Name the Aircraft


Firearms Facts

  1. Violent crime is down in the US and has been on the decline for decades.
  2. The principal public safety concerns with respect to firearms are suicides and illegally owned/stolen handguns, not mass shootings.
  3. A small number of factors significantly increase the likelihood that a person will be a victim of a firearm-related homicide. We can’t mention inner-city demographics because that would be racist, but the statistics are clear.
  4. Firearms-related murders are carried out by a predictable pool of people. That pool includes the felons that democrats are releasing from prison, back into the public in large numbers.
  5. Higher rates of firearms ownership are not associated with higher rates of violent crime.
  6. There is no clear relationship between strict gun control legislation and homicide or violent crime rates.
  7. Legally owned firearms are used for lawful purposes much more often than they are used to commit crimes or suicide.


People who focus on poverty want the poor to do better.

People who focus on inequality want the government to get larger.


The Plague

In Italy …more here.

(headlines) 45-Year-Old Italian Doctor “In the Prime of Life and in Perfect Health” Drops Dead After the Pfizer mRNA COVID Shot: 39-Year-Old Nurse, 42-Year-Old Surgical Technician Also Dead.

In the UK – 24 Residents Dead in 3 Weeks as One Third of UK Nursing Home Residents Die After Experimental mRNA COVID Injections

Are the Covid 19 vaccinations safe? I know people who had them and were made sick. I know people who had them and had no effect. The one friend of mine who had the shot said that he downed 3 bottles of wine and the impact was slighter. Make of that what you will.


Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner?


Thoughts on Quislings

The Church of Unending Illusions

What about this. If I see a religious leader shaking hands with the corpse or the whore, I simply ignore whatever they might say?


What If?


Wouldn’t it be a bizarre twist if the government told the population that a physical barrier with armed guards made up of local police, federal police and the military was not appropriate to stop people who should not be in the country from coming in by the thousands, BUT, then erected a physical barrier with armed guards made up of local police, federal police and the military to protect just themselves because they are somehow more endangered than the population they serve.  That would be some crazy work of fiction right there.


Pie First – or Last?


Name the Aircraft (above): Russian Mi-35MS command and control helicopter, referred to as the luxury helicopter. It doesn’t come with a tall, thin, supermodel Viking woman with stiletto heels – she’s waiting for the general, back at base, with two flutes of champagne for after his flight.


  1. Another site is claiming that when Biden flies, the AF refers to his plane using a flight number instead of AF1.
    Interesting, if true.

    • I don’t know that it’s true. If the corpse flies, it’s AF1 or the whore is AF2. But who really cares what they say or where they fly? I’m sure that we’ll see Biden rallies. No view of the crowds but a cheer track the same as they play at sporting events these days. Joe will read from his teleprompter and scream into the microphone.

  2. Point of Order:
    Firearm Facts #6:
    Is the statement looking only at the alleged mythical gun control legislation resulting in decreased crime rates? I would hazard to say an increase in gun control results in an increase in crime rates. That is, the two are directly correlated. How much increase in crime rates I can not say.

    My dad did TDY as a Navy salvage diver. Through him I met some crazy, highly able and focused men. One of such was a man who dived to do combat with the Giant Pacific Octopus. For fun. Those watery beasts can grow to be very large and are very strong and cunning. I doubt any were surpised that he lost that final battle. They found his wrecked body several days after what must had been an epic battle.

    I hardly pay attention to politics anymore. It has become increasingly bizarre. I have made note that the socialists are turning on themselves. It would be hilarious except that a nation and the world is being disassembled.
    As I am presently in transition and hve taken temporary lodging in various motels, I have watched more TV in the past two weeks than in the past twenty years. With great disgust I note that the widespread narritive is to ignore the actuality of who has been involved in the burning, looting, pillaging and the ‘insurrection’. With a straight face they all – even the sports commentary and the advertisements – report that it was those right wing militia types which everyone knows are the source of all our troubles. If not for them, we should enjoy unity and fellowship.

