Rudderless Ship in a Storm

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It started as “Global Warming” -> unsupported by science -> it morphed into “Climate Change” -> and since the climate has changed every year for the last three billion, it’s now a “man-caused disaster”. I wonder what the next rubric will be for EPA power grab nationwide and the war on coal?
The IRS Scandal has been a grind as the President declared the FBI investigation completed (found nothing) even though the FBI had a different story, which was subsequently muted. Now Lois Learner’s e-mail has been mysteriously deleted…how third world of the IRS.  —but even a lame duck president has to be concerned in the event that his party loses the US Senate and his becomes vulnerable to impeachment. That would seem to be the reason that the damning e-mail vanished. Shades of Watergate.

Hope and Change: Implemented

The Iraq Scandal and the emergent ISIS (or ISIL) jihadist army that is marching on Baghdad is interesting because one week ago, President Obama went public and told the world that Iraq was calm, safe, and downright homey. Today, Baghdad is surrounded on two sides by the Sunni army and is in danger of falling. The State Department is essentially evacuating personnel and USGOV is replacing them with Marines. The Marines are no doubt reflecting on the American commitment to the US personnel in Benghazi.

He thought one thing and then he read the papers and found out what happened. What a comfort to us all.

Why is the Middle East so screwed up?   40 Maps that explain the Middle East  Are these cesspools worth one American Life? I say, “no”. We have enough oil in the US. Time to drill in earnest and let the Arabs and Persians fight it out the way they’ve been doing for 4,000 years (since the flood ended).

And when the Leader of the Free world is a closeted Muslim with a checkered past, can you trust him to act honestly and in the best interests of people? When those blue lips move, do you feel better about what’s going on around you?

BUT WAIT – there’s more!

Poor little rich girl.
She, who would be queen. planned to launch her presidential campaign with her new book. Simon & Schuster (which paid an $8 million advance) hoping for 150,000 copies the first week and had a whopping 1 million copies shipped. But only 60K copies of the hardcover sold. The 60K represents a less than 10 percent sell- through based on what they shipped. They will be lucky to sell 150,000 total lifetime.
However when they’re on the dollar table at Barnes and Noble in two months, you can use the pages to line the bottom of your bird cage.

Just to put this in perspective, when Sarah Palin’s ‘Going Rogue’ came out, it sold 700,000 copies the first week.

Hillary has a problem and all too many Americans are catching on.
The chubby little crone is losing credibility. Her tenure as SECSTATE has been revealed to be the disaster that it was and even the mainstream media seems reluctant to shield her from the debacle in Iraq.

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  1. Rudderless is correct. This administration has ignored one crises after another, then denied that they ever existed. Obama, incompetency is thy name. It's too bad that the rest of the administration (i.e., Hillary) are a bunch of lying power mongers.

    As a note, I am really glad that Hillary's book is tanking. It's probably due to the fact that the strong neolib base is aged 18 to 25 and cannot read.

  2. I can't understand why anyone would want to be in the same room as Hillary, much less VOE for her.

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