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Servicio Bolivariano de Inteligencia Nacional, (SEBIN) intelligence agents seized Edgar Zambrano, vice president of the opposition-controlled National Assembly, while he was in his vehicle. When he refused to get out, they used a tow truck to tow his vehicle with him in it to la Tumba, “The Tomb”, a building that serves as the headquarters for Venezuelan internal security and intelligence.  
Zambrano’s arrest is the first of a lawmaker since last week’s failed overthrow attempt. The Maduro regime is getting bolder in attacking opposition leaders.
Bolstered by 25,000 Cuban Army Soldiers, Maduro is going to slowly take all of the opposition into custody despite warnings from the US not to do so.
How badly do the Venezuelan people want to stop starving? Apparently not badly enough.

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  1. Among the 32 million citizens patience seem to be a virtue. It is kind of strange to compare with the violent conflicts Colombia has been through for so many years. Maybe the culture is different? According to the GTD database there are few terrorist attacks in Venezuela.

  2. It used to be a happy, healthy land. People had wealth, quality education and peace. They avoided a lot of the narco and FARC problems because of literacy, prosperity and abundant natural resources. — LL

    Then they embraced Communism and ten years later they’re starving.

    Government ownership and management usually ends badly.

  3. They have vast oil reserves but not easily refined crude. Most of that kind of refinery capability is in the USA gulf states. Embargo their oil. The time and shipping costs will cut their cash flow.

  4. LL: Is there an opportunity to arm resistance?
    I would think a large reason for hesitancy on the part of the people would be those Cuban mercs you mentioned and the lack of private ownership of weapons.

  5. The Venezuelan people would love to do something effective about Maduro. They simply cannot…..because like the Jews in Nazi Germany a disarmed people live or die at the whim of those with the guns. And the commie demonrats along with their media whore accomplices are working feverishly here to disarm US so that they too can be the ones to decide which of us live and which of us die. Killing slaves is part and parcel of being a communist ( "ior insertst" descriptor of choice here), the name changes but the evil doesn't.

  6. Yes, it’s high sulfur crude, but it still has value. OFAC sanctions are in place for anyone who buys Venezuelan oil. It’s been embargoed for quite a while in effect.

  7. I fear a Bay of Pigs scenario. I think that we learned from that operation where dissidents were armed and then sent back. The Venezuelan people don’t seem to have an inclination to be armed and risk life and limb in sufficient numbers. They’d rather see Americans go into harms way for their benefit.

  8. Cheer up, folks- the unsung benefit is that even if the left wins, we get to go to our graves chuckling about what the Islamist's will do to them. Iran should have taught the commies a thing or two about alliances but apparently they are unteachable.

  9. I guess it will not take many more years until the memories of the good society in the past diminishes and people understand they cannot live on what made them civilized and law-abiding in the past. When the rage starts to grow e.g. the yellow vests in France, the people will be a problem for the socialist government. They are lucky to have friends like Cuba, China and Russia with tradition and willingness to suppress the citizens. I guess China alone can take over the country and move all the citizens not being true socialists of the people to a desert in China somewhere, just like Stalin used Siberia. Then China will bring order and get access to the natural resource they need. Time will show.

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