    • My father was a salvage diver when I was young. He served in the Navy, but not as a diver. It was a tough way to make a living if you weren’t a union diver. But he did it for a number of years in the Long Beach and Port of Los Angeles area. He taught me SCUBA when I was a kid. My first wet suit was neoprene, glued then taped. He had fire extinguisher bottles re-purposed but I had a steel 40 as my first tank. Things were different then. Less corporate, more austere. Not necessarily better because the equipment was not to the standard of the present day. There were a lot of crazy, focused, men in that industry and they came round the house.

      Politics are surreal and the oligarchs are pouring a lot of money into the Ministry of Truth. They hire whores that would swear it’s raining on a sunny day.

      Jo/Ho (shills for their corporate masters) blame military veterans and police officers, both active and retired, for the need to fortify the capitol. They blame people who have never given them offense. They pray for a reaction. But if it comes, it will not come as they hope.

      I don’t watch much TV, Rick. What I do watch has nothing to do with sporting, the propaganda outlets, or anything progressive. Truth be told, I rely on old DVD’s heavily for that sort of entertainment.

      We’ll see this through to the other side, but I’m not quite sure what that will look like.

      • Violent crime rates really are not determined by strict firearms control. The people have firearms and the criminals are armed, and the crime happens or it doesn’t based on the demographics involved. If you live in an inner city neighborhood, you could be knifed or shot, or your wife raped not because of the presence or absence of firearms. There are over 100 million firearms with ten (+/-) million new firearms owners in 2020. The rules only apply in the minds of rulers with those numbers — which is why I don’t think that stats change based on environment. If you allow yourself to be beaten or killed by thugs because you failed to arm yourself, then that’s on you.

      • Larry, I think it fascinating the parallels of our early lives. I remember my dad having ‘wetsuit parties’ at the house. Groups of divers would congregate on the living room floor to cut the neoprene sheets to a pattern (very much like a seamstress cutting panels to make a dress) then glue the parts to make a wetsuit. The pattern was supplied by those few commercial enterprises involved in diving.

        I first strapped on SCUBA tanks at age 10. I am pretty darn certain it was a single bottle of the same size you mention. I was certified at age 14, which at that time was below the minimum age. This was because dad was a NAUI instructor and one of his buddies, Steve Elgin, another NAUI instructor, did the deed. In the pool during cert, I ‘rescued’ two Jarines who were unable to complete the underwater tasks. I was a WSI by then.

        I also ascended the dive tower at Pearl on two ocassions; once from 90′, the 2nd time from the bottom of the tower. At the base of the tower was a dry ready room. In that room was a brass plaque with the names of all personnel who had need of the hypobaric chamber located there. I personnaly knew 4 of those men, one who was listed three times. That was the old Navy when they recognized superior achievements among the ranks and kept them aboard.

        Dad started dive clubs, and promptly was voted in as President, at KEY, K-Bay, and Cherry Point. At Kaneohe, our family, being most active of the entire club, treated the club boat as our own. That boat was a 26′ lifeboat from the decomissioned USS O’Bannon. It was a childhood every boy should have had.

        Currently I am finishing tasks in order to allow me to set sail ‘out there’ once again. The Pacific is my true home although I’m now run aground in W. AZ.

  3. Name the aircraft: South African M44z-7 Klopje Gemsbock double control attack/reconnaissance swing wing battle chopper – get to it!

  4. The difference between the Founders and the current pile of cretins, scrambling to see who can be the worst reprobate, is clear. How far off the mark can they get when this is what passes for the people work.

    Any church leader that embraces the Occupier and his Sidekick, is dead to me. Heard Osteen’s church is closed – again – and local businesses are open to assist people in the frozen Texas tundra. When pastors lose their humility and gratitude they are un-moored from God’s dock and should be avoided and dismissed.

    Octa-not-a-p—y…I’d lose my regulator.

    Pie? Might depend on which one stays warm the longest.

    • Still a little shell-shocked with Rush’s passing, knowing that it was inevitable. End of era yes, but “the other shoe dropping”? Who will emerge to take up the mantle, or is much of the America I knew and loved finished? Hope not.

      • Rush’s cancer has been winning for some time. I don’t see a pretender to the throne, waiting in the wings.

        But there is a lot of good conservative talk radio. Ed’s show is good. He just needs to have it more widely distributed.

