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Bullet Points:

* You can pray all you want but eventually David had to pick up a stone to use against Goliath.

* 7% of voters like the War Turtle. He and his equally corrupt Chinese wife have a good gig going. You have to admire anyone who is crooked enough to try and steal a hot stove (A. Lincoln). I’m surprised that the pollsters could find 7%. Of course, 7% of Americans believe the word to be flat.

* In Arizona – Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day – Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals.

* Biden-Fetterman 2024 is a no-brainer. (Same with Biden-Harris 2020) I sense a trend! Campaign slug line: If you don’t want your baby, you can kill your baby!  That is bound to have broad-based appeal among American voters.

* 87% of journalism majors say they regret their decision and would pick a different major if they could, according to CNBC, citing a ZipRecruiter survey of more than 1,500 college graduates who were looking for a job.

* Headline: Ukraine accuses Russians of raping women in prison and beating men to death.  Umm, that could have been the headline for the past 1000 years. It’s hardly news that every woman in a Russian prison is raped. It’s a lot like announcing, “Democrat-run election found to be rigged, FBI refuses to Investigate.”

* Here’s another headline – Plus Sized Models Claim Discrimination – Having been to more than one LA nightclub/bar in my life, it’s shocking that the guys working the door would deny entry to a couple of ample-bodied chicks. The reality of heterosexual bars is that men spend a lot of money buying drinks for attractive women hoping that with enough lubrication, the women will engage in sexual activity with them.  That’s how bars stay open. The two +++ women would buy one drink each and sit there grieving over how attractive women are drinking expensive drinks bought by the men who showed up. There is one philosophy that some men have. “Go ugly early, save money and avoid disappointment.”  So the heavy girls could have gotten lucky. I’m just saying that there is an outside chance. Not at the Skybar or the more exclusive joints, but there – maybe?


It’s a Second Amendment Issue

Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan is making clear her office will not be enforcing Oregon’s new “high capacity” magazine ban. The ban is part of Ballot Measure 114 (BM 114), which was heavily funded by out-of-state money.

BM 114 also requires Oregon residents to acquire a $65 permit in order to exercise their Second Amendment right to buy a firearm.

KATU quoted Sheriff Duncan commenting on BM 114, saying, “This is a terrible law for gun owners, crime victims, and public safety.  I want to send a clear message to Linn County residents that the Linn County Sheriff’s Office is NOT going to be enforcing magazine capacity limits.”


Linn County Sheriff Michelle Duncan


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    1. In January 2013, Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller gained national attention for a letter he sent to Vice-President Joe Biden, informing Mr. Biden that he [Mueller] would not enforce any federal firearms laws he considered to be “offending the constitutional rights of my citizens.” He further stated that he would not permit federal officers to come to his county to enforce such laws. She is merely keeping the tradition alive.

        1. They’d be a link for Greater Idaho to reach the Pacific Coast. Eventually, they will need their own duty-free port.

          1. Coos Bay, which has both a deep-sea port and a rail connection to the national system. In fact the Port Commission just bought a former mill site to develop into a container ship-to-rail facility.

            I support the Greater Idaho movement. I’d love to live in Idaho, especially if I didn’t have to move.

    2. Measure 114 passed in 7 counties, and was soundly defeated in 29.

      At least four County Sheriffs have announced they won’t enforce the mag ban, my own included.

      This will be tied up in the courts for quite a while but right now the queue for a background check by the Oregon State Police, which typically has been around 4000 for the last year or so, is now over 11,000, meaning they won’t clear in time.

      The wait time for CHL holders, which used to be about 10 minutes, is now several weeks, which is closing in on too late.

      1. I was approached by a guy who wanted my help with an Arizona CCW. I asked him, why? It’s a Constitutional Carry State. I reminded him it flagged his home, his vehicles, and his driver’s license. He decided not to get one.

        1. I’ve had a CCP for twenty+ years. My FBI file goes back to the 1970’s.
          Guess it is too late to “disappear”.
          Around 1979 my then wife got a job as a reader for a blind lady in the new Department of Education and was a probationary employee for months. When she inquired as to the reason, a supervisor told her that our combined FBI file was inches thick. Two free citizens exercising their Constitutional rights.

          1. I have no idea how thick my FBI file is. I wonder if they purged the two awards I received from the FBI? At one point I had been nominated and approved for a Director’s Award (prestigious) but then somebody told HQ that I was under investigation by another part of the FBI and it was downgraded to an award from the Los Angeles Division.

            You’ll have old Banner to curl up next to you and the stove to keep you warm at the FEMA re-education camp.

  1. Over the past twenty-five years, a huge number of outlanders have moved north into (primarily) Washington and Multnomah counties under the guise of escaping the onerous vicissitudes of life in California only to carry the disease with them – what a shame.

    1. Californication is real. Carriers need to be vetted before they’re allowed to check out of the Hotel California. Walls are a good idea for containing the tumor.

      1. I propose a litmus test. California residents in U-Haul trucks are stopped at the border and are taken over the berm. Targets are posted of FJB and friends. If they immediately draw and fire, they are allowed to pass. The woke won’t (a) be armed (b) draw, fire, reload and holster automatically. Turn the woke back at the frontier.

