Bullet Points:

* Hide your Courting Tackle! Harvard-affiliated children’s hospital recommends boys ‘tuck’ their genitals ‘to reduce gender dysphoria’ — despite long-term damage risks.  – The diamond cutter will etch glass, and it will tear through jeans…

* Pipe Down! The term pipe down was used in two ways. It was used as a whistle signal over the Boatswain’s call. Because that was the last call at night, and immediately everything went quiet and the night’s rest was initiated. But if it was communicated verbally, the other person was told in a friendly way to shut up and be quiet.

* If your voting machines “break”, you can spend all day “fixing” them and require voters to stand in line for hours. All you need is about 5% to have to go to work or pick up children and you’ve successfully accomplished your voter suppression program. And if voters just want to drop off ballots, you don’t accept those at all because of a glitch in the system. Welcome to Arizona.

* Usually if we were to think of the things that God might judge us for we tend to think of the big and drastic things, like murder or adultery. But I think that in the end, the things that God cares about the most are how we treat our own children, because how we treat our own children, and our elderly who are wholly dependent on us, is a greater indicator of who we are, both individually and as a society.

* From Evil News – In 2014, a patent was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) that outlines the future – which is now the present – of chemical and biological warfare. Entitled “Toxic mosquito aerial release system,” the patent, which was issued as US8967029B1, outlines a system of spraying for biological, chemical, or other materials using “unmanned aerial vehicle[s] operable by remote control.”

* House of Representatives – FBI Corruption Report The thousand-page report builds on various whistleblower disclosures describing the FBI’s Washington hierarchy as “rotted at its core” with a “systemic culture of unaccountability.” The report also highlights how the FBI has weaponized the federal government against its political opponents, illustrates how FBI leadership shows a political bias against conservatives, and enumerates instances where senior officials have pressured agents to reclassify cases as domestic violent extremism to fit a political narrative.

* Persecution of the innocent – UK – Maurice Snelling (72) was found guilty of violating the tier-three lockdown restrictions put in place by the British government in 2020 after he pled guilty to perverting the course of justice and was sentenced to six months in prison. He sold mince pies. “[Snelling] is anti-establishment, especially to the police. He doesn’t like being told what to do. He treated police with resentment,” Judge Fletcher said.  Even though that was in England, the same sort of government bullshit went on in the US. And people ask me why I “went Galt” and left civilization. I saw it coming. I saw all of it. 

It’s interesting how the my body, my choice mantra was abandoned and the government keeps trying to force us to take a TOXIC vaccination – even after countless medical journals confirm that it’s dangerous.

I’m surprised that HM Government didn’t order death by vaccination for the 72-year-old pie seller.



Bad Luck at Sea

Besides women, priests, flowers, whistling, ringing glass and, of course, the arch-enemy of all – the banana – there was another item that was highly despised. The umbrella, which, by the way, also includes the ladies’ small parasols.


Portsmouth Dockyard, by James Tissot, 1877 

Umbrellas were frowned upon because by their very nature they were associated with bad weather, and the sailor had no need of climatic elements that refused to cooperate with him in his desire to make a safe and speedy voyage; an umbrella aboard ship was therefore quite likely to incite the gods of the ocean into venting their considerable spleen. One wonders if an echo of this belief is the frequent warning against opening an umbrella inside a dwelling.


  1. Seems a bit odd how the GOPe, the Dems, and the media joined up to attack previous conservative movements. Then some groups started complaining about how the GOPe let them down. Are we now seeing some of the same people letting the unholy triumvirate pull the wool over their eyes again?
    I wonder where the ‘Red Wave’ idea came from – it received a fair amount of publicity which would indicate, to me, that there might have been some GOPe/Dem/media involvement in pushing it. Setting the bar high enough that anything less would be seen as a massive defeat.
    I’ve seen on other sites where they were NOT expecting a red wave based on what they’ve seen, in previous elections, regarding the voting machine manipulations and fraudulent votes. Instead, they were expecting a number of squeaker-narrow Dem wins and the same for some of the Reps – setting the stage to make the current voting process appear to be legit.
    I think some republicans might have been afflicted with victory disease, and I wouldn’t be surprise if Trump was as well….some of those he supported, really????
    A last thought – I will not look to politicians for salvation.

