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There was (another) coup in Bolivia pursuant to an election this past weekend and it got me thinking about the US and our histories of conspiracies. The Civil War/War of Northern Aggression is not mentioned here because secession is technically not a coup because there was not an attempt to remove a sitting president or government, just a removal of some states from the union. Until the coup attempt, still underway, that we are witnessing in America today, there has not been an attempt to remove the constituted government since the Newburgh Conspiracy of 1783. Thus, it’s an important event that we see played out by different actors with support of an entrenched and infinitely corrupt mainstream media.

March 1783 Newburgh Conspiracy

George Washington
The Continental Congress promised to pay lifetime pensions to army officers and then, at the end of the war, it reneged. The situation became very tense with many general officers calling for and end to Congress and a coup. General George Washington, then Commander-in-Chief appealed passionately to his men asking them to support the supremacy of Congress. That led to a compromise by Congress, which granted back pay and five years of full pay instead of a lifetime of half pay.
1841–1842 Dorr Rebellion 
Some view this as an attempt at a coup, but I do not. Not in the classic sense. It was not an attempt to remove a national government. Rather, it was an attempt to cling to the original colonial charter rather than the custom and practice of the time, which allowed all white males to vote irrespective of their financial status. I include it here simply because others might view it that way.
November 10, 1898: The Wilmington, NC  insurrection of 1898
As with the Dorr Rebellion (above), this had to do with voting rights and race. Members of the Democrat Party, in opposition to black Americans holding office and voting in the post-war reconstruction period. The discontent never reached Washington DC. The politics were local, focusing on who would rule, who would appoint, and how that was all to happen. You can read more in the link above.
Following World War One, and during the Great Depression, US Army veterans marched on Washington DC, demanding a bonus that had been promised to them. It went deeper than just that because Pres. Roosevelt had taken the nation off the gold standard (currency then, unlike now, was backed by specie, not just a vague promise by the Federal Reserve). The movement fizzled, if it had ever been a movement at all.
2016-20: Plot against President Trump
This is still being played out. Agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, submitting search warrant applications that were based on fraudulent information undertook systematic wiretapping of the Trump Presidential Campaign with the intent to gather information that could be used to unseat the president if he was elected. According to inside information within the FBI, this was referred to as an ‘insurance policy’ in the event that candidate Hillary Clinton lost the election. The Obama Administration actively ‘unmasked’ people who were the subject of wiretaps, disclosing their names to the press.
Admiral Rodgers
Members of the US Department of Justice and the Central Intelligence Agency and the Directorate of National Intelligence participated in this activity. Only disclosures by Admiral Michael Rogers of the National Security Agency (an American hero) gave credibility to early assertions of the plot to remove the President.
Allegations that President Trump colluded with the Russian government were dismissed by the “Mueller Investigation” and members of the House of Representatives and the mainstream media, shifted the attack to a telephone call between the President and the President of Ukraine, which was routine, taking other calls between US Presidents and foreign leaders over the past fifty-plus years into consideration. 
We will have to wait to see how all this plays out.

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  1. If I were in charge, I would round up all those in the Deep State involved in this foolishness, line them up against a wall and, well, you know how it would go from there.

    Good thing I'm not in charge, huh?

  2. The Bonus Army, the March, has always intrigued me.
    That men, later seen as heroes, trained guns on the Bonus Army, seems unreal.
    But the Bonus was promised to be paid in 1945 and the bonus Army demanded it early because of the Depression.
    The bonus Army was taken advantage of by the Business Coup who also tried to suborn General Smedley Butler, to their regret.
    I try to pay attention to which train I'm getting on and if the destination is where I want to go. Not to be used by external forces.
    Thank God for General Butler.
    Thank God for President Trump.

  3. Round them all up, have speedy military tribunals, and the guilty quickly executed on the gallows in public.

  4. If you don't like the guy legally elected you live with it. I did the previous eight years and a few times before that. What's going on sounds like treason to me, but then I don't have a legal mind.

  5. Like Jim said: you don't like the guy who won, you just lump it and keep it to yourself. Like I did with Barry. Did I hate Barry as much as these pinkos hate The Donald? Yes. But I accept the results of the election, and don't try to overthrow the Palace of Versailles.

    Like they say, if your plan is to kill the king, you damn well better kill the king. If you fail, God have mercy on you.

  6. I vote we put Fredd in charge, just long enough to accomplish that which needs doing. If we let the Progs get away with this crap, they will learn nothing. We need to "encourage the others," if you get my drift.

