Captioned Image: Degree of Roman Influence on Modern States. Detailed at the bottom of the blog (better picture).


Nobody Knows How Long, Joe.

Then we’ll get his replacement, who has been loud and clear about how she feels about Americans.

With every feeble heartbeat, Harris-the-Ho, draws nearer.

….Meanwhile in Arizona

People wait patiently. Hoping that she/he/it comes in person to sort things out.

And here we are, not introducing ourselves with our pronouns when we meet people.

Slow Joe was the first president in a generation not to give a state-of-the union address to Congress in February, our nation’s capital is under military occupation. None of that is normal.

But in Arizona, things are still cool.


The 2019 European Elections mapped (by winner & turnout), using the 1km² population grid from Eurostat to exclude uninhabited areas.

Note Empty Spain

Spain: municipalities with less than 12.5 people per square kilometer.


How large is the Brunt Shelf breakaway iceberg?

The northern section of the Antarctic ice shelf, dubbed A-74, that broke off on Friday February 26 covers 1,270 square kilometers. Here is how this area compares with the world’s major cities.

The scrotes on CNN never discuss that Antarctica is actually two continents, stuck together, that are slowly separating. One is geologically active and the other is not.

The West Antarctic Rift System, a major active rift valley, lies between West and East Antarctica. … The rift is active with slow movement of West Antarctica away from East Antarctica. East Antarctica is geologically very old, dating from the Precambrian, with some rocks formed more than 3 billion years ago. West Antarctica is geologically active and volcanically warm.

It leads to calving, as the ice melts and cracks and separates from the mainland. Climate alarmists point to global warming.

This is a map of subglacial volcanoes. You will never hear about them on CNN.




  1. It is truly amazing the powers of Man, to warm the Sun and cause the very earth to erupt all due to his driving SUVs and using heating oil during the winter and such other frivolities.

    The Bastards! Kill them all.

    And it works for Jo, the Ho, and their varied supporters.

    As to the maps of Europe… ‘Christian Democrats.’ Says it all. Bleh.

    France is much like the US. Large urban liberal areas controlling a very conservative countryside, where every house has a stash left over from two world wars…

    • Global warming is going to kill us all in four years so there isn’t much to reflect on our sins against the environment, unless John Kerry can save us from ourselves. He’s so heroic. He needs a medal or two for environmental heroism.

      • Hey Larry, speaking of medal (and ribbons); what will be your response when you come across some nimrod wearing his ribbon for pulling guard duty at D.C.? Anyone foolish to wear that on their uniform deserves a sock in the mouth.

        Yes, AZ is a very beautiful state. The people, mostly, are fantastic.

        • I view the National Guard, deployed at the Capitol, as victims – for the most part. For the most part, they signed up for the guard and their governors whored them out. It’s not like governors and princes haven’t been whoring out soldiers since the dawn of time, but this is different from an American perspective.

          Arizona didn’t send anyone…so I don’t expect that I’ll see a guardie with a “Defense of Pelosi” medal. But the whole medal and ribbon thing is getting out of control. I think that the Army and Air Force award ribbons for completing boot camp. Not as bad as the Capitol ribbon by half — but why?

          • “But the whole medal and ribbon thing is getting out of control.”

            Further manifestation of the wussification of America, everybody gets a trophy. Eventually they are meaningless.

  2. Liars and cheats work very hard to distance themselves from an “event”, then if you bring it up they tell you that’s old hat and accuse you of being a conspiracy nut (try saying the election was stolen today). They’re selective in application of this tactic, January 6th is still being touted as an “armed insurrection”, another flat out lie.

    That is one seriously large moving ice mass. Saw a Nat Geo program on the Northern Mayan’s, surmised they up and left their “city” for a lake side encampment due to severe drought,. Normally they had rain 6 months and dry 6 months, and built large cisterns filled by channels set into the structures. But up and left, turning heavy grinding stones on there side…meaning they planned to be back. But the drought lasted (per lake core samples).

    Interesting, and points to the fact that Anthropogenic climate change is a lie…unless the Mayans ruined their climate by driving around in early model jungle outfitted HiLux pickups.

    • I would think that Mayan racism might be at the heart of their demise, but they weren’t white. How could THEY be racists? I’ve walked some of the Yucatan. There is alkaline dust (which is white) and that could be responsible for the drought.

