Psychoanalyzing American Progressives

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I’m trying to make sense of American liberals/progressives.

Socially Destructive Behavior and the Progressive Response                            
Drunk Driving   –    BLAME THE DRIVERnot the car
Terrorist Bomber   –   BLAME THE BOMBERnot the bomb (though they’d be a lot happier if it was a white male American than if it was a Muslim)
Knife Attack   –   BLAME THE MURDERERnot the knife
Firearm Attack   –   BLAME THE GUNnot the person shooting it.

Over the past decade, how many terrorist attacks worldwide were conducted by Muslims? And how many were perpetrated by Catholics? So why are Catholics considered an extremist hate group by our present regime in Washington? 

To American liberals/progressives, an extremist hate group is one that opposes the wanton murder of the unborn (abortion), opposes homosexual marriage, and is concerned that most terrorists happen to be Muslims.

I understand that Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow and the entire staff at MSNBC are very upset that the Boston Marathon bombers turned out to be Muslims from Chechnya. They were so hoping that they would turn out to be white males from Nebraska or Idaho. The problem that Matthews and his viewers have revolves around the issue of hatred and ‘who are the real haters’.  I understand that statement could be translated by progressives as being Islamophobic. But it’s not. It’s simply factual. I understand that progressives are never daunted by facts.
Progressive/Democratic Party Strongholds
Detroit, Michigan
Chicago, Illinois
Newark, New Jersey
Washington, DC
New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
In each of these cities:
  • The crime rate is very high. 
  • Gun control laws are extremely strict.
  • Only about half of the children graduate from high school.

Yet they are progressive paradises. 
Progressives/Liberals are therefore judged – insane.

12 thoughts on “Psychoanalyzing American Progressives

  1. I was hoping we weren't going to have to put you away after your first line… I recall a Cold War-era cartoon that featured a Soviet painter painting the word "black" with white paint… the magazine called it bold political commentary.

  2. I'm simply an observer. And thanks for not putting me out of my misery after the first line.

  3. Insane? Or whiny little babies who never grow up and take responsibility.

    Abortion is the ultimate act of selfish irresponsibility and wanton violence against the innocent.

  4. And yet progressives are generally wealthy. Note all the occupy jerks with their up to the minute/trendy electronics.

    Off topic; Why is Bill Ayers and his wife Brenda Dohrn still stealing oxygen?

  5. They seem to be the spoiled children of over-indulgent parents.

    Ayers…look him up under "PIECE OF CRAP" in the dictionary and you'll see his photo.

  6. I think that he was an effective murderer. Beyond that, I have nothing to say about his character.

  7. Did you hear the President, he finished his words with "…one nation under God, with liberty and justice for all." He swallowed his words, and couldn't get them out of his mouth fast enough. When it hits YouTube I'm going to post it – maybe its me, but he and others probably fought that being included.

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