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A Cautionary Lesson

Being a good and honest police officer in Mexico is a short term profession. I expect that the retirement fund is bulging with money if it hasn’t been embezzled…

(link) The Mexican police officer involved in the arrest of the son of reputed drug lord Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman was assassinated after his car came under a barrage of gunfire (shot 155 times) inside a parking lot.

The American political left feels that gun control is working in Mexico. Others dispute its effectiveness.

How the Narcos view the US

Mexican narcos are concerned about the USA. It runs along these lines: If the US can land men on the moon and build and deploy invisible airplanes, they can do a lot of harm to the cartels if they ever decide to. Up until now, it’s been a half-hearted effort. I expect that the effort will remain tepid. The counternarcotics center at CIA is located in the basement with the heating/cooling and mechanical equipment.

Jesus Malverde

Some of you may be saying, “Si!” and others of you may be saying, “who the f^&# is Jesus Malverde and why should I care?” (link to Wikipedia) 

I don’t know that you should care. But since this Sunday Sermonette is dedicated to Mexican Narcos, I’m going to tell you anyway.
He’s a folk saint who may or may not have lived in the 19th Century, who is the patron saint of primarily Mexican-American drug runners.
A person asked me to pick up a Jesus Malverde t-shirt in Guadalajara and I had my assistant scour flea markets in the city to no avail. Finally, I went too and the people there said that they had a sorts of other narco-religious shirts, but that I’d need to go to the US to pick up a Jesus Malverde t-shirt. 
The story of Malverde goes like this. He was a thief sho was fatally shot while stealing something. There was a reward for his capture and he instructed his accomplices to turn him in for the reward, collect the bounty and then share it with the poor. There is a chapel dedicated to Malverde in Culiacán. But he’s still more popular among American narcos.

Saints and Sinners (sermonette)

(link) While it is not uncommon for drug gangs to appeal to saints or saint-like figures and perform rituals, these recent discoveries show that beliefs and practices combining the black magic with Catholicism are still deep seated in Latin American narco-culture. Santa Muerte (a saint unrecognized by the Vatican) is depicted by a skeleton, shrouded in white. Inside a Mass for Mexico’s Santa Muerte. I’ve seen Santa Muerte skeletons of pregnant women with the near-term fetus skeleton inside. They kill a woman with a full term baby and then have carrion beetles eat the flesh from the bones before setting her up in a saint costume. Sometimes they dress the skeleton up in a Virgin of Guadalupe outfit.


Video on Mormons vs Narcos Vice Produced this piece in September 2012. I think that it’s still valid in November 2019. It provides a context for the massacre that we’ve been discussing.

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  1. Already knew about Santa Muerte, and recently heard of Malverde. I found a photo of the chapel and I see he has a Facebook page as well. Since it's rather long, I'll look at that video later. I have to leave for the range shortly to supervise the deer hunters who'll be sighting in their rifles.

  2. Mexico is just another example of those beautiful, inclusive foreign cultures we should emulate, here in the US.


  3. News reports have the Mexican Mormons bailing out for the US.

    I'm wondering if it's just going to wind up being the women / children / portable valuables, in preparation for a full war footing and retribution. That's certainly how I'd play it, in their shoes.


  4. Other than blaming all the guns on the US, which is the same complaint I had against this in 2012, it's pretty good reporting. Although I DO think the LeBarons have a LOT more guns than they admit to. As Klebert said, apparently the Mormons have made a run for the border. Unknown 'who' actually came back.

  5. I just stumbled upon this:
    The nine women and children slaughtered in Mexico on Monday were part of a Mormon community with ties to the alleged sex-cult Nxivm.

    Getting stranger with each new day.

  6. Some will stay because of the infrastructure (with no buyer). I don't think that I would in their shoes.

  7. They will always be a pimple on our ass. From time to time we need a "Dr. Pimple".

    Any response needs to be focused on the cartels and the people getting money from them. Those Mexicans I personally know hate the cartels, hate the narco music, but love their country. Some finess will be needed if we don't want another Afghanistan type ongoing conflict.

  8. The cartels are probably the most effective people on the planet at
    buying and owning politicians…and not just in Mexico. There is ZERO doubt that they have spent billions over the years INSIDE the USA to insure that they receive at best, only passing thoughts and zero intentions by American politicians. The only time American law enforcement gets seriously involved in their conduct and business is when it occurs on this side of the border. A proper and extensive forensic accounting of all federal judges, politicians and high level law enforcement officials would likely show at least HALF have profited in some way from cartel money.

  9. I think that's true. But there are a lot of Mexican families on this side of the border who are embedded in the narcotics networks, either by moving drugs north, by trafficking/selling, or by moving money south. A lot of communities look the other way because the wicked business brings money into town. Most wouldn't admit it, but it's true.

  10. I don't think that the narco corruption reaches half of the federal judges. They are reached by other interests though, from time to time, and then there is the Deep State, which is worse than the narcos.

  11. Look at him all saintly with his halo of bullets!
    People will buy into anything if it suits their agenda.

  12. Oh, they're already here. Although mostly Guatemalans. Mostly nice guys, too. Rhode Island is absurdly tiny, but the gangs are still afraid of trees, or something.


  13. Actually, I sort of like the halo of bullets. LSP (see below) would look cool arriving at a sermon with a bullet halo – and it would play well in Texas. Think if Tex the wolf had a bullet halo in England. He'd raise a few eyebrows.

  14. FWIW a pictorial essay:

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