        • In Rush’s last broadcast he lamented his effort”wasn’t enough, after 32 years and still not enough to right a heeled-over America in his mind. We were almost righted with Trump, who bailed as much water any one man could. But once again – we’re taking on water over the rail with the current crop of nuts. It can be discouraging, and one takes stock when a large voice is lost (or “that library” you spoke of…great visual btw). Same with the Christian church, people forget to keep the pressure of truth, and that is what Limbaugh did. We all are tasked as much in our own way – both in our faith and belief in a great America…opposition be damned. Maybe a new voice will emerge, yet times are very different than 1989. At least then laws and morals and rules actually held sway. Now, not so much on that side of the chasm.

  5. Reading your blog always is a learning experience. For instance, I didn’t know Russians ate pizza.

    Puget Sound has the world’s largest octopus, or so the locals claim. Looking at that picture, I doubt they are right.

  6. Theory-
    People are not injecting a “vaccine”.
    They are injecting a target marker for the next go round.
    mRNA is making a different , identifiable antibody response than the virus.
    Chinese are not using this gene altering device.

    • The theories abound. There is a lot of hubub over a flu shot. I’d rather take my chances with the plague. Having had it over a year ago, and having been sick with the flu, it was nasty. But it was the flu. Recovering from surgery hurts worse.

      • I haven’t had a flu shot in years, and I haven’t had the flu. I do spend considerable time and money working on my immune system. I avoiding processed foods (except bacon) and rarely eat fast food. Refusing the COVID shot(s) has irked some family members.

        There was a lab tech I shamelessly bribed year after year to falsify my receiving a flu shot. Sadly, she retired without passing me along to her replacement.

        • It’s not rational to get an experimental treatment for something with a 99.8% recovery rate for a vast majority of people? They call this a vaccine, but science has been unsuccessful developing a MARS, SARS, or other Coronavirus vaccine despite massive efforts to do so.

          • Camperfixer, the world has taken a hard left turn for the surreal. Nothing makes any sense. I feel sorry for my kids and grandkids.

          • I saw my Doctor yesterday about my fractured kneecap.
            Asked me if I was getting the vax. I said no.
            We spent 40 minutes talking about it before he looked at my knee for 10 minutes.
            If all doctors are talking to their patents in scare mode like this idiot, no wonder everyone is still wearing masks and looking at me like I’m a freak.
            He believes it will come to where communities will shoot the maskless to protect themselves..

          • I can’t figure out why it is that so many people, of all stripes, have drunk the Covid Kool-Aid. Makes zero sense. MrsC says mask wearing is so they feel more medical, therefore more superior…and anymore, feelings supersede facts (that masks do nothing). Getting the iffy experimental treatment (aka vaccine) is purely out of fear, and fear does not come from God.

          • @Ed: what doctor has 50 min to talk with a patient? I believe you, but I’m stunned. UM, St Joe’s or something else?

            So far I’ve had three persons literally yell at me for not wearing a mask. Each from a very high-IQ demographic. Could be a sample bias issue, but also maybe not.

            I do wear one going into stores because it’s not worth the inevitable confrontation, but not on the street. Setting a bad example for the East Asian research fellow (MD) the other day, he copied me and took off his mask walking back from lunch. When we got back to the office he said, “Wow! I could feel all the hatred coming at us out there.”

            I honestly didn’t notice. I’m far from socially oblivious, so that wasn’t the problem. Maybe I’m used to it now, but more likely I look confident maskless, rather than tentative, nervous, and guilty like the fellow, so I draw less negative attention. The “fuck off” scowl I now fix on my face when going out probably helps too.

          • Mike, that’s why I’ve been seeing him.
            Private practice in Belleville and he takes time to talk.
            This time, I didn’t appreciate it so much.
            I’m going to talk about it at length on my show tomorrow. “He said some wild stuff.

  7. A plague-shot story from Massachusetts.
    Yesterday my friend “RF” went to get her first COVID shot. As background, RF is a cardiologist, and about 35 weeks pregnant. I have been informed (by RF) that hospitals and clinics are no longer allowed to give “vax” shots in Massholia. You now have to go to a government-run facility. So RF couldn’t just step out of her office, walk down a few corridors, and get her vax.

