The Promise of Political Islam

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Am I the only one who notices that political Islam is beset by brutal and ongoing civil wars?

Consider for a moment, the proliferation of insurgencies around the world, most of them exist in Muslim countries. Only a very small number of analysts and commentators have written that the Islamic world is in civil war. Muslims are killing other Muslims at an astonishing rate. This overarching crisis is camouflaged by the daily news coverage of individual national crises.

Muslim leaders seem to have no solutions to stop this blood-letting and no arguments to counter the appeal of religiously-motivated violence among Muslim youths. The Islamic world is losing its best and brightest children to its own jihadists.
In Gaza, in order to gain power, the local strong men send ineffective rockets into Israel so that the (locally invincible) Israeli Army will clean out the place and they can scam rich Islamic states such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia into sending them money to rebuild (and re-arm), enriching the shot callers who started the war in the first place. Sure it’s a scam, but the Islamic scam is perpetrated within Islam – with Israel being a cat’s paw of sorts.
Islam is its own worst enemy. It generates angry, frustrated young people who end up feeling liberated when they blow themselves up. (Based on numbers from the UN) About 70% of the women in Egypt have had their clitoris cut out by their mothers/aunts. What a system of religion…

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  1. I was at Deep Eddy this morning swimming with some other moms/kiddos that attend the same Anglican church as me. One piped up about one of her "BEST friends" converting from Judaism to Islam to marry a Muslim man. Apparently her friend thought it was no big deal, and her own flippant tone suggested she felt the same. In fact, she seemed rather charged up announcing this, as though it is precisely through this enlightened sort of behavior that we shall reach world peace!

    My point: In addition to what you said about focusing on specific national disputes, I think our local, domestic oblivion (despite 9/11) also contributes to the reality of Islam being camouflaged. I'm as guilty as anyone of wanting to stick my head in the sand, wishing everything could just be lovely. But that luxury only belongs to people who don't have clitoris-chopping aunts and suicide donkeys walking around. Islam will be fine for my friend's friend, in practice. That doesn't make Islam fine.

    Of course, at least breaking it down to national disputes makes it feel like one can keep track of the moving chess pieces and work out the problem, in theory. How does one tackle the problem if it is inherent and pervasive through an entire religion (esp. one tied intrinsically to culture)? Our nation's founded on religious freedom…
    Perhaps it's unhelpful to view it as a problem with the religion, simply because there's no way to effectively SOLVE that problem?

  2. Islam exists as a political entity everywhere it is a religious entity. There is no separation of church and state. They are a problem because a principal tenant of the faith requires that everyone who is not Muslim submit to Islam.

  3. There is very little separation between the two sides… The main schism is between the various sects… Shia, Sunni, Wahabi… ad infinitum…

  4. Civil war seems to be endemic to that crew — since the earliest days. Then they get a Saladin and unite to attack everyone else.

    In the meanwhile they'll have to rest content with their smart "let's borrow from the Japanese" suicide strategy.

  5. Yes, and they seem to enjoy endless slaughter…as LA said above, let them all have at it.

  6. The only time there is any semblance of peace among these nations is when tyrants have their foot firmly planted on their necks.

    Allah has a heavy size 12 and Mohammed is his shoe maker…

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