        1. Good test, when I drive through northern Idaho and near either Flathead Lake, Missoula, or around Bozeman in MT it seems I see just as many California plates as I see local, in-state plates. Unfortunately they seem to bring their values, or rather lack of values with them.


            Sheridan apparently covers this in Yellowstone S5…because us folks out west live in dirty street hick towns that the new folks decide need more boutique coffee shops and art galleries and “necessary services”. Once ensconced they ruin the very reason they felt compelled to purchase land and build their 8,000 sq ft “vacation cabin” that sits vacant 11-1/2 months out of the year.

            The nose in the air hubris has only gotten worse when those “with” descend on those they deem “less than.” Time to hit them up with a 2-3x vacation homeowner property tax rate for the privilege of not coming in and screwing up the place.

            Give me Wranglers and boots and mud on the tires any day.

          2. Yes, I saw that.

            Most of the vacation homes/mansions/cabins in my area belong to fatcats in the Phoenix Valley. They’re vacant 11 1/2 months of the year, but they’re owned by residents. Many of them near me are vacant for 12 months out of the year. That sort of tax would not work in these situations. I wouldn’t get to fly the urologists Hughes 500C if they got too frosty on the absentee landlords and that would be a tragedy. He’s frightened to fly it the way it needs to be flown. More rudder, cyclic and collective for me! Master Caution? What’s that?

          1. One only needs to look at Steamboat Springs, CO. Class of 1961 was 42 students and the population around 1,800. I take an extra thirty minutes and go over Gore Pass (Hwy 134) to Oak Creek then Twentymile to Hayden just to avoid driving through “The Boat”.

          2. The Boat (in winter) is full of people who are your betters. Are you certain that you don’t want to rub shoulders with the trust fund crowd? You could wake up from a perfectly sound sleep screaming “I love Big Brother!” I’m telling you, it could turn your life around. I’m sure that if you joined Big D and the elites for the big win, they’d find some sort of annuity to reward you with.

          3. Never been to Steamboat Springs. (The only thing I know about The Boat is that Moots makes high-end titanium bikes there. A company whose logo is an alligator on a bike is okay by me. But I digress.)

            On the theme of rich ski towns, years ago I was in Vail for a conference/workshop back when I was pretending to be an engineer. Once was enough. Gawd but I hated at least half of the people there (in Vail, not the conference per se), and I couldn’t help noticing that the “help” seemed to hate the “guests” right back. If I recall, the help lived in Eagle, CO down the road, since there was nothing affordable in Vail. Once we got it straightened out that as a snivelling grad student I was making about as much as the “help” (less on an hourly basis) we got along just fine. I never did make peace with most of the rich, smug, and occasionally fatuous jerks in their Bogner (or whatever) outfits though.

            I was reminded of one of Nick Danzinger’s books. After publishing some good accounts of his travels, Danzinger got a gig as a speaker (motivational or something) on a cruise ship. He found that he got along waaay better with the staff than with the paying guests. Being Danzinger, he soon acquired a girlfriend. He had a nice cabin as part of his gig, but because staff found overnighting in a passenger cabin would be instantly terminated, Danzinger spent his free time in the bilge-y cramped quarters of his girlfriend (and her three cabinmates).

          4. I think that Park City, UT fits the same mold as the Boat does. I was invited to a food/wine thing there during the summer months a few years ago. The elites were very much in evidence. I lasted for a day and then took my rented Jeep around on a tour of the mountains outside of Park City, and ate in local cafes. The food was better and the people were nicer.

  2. ” Not at the Skybar…”

    Of course not. The Navy (and Marine Corps) bases are not in LA. I suspect they don’t do beer goggles in LA either.

  3. Your post about the bar reminded me of a song from the 60s. “If You Wanna be Happy”. Yes, I know your post was about getting lucky, but that is still what I thought of.
    Great post as always. And good comments.
    You all be safe and God bless.

    1. I think that the Stingrays were obsolete a couple of years ago. Most agencies have transitioned to the Octasic’s Nyxcell V800, which can target most modern phones while maintaining the ability to capture older GSM devices. The device is made for in-vehicle use, and is capable of targeting eight frequency bands including GSM (2G), CDMA2000 (3G), and LTE (4G). There is a mod for 5G in the works.

      The mobile workstation displays and renders maps to give the operator real-time accurate locations of the target cellular devices without manipulating the device itself. As with the Stingray, they spoof data by creating a virtual repeater that captures data, voice, and location.

      They don’t need an airplane to operate this. You can deploy several in vans or SUVs to cover the wide area mission.

      As has been mentioned on this blog previously, “Eyes in the Sky: The Secret Rise of Gorgon Stare and How it Will Watch Us All” by Arthur Michel. There is a new generation flying now since the book was published.

  4. Sheriff’s position is a long way from:

    Plus-sized models are so sweet and demure, too.

    Fiat currencies are extortion futures, backed by the expectation of future tax collection to pay interest on bonds. The Whiskey Rebellion to squash honest commodity money and replace it with debt to the Eastern seaboard families tells you what you need to know about the founding lawyers.