    So off she goes to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts COVID facility. The instructions said “Show up no earlier than 10 minutes before your appointment. We will not allow lines to form as this increases risk of exposure.” RF enters the building at 1435 for her 1440 appointment. There is a big crowd. People have shown up hours early, and instead of being turned away (per protocol), they are just put into line.

    After waiting for an interminable period amongst a big crowd of “random sketchy people” RF finally gets her shot. The tech says, “I’ll take that” and grabs a blue sheet of paper from the stack of paperwork she’s been given. RF gets her stuff together and waddles to the building exit. A young woman at the door demands that RF hand her the “blue paper”.
    “I gave it to the tech,” says RF.
    The woman steps in front of RF and says, “No, you have to give ME the blue paper. No one leaves the building without handing me the blue paper.”
    RF goes back to find the tech and retrieve her blue paper. She finds the tech, who has a stack of blue papers, and explains what she needs.
    “It’s in that stack,” says the tech dismissively. RF starts to go through the pile. The tech barks, “You can’t touch that. HIPAA!” Fair enough. RF steps back from the table. “Can you give me my blue paper so I can leave?”
    Tech paws at the pile for a few seconds and says, “I gave yours to someone else. I don’t have it. Can’t help you.”
    RF heads for the exit again. On her way, a security guard appears and grabs her by the arm. Turns out the unhelpful tech called security on her for “Making a disturbance.” RF explains her predicament to the guard. The guard screws up his face in thought and pronounces, “That makes no sense. I’ll walk you out.” They go to the exit together. As the guard opens the door for her, the same young woman physically interposes herself in the doorway and makes to push RF back. “No one leaves without handing me the blue paper!” There is a standoff. Eventually the guard prevails, and RF is again a free woman. Albeit a very pregnant one injected with some experimental bullshit.

    RF called me afterward to bitch about the experience. Fair enough. After about 10 minutes of this I ask RF, “Are you familiar with the legal term ‘false arrest’? Because that’s what that woman at the door was doing. Or close enough to it you could make a good case for it.” Nope. Had never heard of the concept. (We also had a discussion on the appropriateness of “I gave the blue paper to the tech” vs. “The tech took the blue paper from me”. I favor the second in this situation, for obvious reasons.) As we were talking, a thought struck me. “How about the phrase Ihre papiere, bitte then? Have you heard that? Because that’s what just happened to you.” Apparently not: “No. What does that mean?”

    Sigh. The woman is an Ivy Grad with double majors in English and French Lit. I’m supposed to be the knucklehead with my engineering degree from a state school. What are they even teaching them in those elite schools? Anyway, just got a text from RF. At home feeling “completely knocked out” (above the baseline of late pregnancy).

    • Thanks for the story. There is so much wrong with that, the first being that she is receiving that vaccine while pregnant. What’s got into her head to put the baby at risk??

      I’m good with officious assholes because I’m “Scary Larry” and they leave me alone. But a little pregnant and near helpless woman is easy prey for government workers. It’s an obligation to protect the weak. Apparently it isn’t progressive to do that now.

      I’ve learned to hate civilization, because of those things. And I live like a hermit in the Arizona mountains. Sometimes I enter civilization out of need. Other than the food, I’m always disappointed.

      • I don’t understand the timing myself. Her initial plan was to have the kid, then get her first dose. But it seems her OB recommended she get it now.

        As opposed to earlier — OB was unsure of a rumor that pregnant women had greater chance of premature labor after the vax. No conclusive evidence, but concerned enough to not dismiss the rumor either. We’re back in the territory of anecdotes and rumors now. So much for all the cries of “I stand with science.” And don’t get me started on my own field. The major cardiology journals today put out a press release about how race and discrimination must be accounted for (or at least discussed) in future submissions of research papers. Bozhemoi.

    • What if the government secretly infused pizzas with experimental plague drugs? The name Pizzagate has been taken… the vaxers act a lot like pod people in the film, INVASION OF THE BODYSNATCHERS. Have you been vaxed yet, where is your mask? Papers please! They bear little in common with humans.

  8. As a self-declared genderless Eskimo, I feel that everyone should wear masks but me. Um, where is that reparations check?

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