other.

  12. Now when I look at the Congress, I see hundreds of them.

    Isn't that the sad truth. I thank you and everyone who served in any way.

    God bless America.

  13. Thank you LL and all the commentariet ( my computer does not like that word; but I mean all y'all who gather here and comment. ). Those who have served in the armed forces and those who hold the values which make this the best country, thank you.

    Paul L. Quandt

  14. Still working on my place closest to the stove and will continue while I'm breathing air and taking nourishment.

  15. Or maybe at least contribute taxes? I have a theory-
    No one employed by Government pays tax. They like to think so, and it is a convenient moral position, but think on this. If you give Joe five bucks, and then ask Joe for two bucks back, have you taxed Joe? Or have you just given Joe three dollars instead of five? The two bucks is so Joe feels good about doing his fair share. Some places, this is recognized. Like the state vehicles not paying tolls- why- it is in one hand and out the other. Same principal. The money comes from the Gov and goes back to the gov.

  16. I would also be willing to give the vote to people who served longer stints in other useful, difficult national services. Like a national firefighting / disaster relief force, or something like the WPA, or Border Patrol… heck maybe even regular cops and firemen should get a pass.

    Among other things, we just don't need enough Armed Forces personnel, and we don't want to dilute the effectiveness of our troops by making a giant conscript-level situation.

    We'd also have to do something for the willing who are unable to serve for reasons beyond their control.

    But if the Constitution were being re-written, I'd have no philosophical dispute with something like a service requirement.


  17. i am not comfortable accepting thanks for the time the government spent taking me from being an 18 year old to giving me responsibility and training the civilian world wouldn't dare.
    To show me leadership and then expect it from me.
    To give me a trade that has put food on my family's table for many years.
    Sure, I know guys in my field who suffered and died, but I didn't.
    Thank them.
    But some of you guys here…. Thank You.

  18. Yes, there was genuine horror on both sides of the Great Patriotic War. At Stalingrad army corps melted down to company sized groups of people living in the ruins. Americans forget the loss of life on the "Eastern Front" (for the Russians, it was "the Front) and how it bled the Germans white.

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