  7. But, but, but we have always done it this way and I am the expert on how it is done. Isn't that the basis for the Deep State's angst?

  8. When these sort of discussions come up, I am reminded of what the Admiral in the movie " Top Gun " said. If my reference is too vague, watch the movie, you will understand when that scene comes up.

    Thanks for the post.
    Paul L. Quandt

  9. Since I pretty regularly want to see all or most of Congress on gibbets lining the National Mall, I can;t really argue against your position.


  10. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC (ret) would have none of it. He was one of those candid men who spoke the truth and some people despised him for it (said he was deplorable). Others cherished him for it. Sounds familiar.

  11. When you package all of the facts, you have treason.

    And no, many of us didn't like the American African president and we opposed his policies, but we were still the loyal opposition, not a gang of traitors.

  12. If only veterans voted, we'd have a very different country.

    We truly live in a Golden Age right now. The economy is better than it has ever been. Unemployment is lower than it has ever been. We are winding down Afghanistan and the $8 trillion that we spent in Iraq and Afghanistan is being repaid. We are exporting oil for the first time ever, and yet the progs are working very diligently to destroy that.

  13. The $8 trillion that we spent on Middle Eastern and Southwest Asian wars made the military industrial complex very rich. They are pushing the Deep State to keep the ball rolling. The Deep State wrote the speeches for Obama's teleprompter, they set policy, they bent already crooked politicians, etc.

  14. Yep, big business wants BIG business to continue… But the military is sucking hind tit after 8 years of mis-management under Obungler and sequestration. Right now, we'd lose to (insert third world country here) due to maintenance problems. Bottom line, IMHO, Deep State doesn't give a crap about the kids on the pointy end, they just want to continue their comfortable lifestyles, paid for by the military machine and continue to play their revolving door games.

  15. Old NFO, it's never about the men and women who bear the load. There is a very wealthy class that constitutes the Deep State and it meshes very comfortably with the people who sell good and services, and they live like parasites.

  16. Both McArthur (hwack-ptooie) and Patton (yay) led forces against the Bonus Army.

    Machine guns. Tanks. Cavalry. Used against citizens, men, women, children.

    So much for Posse Comitatus.

  17. Gallows is the traditional American method for dealing with traitors.

    Or pulling a Rosenberg. (Riding the Lightning, the Chair of Despair, in other words, the electric chair.)

    Though I prefer the short drop, myself. Let them die slowly and miserably.

    If you're gonna do the long drop, do the guillotine long drop. IE: A really long drop followed by the head popping off. No doubt about being dead without a head, but make sure they're removed from the voting rolls…

  18. Heinlein's idea of federal service for full citizenship has its merits. Like he described in "Starship Troopers," anyone can try for federal service, it's not just the military, could be counting caterpillar fuzz by touch, but you'll serve.

    I actually think all teachers should be required to be veterans. That would stop a lot of carp that's going around in the edumacation business.

  19. Well, since I'm elected Lord High Executioner via popular demand, I am now considering a guillotine rather than a firing squad for Deep State scum. Call it executioner's discretion.

    And I'll be picking up one of those stylish black hoods, you'll see the receipt for it on my next expense report, along with one for the purchase of 500 new guillotines. I expect my office to be a busy one during the next fiscal period.

  20. I'm with you on this, LL. Fredd for LHE! And well done Admiral Rogers, he definitely stands out. So too does the Deep State, which is being praised by their agitprop pawns in the media.

    Is anyone outside of the left coasts' echo chamber fooled by the Clown Coup Circus? I'd wager the show's becoming increasingly transparent and the optics aren't good for the DNC. Maybe this'll prompt the Crone to run, please.

  21. If some people want to try a President for treason, how about we try the previous President. I think a much better case against him could be made. Perhaps we can throw in some of his former cabinet members as well.

    Paul L. Quandt

  22. It will break my heart if Hillary doesn't run. The memes, the jokes, the fun, the panic that will set in with the Donkey Party bottom feeders, the falls, the complete hubris, and the suicides of all contenders with higher poll numbers than hers.

  23. All teachers should graduate from drill sergeant school, with maybe on year or so on the drill field. We'd be turning out some champions.

  24. I always thought that swearing in of Congress persons should take place next to a DC lamppost and the new Congressman assist in affixing a small plaque to it with these words: "This lamppost is assigned to Congressman (fill in the blank), to be maintained, with an adequate length of strong rope, at his/her expense, against the time when We the People should require use of it."
    Tom S.

  25. It would give real motivation to Congress, particularly if there were a string of corpses, rotting on adjacent lampposts.

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