20 thoughts on “Vampire Zombies from Venus

  1. Vastly looking forward to more Vampire Zombies from Venus and like the way they consume "The Island." Nice work.

  2. You never weep when Vampire Zombies eat New York or when Godzilla smashes Tokyo. We as humans create art where that happens over – and over – and over.

  3. I suspect that you expected brain sucking aliens or some sort of 'unholy' probing going on, which seems to happen with disturbing regularity in reported encounters.

    I took the story in a different direction.

  4. The world can always use more stories about vampire zombies from Venus. Yours will, of course, be the standard by which all others are judged.

  5. Who doesn't love Vampires and Zombies? If I could call a Mulligan and a do-over I would have made them Amazon Vampire Zombies from Venus. But that ship has sailed. Tall, blonde Wagnerian female Valkyrie zombies with brass braziers, horns on their helmets holding spears and billhooks…my gosh it would have been magnificent…if only.

    “Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been.” ― John Greenleaf Whittier,

  6. I didn't include a Jack Russell Terrier that needed to go out and piddle while hot steel was raining in… And we know how Jack Russells get when they want something and you deny it. The dog would have torn Vampire Zombies to pieces as soon as our hero had his back turned.

  7. "Who doesn't love Vampires and Zombies?"

    I know! Right? I can do without the namby-pamby vampires from Twilight, but good, solid, Amazon vampire zombies from Venus, that is unbeatable.

  8. The Twilight Vampires are there mating with humans when they should be draining them of their blood…most unseemly.

  9. A book I really enjoyed and look forward to the sequel. The vampire book would have been used as t/p in the latrine as far as I am concerned. BZ Jim.

  10. Yes, in the old days. Today the US Military has Charmin…softer and more pleasing on the tush – – likely the product of a sexually integrated fighting force.

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