Valentine’s Day is for Women

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Do I love Valentine’s Day?              No.

It’s impossible to get restaurant reservations at anyplace a woman might want to go. If you get them, there will be a limited special menu that is vastly over-rated and certainly over priced. The price of red roses triples. Chocolate (candy is dandy but liquor works quicker) can be viewed as either an indulgence or the subliminal hint that your woman is fat. It’s a dangerous choice for a Valentine’s day present. Proceed with that at your own risk. – – roll the dice on your own and don’t blame me.
The cards sell out quickly and if you are one of those thoughtless oafs that have waited until you read this blog to head out in a mindless panic to buy love supplies – you will have the unwanted cards to pick from. The flower arrangements at Costco will have sold out by the lunch hour.
Women: If a man cares about you, you will know it because of the subtle things that he does every day to show it. Does he do thoughtful things? Does he care about your feelings? Is he in touch with your worries and concerns? If the answer is yes and he disappoints you on Valentine’s Day, give the poor, dumb, mooch a pass.

10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day is for Women

  1. Heh, I'd forgotten, since I've got nobody to worry about buying for… Saved me big bucks! 🙂

  2. My wife gives me Hell if I buy her anything for Valentines Day.
    She says do not waste your money

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