Monday Madness

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Unbelievers are reminded that the White Wolf conducts
surveillance in lands that lay far from the settlements.

We’re Doomed

Historians in the near future will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began, thanks 2 Donald Trump

26 thoughts on “Monday Madness

  1. The WW watches over us. *Makes note*

    I’ve always said that spanking has it’s place…

    Larry, I have a brilliant idea. Once you’re established in AZ, you should open the “White Wolf Wimp Destroyer Camp" Like a summer camp for pussified babies. You can strip them of their onesies, dip them in ice baths, make them hunt for their own food and have them shaken awake in the middle of the night by scary clowns ( happy to oblige)

    “Man Up Or Meet Your Maker” could be your strapline.

    Imagine the wholesome fun you could have as well as giving something back to the world!

  2. We could clean them up. Call the program SUDS (a take off from the US Navy's Basic Underwater Demolition School – BUDS), and re-make them. It can be done if they sign the necessary waivers. Clearly using an evil clown that comes in the darkness and terrifies them would be practical.

  3. Historical note for all those settled science doofs: Greenland is called Greenland for a reason. It was green once.

    Barry spying on The Donald: lock him up, lock him up…..

  4. I love the way that progs classify all of their outlandish theories under the rubric of "settled science".

  5. SUDS! Love it. This too good an opportunity to be missed and the perfect timing for such a training camp. Need has been created and a solution found. Write up the programme!

  6. They need to have real fear and that must be overcome with discipline and teamwork. If they manage that, they'll get a PhD in life. All I ask is the $70K that their parents pay for one year at a progressive, pussy school where they fornicate and protest without learning anything useful.

  7. I always thought Greenland was called that for the same reason that the sleazy, crooked used car dealership is called "Honest Harry's".
    Minor irony time: Greenland is ice-covered and white; parts of Iceland are spectacularly green.

  8. Have you lost your ever lov'n mind… invite them libs to the WWM, NO! If the 70K/hd means more to you than the simple life off the beaten path, get away from it all life, teaching the grandkids about life, then you aren't the fellow I thought you were.

  9. I wouldn't take them to the hacienda, but there are …places… where the training could take place. I was thinking Hell's Gate – a wilderness area about an hour's drive away.

  10. I never understood why Iceland was ice and Greenland was green, and it may have to do with the perception of Vikings. America was called Vineland because they found grapes, but nobody today comments on great vintages from Newfoundland, Canada.

  11. Slashing a liberal's tent open at oh-dark hundred with a chainsaw also seems like a very amusing pastime. Helps develop survival perspective and promotes proper sphincter control.

  12. They left a paper trail as wide as Broadway… Now it simply requires somebody that is roughly as smart as a trained chimp to put the pieces together. This is not rocket science, but it is politically charged — Barack and Susan – LOCK THEM UP.

  13. Or lighting it with a flame thrower. Either option brings a sense of balance to the fear part of teaching them that discipline TRUMPS fear.

  14. And you expect the progs to use facts and history? Do you also expect the Brooklyn Bridge will be sold on eBay?

  15. I would like to sell the Brooklyn Bridge to a prog – on e-bay or Craigslist if the e-bay strategy doesn't work. I was thinking of selling the White House to Hillary…she's rolling in cash.

  16. Yes, the idea of nocturnal clown antics does catch my attention. You could be onto something.

  17. Why should leftists like Michael Moore cavil at the extinction of the human race? I thought they were for it (excepting, of course, their own precious selves). I mean, we emit carbon dioxide and pollute the environment and junk.

  18. …And there won't be any historians AFTER the extinction, so they won't record anything.

    The one requirement to being a progressive snowflake is that you complain. President Trump gives them an excuse. He's the lode stone without which they may lose their reason to live.

  19. Michael Moore seems to be making a good living being a professional buffoon.

  20. Think of all the stuff Moore would have to do if none of us were around to do it for him? Where would he get the food to sustain his meager self?

  21. He's a trust fund baby. He hasn't worked a day in his life. The porcine nature of his lifestyle shines out, doesn't it?

  22. As I noted below, he's never worked a day in his life. His parents left him money to sustain himself. It's graphic proof why parents shouldn't burden their children with money.

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