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Sunday morning in the Arizona Highlands, above
Sunday night in SoCal, below, at my daughter’s home (Raptor visible below). Watching an Argentine SAOCOM-1A satellite reach orbit, propelled by a Falcon 9 that returned to Vandenberg and made a powered landing. The launch was spectacular as those evening launches almost always are.  Then again, maybe it’s the government covering an alien event – a close encounter (Falcon 9 in a powered landing situation).

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  1. It's definitely over up int eh AZ mountains. Lots of moisture over the last month or so. Now, the first snow.

  2. Yup, I've seen numerous night launches, and it's always spectacular when the launch vehicle pops out of the Earth's shadow, and the sunlight hits the contrail.

  3. Seen many night launches and intercepts of reentry vehicles at Kwajalein in the early 70's.

    Magic. It's the only real way to describe it. Magic.

    That, and Deltas blowing up. Seen those, too. Very expensive fireworks.

  4. You call that snow? That's girly man snow. Now, REAL snow is to be had near Chicago, stuff that is 20 degrees below zero. Now THAT is manly man snow.

  5. The house is "weathered in", the flooring is finished, but they're still dragging where they shouldn't be. The first of my household goods were placed in the garage ahead of the snow this past weekend.

  6. Impressed by the Falcon and the move. But is it a Falcon, that's what they'd want you to believe. I vote alien SCOUT.

  7. It would make sense that the Aliens would land at Vandenberg AFB and say, "Take me to your leader." The whole Central Park scenario is so over-done.

  8. Though why they'd want to land in California OR New York is beyond me..
    Glad to hear the household goods are safe. Sorry to hear the builders, which seemed to be doing so well with the building, are dragging their feet now.

    How did that fishing trip go, anyway? Or was that just prep for moving stuff? Maybe I misread the post.
    God bless.

  9. Good Lord, look at me: BRAGGING about how miserable our Chicago snow is? I gotta get out of this God Forsaken state, so that I can enjoy some girly man snow, for once.

  10. Sorry Fred, you haven't lived until you've experienced "Sierra Cement".

    Get out of there!

  11. Love the evening launches. We try to watch the launches and the meteorites, but it's not easy here in the city because of the lights. We are often crestfallen. You are blessed with a dark night sky.

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