      • A few prominent black guys must have Mayan ancestry…they’ve been labeled white supremacists and racists by a couple of mentally ill white idiots. Seems definitions are flexible to meet whatever SJW blowing wind our overlords decide is relevant, heritage be damned…even if the target market didn’t roll around in white dust as an ancient skin treatment to stave off jungle insects. “Course, according to these nimrods boys who say they are girls, are actually girls …a brilliant 8th Grader play to get into the girls locker room, bought hook, line, & sinker by the teachers union.

        Forrest Gump is next…”box of chocolates” and he lived in an Antebellum manor will be stripped from our vernacular…mostly to avoid, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

    • > try saying the election was stolen today

      Funny you mention that. I’ve been ignoring the RNC fundraising emails mostly, but today they sent me one breathlessly declaring “You have been selected as one of the FIRST to be invited to claim your Trump Legacy Membership!” And that seemed to deserve a reply.

      Why didn’t you people support the President when he challenged the fraudulent election?
      And NOW you use his name to con money out of me?
      Screw the lot of you worthless bastards. Not one more dime to you professional fundraisers.

      At this rate, I figure the odds are getting better all the time that at some point there will be more than one stack outside my door some fine night at 0300. With a bit of luck they’ll shoot each other in the confusion.

      • Good on you, payback time.

        The last day or so Trump has told the traitorous R’s to cease and desist using his name for their fundraising.

      • For years I would regularly get mailers and polls from the RNC. On the questionnaires, I would write-in my answers, which were all the same; SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP! On the outside of the envelope I would write the same. Surprisingly, I do not receive anything from those idiots anymore. Good riddance.

      • I get the same direct mail solicitations and sometimes I answer a spam call and let a mope in a boiler room in Poughkeepsie have it, just because it calms my heart. But the RINO’s hate President Trump because there is NO difference between them and the donkeys.

        I saw something on the television today about the RNC moving forward proudly without Trump. First, I changed my party affiliation to “unaffiliated”. Second, it’s all of those scumbags and their criminal machinations and gross incompetencies that led to President Trump.

        • You’d think they’d get a clue, or buy one from the D.C. Wheel of Fortune. These are not the sharpest knives in the drawer…yet they are not dissuaded as if geniuses.

        • Sure, there’s a difference between a RINO and a Donkey – at least the Donkey isn’t lying.

          Yeah, the Nation Formerly Known as America has gotten to the point where we have politicians who are worse than declared communists.


  3. Anthropogenic climate change really genned up following the fall of the Soviet Union. It is no more than a scheme to control people. The ”watermelons” (green on the outside, red on the inside) go screaming trying to take away everything from the general population when most of their proof is just things that have been happening anyway.

    I think if Kamala keeps to the promise she made when she soon becomes President* and starts rounding up and punishing those who disagree with the “Party” we will hit the tipping point for kinetics.

  4. Copied your Kalala Harris and put it on Facebook. The gaslighter “fact checkers” went ballistic. Last count they posted seven disclaimers. Must have struck a nerve.

  5. “And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
    Slouches towards The District of Criminals to be born?”

  6. If it is a correct quote from KH I understand she and her collagues have a very special interpretation of “healing the nation”. Sounds more like something Pol Pot in Cambodia said. If it is true that action follow words, change will definetely take place in the US.
    Hopefully Biden will stay avlive until next election preventing a civil war and the new R President winning with high numbers due to the awakening of the american citizens.

    Good luck and stay safe.

    • I have said again and again that I don’t think Biden will last through June. His own people will dispose of him because he’s completely senile or because he could show up in public and whip it out and take a piss on a potted plant. You just can’t tell.

      America is in rough waters at the moment.

      • The “piss on a potted plant” visual – hence the “Whiners Without Status Show” dominating the vacuous chit-chat…can’t have the MSM focusing on the fact the [not our] president* doesn’t know where he is, we’ll see if he shows up Thursday for his “presser” or another excuse given.

        America…back to the bottom inside of a month.

        • Yeah, “unity” definitely means “eliminating dissent by eliminating dissenters” to the Democrats.

          I would consider it a great success if Joe manages to whip it out before peeing in public.


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