    If only there was an Ian Fleming/Matt Bracken type person who started out as a commando/spy/assassin, then turned thriller fiction author like Tom Clancy/John Ross and wrote something entertaining which became a movie. The plot could go, ‘after the hyperinflation of the reserve currency discombobulates the economy, nerds rebuild Amazon as Silk Road and protect money and commerce with crypto. Lacking a tax income stream to fund oppression, the middle class discovers it is independently wealthy’.

  5. A friend once told me, “Always go for the fat chicks because they’ll be so thankful they’ll rock your world.”

    1. I don’t think that’s a lie. The other school of thought is that attractive women often suffer from low self-esteem and it’s a lot better than going ugly early.

  6. Oregon? It’s turned into Coastal Oregon vs Real Oregon. Same in Washington (the state, not the cess pool of a malarial swamp of a city.)

    Not much good news lately. I miss the country that I grew up in. I have no love for this new Demo-run feudalism.

    1. Live large (whatever that is to you), tell ’em to go scratch if they interfere in said Pursuit of Happiness.

    2. WAIT! I thought all of you sword and pole arm fighters LIKED feudal systems. Rampant corruption pays politicians what they think they’re worth. You don’t expect that the $60 BB that went to Ukraine would arrive intact to fund the bloated semi-socialist state and buy bullets without at least a 10% skim for the big guy.

      I had a conversation today with people who have an interest in Albania (the country of Wag the Dog) wherein they’re being used as a conduit for US and NATO arms being smuggled out of Ukraine for cash.

      Sali Berisha, former Prime Minister was accused by US SECSTATE Tony (blinky) Blinkin of organized crime activity after he and some of his friends wanted a bigger piece of the action since so MUCH is being smuggled out.

      To get ahead of the message and discredit whatever Berisha says, he was denounced and accused of being a criminal by USGOV and denied a visa to enter the US. They didn’t go the OFAC route because Treasury would have become involved and they ran the risk of whistle-blowing. Prosecutor General Adriatik Llalla; legislative lawmaker, Tom Doshi, and Vangjush Dako, former mayor of Durres have been subject to the same administrative actions.

      It’s a slap on the wrist and a message to take the squeeze you’re given and be content with it. You have to admit that it’s very feudal.

      1. I can’t speak for Beans, but what I liked about the SCA was the “hitting people with clubs” game. SCA politics was a hell to be avoided at all costs. Half of them think they’re actually nobility and innately better than everyone else … sort of like the deranged club of all the deposed royalty and aristocracy in Europe, who all get together and arrange marriages and crap.



        1. I have a friend who was an SCA King for a while. Actually one of my very best friends. I never got involved because I simply had too much on my plate. He used to share SCA politics with me and it did not appeal to me. Hitting people is another matter altogether and I did that for a living enough in the “real world”.

          1. I can see that, although the SCA is hitting people for fun, and very low risk. Time consuming for sure, though.


    3. “I miss the country that I grew up in.”
      Me too.

      Re Oregon and feudalism. Well, isn’t that what SM Stirling writes about in his “Dies the Fire” series?

      Tony Blinken warns the Albanians they’re looking at organized crime charges. Because the Albanians (admittedly an unsavory lot at times) want a bigger cut of the action coming from a country run by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a comedian installed by the fortune of Ihor Kolomoiskyi. Now it appears that there may have been a UKR grift to the tune of billions, through a crypto organization run by a fella called Sam Bankman-Fried and his CEO/girlfriend Caroline Ellison, and that this may have influenced US elections. I’m not noticing a thing, because noticing is wrongthink and hatecrime.

      John Wilder has a bit on Ellison at his place. A bit unkind, but not too far off the mark. This gets me wondering, are Bankman and Ellison really evil geniuses, or if not, who is behind them? And they aren’t even trying any more, are they? That was rhetorical. Of course not. When specimens like Bankman and Ellison are front and center, are they the sacrificial lambs, or are they (whoever “they” are) just mocking us? [1] At least Epstein and Maxwell looked good and had a bit of public polish when needed. But those two goofy-looking, awkward weirdos?

      [1] mockery: It’s one thing to lose your girlfriend to some guy who makes more money than you and is better looking or more charismatic to boot. It’s another thing to find that your girlfriend has run off with Alexander Vindman (10 kg of resentment and spite stuffed into a 5-kg sausage casing). Or as a more accurate analogy, has got pregnant by Vindman but expects you to raise the little bastard.

        1. Yeah, the Albanians are crooked as are the Bulgarians and the Ukrainians but none of them have the scope or trillions in spare cash laying around that USGOV does. USGOV also has Tier 1 style operators who can Arkancide you with exceptional precision that is not found in many other places. I mean, it can be a Reaper strike when you’re driving down a rural road, it doesn’t have to be a bullet or a garrote.

  7. Right on, Sheriff(s) #2A

    And I didn’t know 7% were Flat Earthers. That’s 7% too high, hawk, spit. I say that as a card holding Hollow Earther, obviously.


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