    • Not all politicians are inherently bad, but they usually tend to drift in that direction over time no matter how noble their initial motives might have been. The American model initially was that people would put down the plow, enter government, remain for a couple of terms, and then return to the field and take the plow up again. It was never intended to be a lifetime of “representation” because the founders knew that model inevitably led to tyranny and despotism. King George III was often viewed (even within the privy council) as a babbling fool. The founders didn’t want that for us. Unfortunately, if you fast forward to the present that’s precisely what we have.

      • I guess you could say that that is because the babbling fools never let up in their quest, while your average citizen will be paying some attention to other things like food, shelter, mates, and other distractions…..
        I think the older model the founders wanted was to give people a chance to see how a person worked out in the real world before they ran for office. A better vetting process than the food-and-circuses seen in the past and the present.

        • The present system includes a daisy chain of parasites who have never worked a day in their lives. I can only imagine what Thomas Jefferson would have said about them.

          • The question for me is how to starve the beast, rebalance DC and the Federal government?

            Removing career politicians is a beginning, eliminating so-called “appropriations” is another (it’s not their’s to give). The problem can be solved, but hands need to get dirty. Maybe it’s a forgone conclusion that nothing can be allowed to change and it’ll get worse because these people make the laws and rules for they then benefit.

          • I think we’re past the tipping point absent some catastrophe like a real plague that lays DC and the swamp creatures waste.

            I can’t envision free and fair elections again in many places. California for example. A former co-worker from California (Cliff or Quickdraw by name) who now lurks here on the blog has lived in Tennessee for ten years and he received 3 ballots to vote in California. I received the same number. I know of people in California who mail-ordered from wherever for dog treats for their dog and used the dog’s name Scout Jones (I don’t recall the actual name) and Scout received a ballot because he received mail at that address.

          • No more mail-in ballots. Period. That’s a start. Next is to purge the voting roles like you said about DeSantis. Geez, the friggin morons in PA early-voted a dead guy for God’s sake…and they think that’s righteous. Now the Dem’s get to plug-n-play whoever they want.

          • At least they don’t want to seat the 85-year-old embalmed carcass while handlers vote the way that they think that he would have. That’s sort of the case with Fetterman, confused and partially brain-dead. He’ll show up to Congress once or twice wearing a hoodie to hide the massive tumor. Since Covid, they can vote remotely. That’s what he will do, expressing the will of Pennsylvania democrats.

  2. Forecasters are saying it looks like the repubs will control the house with 222 seats. I say the dems will drag out the crucial remaining races (AZ for ex) and cheat like they always do with last minute ballot dumps. Kari will lose and so will Walker…it’s a done deal. The status quo will be back.

    • I think that the House will be controlled by Republicans.

      While the Republicans in a general sense are better than the Democrats, you have to ask yourself whether they can control the Administrative State (the Swamp). To put it more bluntly, who controls the Republicans? Are they the same people who control Schumer, McConnell, and FJB?

      I commented to MRSLL that I was happy to be out of the madness that prevails in much of the nation. I don’t claim to be beyond the reach of the Administrative State, but I don’t have to look at what they are doing every day either. Cold comfort.

  3. fbi- and senator grassley points to 665 unresolved sexual assault cases alleged against fbi agents in requesting an i.g. investigation. the agents were allowed to retire or resign with a clean record. they told sen. grassley to go pound sand when he requested foia records.

    • The Secret Police don’t answer to anyone except the swamp creatures in the White House who call the shots. We know a few names. FJB and the Ho are figureheads. I don’t think that they let the Ho out in public anymore. CNN thinks that Fetterman should run for President to replace Pedo Joe. Why not. Nothing would change.

  4. Western Hat Tip to all Veterans…may God bless those who served before and to those who currently serve. Despite the politically motivated climate out there to undermine our military, we – those of us who love this country – are indebted to your service.

    Anyone who does not honor that sentiment (and they know who they are) I have a C-note to assist your move to Uzbekistan.

    Nuf Said.


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