A Flight

An airliner was on its way to Phoenix (AZ), when a blonde lady in the economy section stood up, walked to the first-class section, and sat down in an unoccupied seat.

The flight attendant watched her do that and asked to see her ticket. She told the blonde that she paid for economy class and had to move back to her assigned seat.

The blonde lady replied, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to Phoenix, and I’m staying right here.”

The flight attendant walked to the cockpit and told the Captain and First Officer that there was a blonde bimbo sitting in first class, who belonged in the economy section and wouldn’t move back.

The first officer unbuckled, went back, and spoke to the blonde, explaining that she needed to return to her assigned seat.

The blonde lady replied, “I’m blonde, I’m beautiful, I’m going to Phoenix, and I’m staying right here.”

The first officer returned to the cockpit and suggested that they have the police waiting when they landed at Sky Harbor.

The captain said, “I’ll handle this, I’m married to a blonde, I speak blonde.” He unbuckled,  walked back, and whispered to the blonde.

She said, “Oh, I’m sorry, stood up, and walked back to her seat in Economy.

The flight attendant asked the captain how he got her to move without creating a scene.

“I told her that first class isn’t going to Phoenix.”

(I know this one has been around for a long time, but just wanted to share – mia culpa)



No, not the Sand Pebbles, but as life melds to art, my mind does head in that direction when I see these photos.

It’s the River gunboat Avalanche in Indochina. An Étincelle class gunboat.

I’ve been to Changsha (site of The Sand Pebbles) in both summer and winter and have experienced the area, but 100 years too late.


In America

You drive for four hours in the same direction and it’s the same country.

In the UK

You drive for four hours in the same direction, the accent has changed twice and bread rolls have a different name.


Mystery Aircraft

It was an experimental aircraft but it flew and set a record, so it made it here to the mystery-aircraft-of-the-day. Can you name it?


Bonus Mystery Aircraft

Three of this aircraft were built.


Brain Twister?

How many medals are currently allowed on a Russian military uniform?


One Lucky Guy?




  1. Mystery aircraft: No, and unh-uh.

    However, the first one is obviously based upon the Ki-46 Dinah ( “with the fine line-ah ), high-altitude photorecon, maybe?

    … and the second one sure looks like it started life as a Do-17.

    I will hold back from looking them up, so as to get a nice surprise when someone IDs them later!


  2. Larry. Regarding the sampan (front centre) in the top picture. This style of sampan was still around in the mid to late 1960s on the Saigon River. The river through Cholon, what the French had called the Chinese Arroyo, was full of them, as well as numerous motorised and unmotorised river/canal and sea going junks. Many of of these junks, and some of the sampans too, had up to three generations of the one family living on them. Quite a few of the really old people had never set foot on land, having lived their entire life onboard. A Vietnamese friend and colleague of mine, who was born in Cholon, told me, although I never saw them myself, that there were old ladies on some of the junks who still had bound feet. Some of the sampans were used as floating whorehouses too, with one or two girls working on them. Not the type of venue a clean living young gentleman would frequent, though.

      • I’ve been on one of those in Southern China – circa 1998. I don’t know how old the sampan was, but it did run on diesel and not on wood or coal. There was no accommodation for social interaction or an exchange of STD’s that I was aware of. I was there with Cord Hart, who you know, and any trip with Cord in China was unique because of his love of the culture and the languages(s).

  3. Memo from company mgt today included the following lines:

    I am disappointed to review data that indicates that the number of employees not wearing masks does not correlate with the percentage of teammates that have self-certified their vaccination stays. In other words, the number of unmasked employees is greater than the number of self-certified vaccinated employees. This indicates that either employees are not vaccinated and not wearing masks or employees are vaccinated but do not care to self-certify. Regardless, this is troubling and does not meet my expectation to Do What’s Right.

    The self-certification options are basically, yes, no, nearly done, planning to do, and I decline to answer at this time. The company mandated last month that employees make a selection.

    The use of “do not care” in the memo was deliberate IMO.

    I expect mandatory vaccination requirement next month. This is wrong. It is not Doing What’s Right. It is pressuring employees to get an experimental treatment with poor efficacy, and unknown long term effects against a disease most under 65s will survive ok.

    I will lose my livelihood if I do not comply and my wife is pressuring me not to refuse, but if I don’t stand up for this, then what else is next?

    • For the record, on this blog, I have and will continue to state that vaccinations for the plague are a personal choice. I have had flu shots in the past that I’ve taken along with other medical advice. I usually ended up with a fever the following day. I don’t know whether they helped or not and whether they were effective against the strain of flu that circulated in that given year. From what I’ve read, it was a crapshoot and sometimes the medical community got it right.

      PCR testing is wholly unreliable according to the CDC. I’m not saying that COVID-19 is not real, I’m saying that the tests for it show false positives if you have a different flu virus and that there is no way to know for sure. The lies and compounded lies from USGOV make any conclusion that one would draw questionable. Where is the truth in all this? We know that USGOV funds went toward engineering the virus in the first place, “gain of function research”.

      I don’t PERSONALLY consider the vaccinations to be seriously unsafe, but the current USGOV data suggests that they don’t have an effective track record in protecting people from the disease.

      Masks are stupid.

      You have to follow your heart and your conscience and it’s not for this blog or anybody to decide for you. I spent at least half of my professional career getting shot at and that was more hazardous than the plague vaccination. Nobody knows what the long-term effects of vaccination are, but being unemployed is not a good thing, particularly if your family depends on you as mine did when they were young.

    • Many companies have unlawfully changed their employee contracts by including this idiocy, forcing people into a moral dilemma that was never a concern before 2020. If “keeping everyone safe” (gaga!) is so critical then why didn’t they do this with flu for the last 40 years? Simple answer? The foolish don’t want to look like fools for complying with the moving target thus force everyone else into their stupidity.

      HIPPA is still the law, your medical information is confidential and no one has the right to demand you give it up, even under the ruse of “to keep others safe”, a totally bogus claim fabricated out of thin air for a political agenda.

    • There were no animal or human studies, so there is no basis on which to declare any of the injected therapies to be safe and effective.

      Get a free initial consult with a good employment lawyer now. See what your options are for you, or a bunch of your coworkers, to push back within the system. By prescribing a treatment is the manager criminally practicing medicine without a license? I’m sure a hundred simultaneous civil lawsuits accompanied by criminal complaints and claiming whistleblower protection would get his attention.

      We’d all like to believe there is a winning strategy that doesn’t involve an income loss, but reality does not guarantee there is always such a win available. How bad would the risk/threat to you have to be before your wife would back you to avoid or fight it? Or would she just leave if it looks like the gravy train will end? If your wife’s behavior were being done by a close male friend, what would you think of it?

      • That is brilliant, what the properly educated people understood from day one; The President does not make law. Biden at al have has defied (defiled?) current law with their draconian crap…unfortunately those who went to public school and college are massively ignorant, blindly going along with whatever pap is being spouted.

    • With a long-term male best friend you could talk about life strategy like: ‘I will accept this medical treatment to retain this paycheck; I will not accept this other treatment and will walk away from that job/career and start a lawn service business’. Then: ‘As this management memo is telling me to plan strategic retreat career changes now, then in support of that I need to cut our monthly expenses now and save in preparation for an income reduction.’ If wifey is willing to make time and space to discuss individual priorities and negotiate priorities as a family, then great! But If she permanently evades any such discussion then she’s disloyal, WINO, and you need to strategically plan your divorce now to maximize your position. Get legal advice.

      • They’re out of their collective minds. Peter Boyles has been asking “When was the last time you went to Denver? Used to be a good city. Now? Ruined, and no rational person goes there anymore. Maybe The Dems are self-isolating (or immolating)…cities walled off with a physical wall. Maybe they’ll erect plexiglas shields to keep Covid out, like a Democrat Habitrail.

  4. I’m convinced the “blonde” joke doesn’t only apply to blondes anymore;”Better stock up on toilet paper!” (for the pandemic/lockdown), “Get the vaccine!”, “Wear a mask to save others!”.

    That “lucky guy”…and 6 months later she divorces him and he’s now sleeping in his parents basement and drives an old Mazda.

    The short-circuiting continues with Biden as the concoction wears off by 10:00AM, Harris is again proving how transparently thin she is, and Pelosi is starting to lose control despite operating as if she’s the Queen. That’s what constitutes America’s leadership.

    Your grandson has the warrior look.

    • I have a friend who was that “Lucky Guy”. He started working for a start-up, with less pay but huge stock options than his former employer had. His first wife left him, calling him a “loser who can’t get a decent job”, and he made sure the divorce decree absolved him of any and all future financial support to his now ex-wife.

      The little start-up was Qualcom, and he had thosands of shares, and options for many more.

      He was on top of the world when he made it big, ex-wife tried to come after him, and was laughed out of every attorney’s office she went to.

      >fast forward<

      He now has a 300 acre place in Idaho, absolutely no worries about the future, so he gets a mail-order bride from Asia.

      18 months later he's almost broke, twice divorced, and becomes the "Lucky Guy" of legend….

      • Having lived and worked in the vibrant hi-tech arena in and around Boulder during the 80’s and 90’s, this story is not surprising. Guys cashing in their stock options after a start-up gains success only to be taken to the cleaners by a wife bent on wrecking the guy, and the female Boulder judges helped the trashing.

        I rather be good than “lucky”.

  5. I don’t know any of the planes.
    Good post and comments. For some reason reminded me of Aron in Tippin’s “You’ve Got to Stand For Something (or you’ll fall for anything)”.

    You all be safe and God bless.

  6. Even in this part of the world, some jokes are timeless. Some men and women funnily do not cross some basic IQ thresholds! Or is our consideration of IQ too general to consider them weird? Who knows.

  7. 1. Tachikawa Ki-77
    2. Messerschmitt Me 261

    This one was difficult. I spent some hours searching my books.
    Finally, the solution was provided by Jane’s.
    Thank you very much for the mental exercise.

    • I thought you might get the ME-261 right off. The Tachikawa Ki-77 is tougher, but it would not have been two generations ago when people respected its distance flight record, etc.

  8. Aircraft is a Ki-77, very similar to the DC-2 it was copied from. The German one is a Me 261 Adolfine, 3 built, designed in 1936 originally.

  9. Sand Pebbles…..one of those under-rated and under appreciated movies, Steve McQueen at his best. Call me Holman. OK, Ho Mang. The book is a classic, should be required reading in literary classes. The best ending line, “What the hell happened?” Several state supreme courts have sided with schools and gov. businesses who are forcing employees and students to get vaxxed, not a good precedent. If it goes to SCOTUS, I expect they will punt and leave it up to lower court rulings. Those working in the public sector are screwed, you will be forced one or the other. The private sector is another story, lawsuits will abound but you’ll still be unemployed. The beatings will continue until moral improves. “What the hell is happening, indeed.”

    • Craig, at some point, I have this foolish hope that the pendulum will swing back from batshit crazy to normal. But it doesn’t appear that it will move anytime soon.

      • As you know, we live where people go to camp, but within easy driving distance to two cities. Yet, MrsPaulM believes we need a more rural bugout place…her intuition is screaming at her that this will get a lot worse before any “reset”. This isn’t the 70’s, and there may be no Reagan. (WSJ had an article)

        • Pretty in the same boat here, Paul. We do have place way up in the canyons, well off any main roads, and easily made more secure than it already is.

          But as you say, it may not be far enough away….

  10. Breaking someone’s rice bowl came into the American English understanding from The Sand Pebbles.
    The reason so many people in the .gov, and the military industrial complex panicked and had to remove Trump.
    is that he was going to break their rice bowl. This was not a conflict of ideology so much as threatening their basic survival. This was persona!.
    Trump was going to take the bread out of the mouths of their children.
    What would you do to keep your children from starvation?
    I think Trump did not realize how deep the grift is/was that keeps/kept the swamp running.

  11. What a damn shame that Richard McKenna died so relatively young, and before the movie came out. As has been discussed here before, McKenna was a real China sailor before WWII and knew well of which he wrote, both pre-war China and operating machinery. The edition of The Sand Pebbles to have is the one by the Naval Institute Press because their forward gets way deep in the weeds of what made the man tick. It’s fascinating. Recently found his Sons of Martha collection that includes a transcript of a speech McKenna made once, about how he became a writer. That’s fascinating, too, and well worth the sourcing out. Finally, sumdood named Dennis Noble has written a biography of McKenna titled The Sailor’s Homer. Noble was a CPO Coastie and it’s also published by the Naval Institute Press. I can’t wait to get my hands on it; ought to be good.

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