Caption Picture (above): When I saw this, I thought of the Chinese escorting Biden. They have a lot invested in him.

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It sounds like the Federal Reserve


Bullet Points

* President Trump’s home was raided by the FBI yesterday looking for historic personal presidential papers from his term in office that he took for his presidential library. If they had been classified, President Trump declassified them when he took them. That’s how it works. All presidential libraries contain personal documents which may have been classified during their term in office. They may remain sensitive, and are in ‘controlled storage’ but it’s not a crime to have them.

SSA Peter Strzok, FBI

UPDATE – Best information at present is that President Trump returned the National Archive information to the National Archives in January 2022. The federal search warrant was a “fishing expedition” to see whether or not (1) President Trump kept classified information at his home and (2) whether or not ALL of the National Archive information was returned. I have not seen the affidavit in support of the warrant or the search warrant itself (places to be searched and things to be seized). I can only guess that the affidavit will be sealed by the federal district court judge who signed it. The FBI has a long history of fabricating information in search warrant affidavits to develop the sort of probable cause that courts require. The have done it in the past in regard President Trump (FISA Warrants – See SSA Peter Paul Strzok II and Lisa Page)

* You don’t ask people with knives in their stomachs what would make them happy; happiness is no longer the point. It’s all about survival; it’s all about whether you pull the knife out and bleed to death or keep it in.

* We are the descendants of people who would not be ruled. We elect people to represent us, not to rule us. Something got lost in translation and that needs to be fixed.

* A new report from the House Oversight Committee says that leading gunmakers use “aggressive marketing tactics” which emphasize masculinity. I know–how disturbing.

* Over one million fentanyl pills were seized by CBP agents at the port of entry in Nogales, AZ in a one-week span, including- 420,000 smuggled in a compartment built into the floor of a car on 8/5.- 391,000 hidden in a door & spare tire of. a car on 8/4.- 90,000 in a spare tire on 8/2. The precursors come from China. Much of the fentanyl is made in China. Are we at war with China?




  1. I guess it’s now who has the balls to cross the Rubicon?
    If your preparations aren’t in place now, it’s too late.

  2. If that much fentanyl can kill so many Americans, and that is what got caught, not what got through, who is consuming what got through? And how do they survive it?

    • DEA advises that 96% of illegal narcotics make it past the border historically.

      Fentanyl has become the drug of choice for heroin addicts because it’s so much more addictive. I think that once you go down that road, you likely won’t survive it. Apparently, the junkies have a way of controlling the dosage so they don’t turn blue immediately.

      I was given fentanyl after surgery last December to control the pain in a medical setting and I can attest that it removes the pain VERY effectively.

  3. Who served the warrant? Who read the warrant? What did the warrant say?
    I just interviewed a guy the Fibbies swatted and when he asked for the warrant, they laughed and said they had one, but not on them.
    Red wave or red pools.

    • Bruce Reinhart, a federal magistrate signed the warrant. Reinhart’s claim to fame was leaving the US Attorney’s Office (some time ago) in order to represent Jeffrey Epstein’s people. Four years ago he was back on the bench. A magistrate is not a federal judge, but he had the authority to sign the warrant.

  4. well, you pretty much covered it. now we wait for the raids on OUR homes. “silent running”song comes to mind. i look for them to ramrod the gun bans on thru the kangaroo congress we have masquerading as a real one. if we had real generals they would be arresting the fbi and the occupant in chief right now as a clear and present danger to the republic. but then again, there is no longer a republic. we need to face that, and act accordingly.

    • There was a time when the generals and admirals were a bulwark. When we learned that General Milley (Army Chief of Staff) had cut some sort of accord with the Red Chinese during the Trump Administration and he remained in his position and not at Ft. Leavenworth, it became obvious that was no longer the case. Subsequent purges of patriot officers over the vax and for other reasons made it clear where our military leaders stood. The damage that was done during the eight years of Obamanation was profound.

  5. I’m right proud of Madison County my home for ar15 in our schools thanks sheriff buddy Harwood even if your a democrat beware the southron who is no longer polite your friend truck wilkis

  6. The raid on Trump’s house should wake up all people, some Dems, Independents, and Republicans. Even if people do not like President Trump for some reason there is a respect for the office and no former President ever has been treated like this. All people know that we had the best running country under Trump.

    It is clear that the DOJ and FBI are now being used as political attack agencies, which is not their purpose and must be dissolved. DC has become a police state. It is clear the elections were stolen to install Biden and are not fair in the primaries as it is taking days to finish them.

  7. The Trump raid is just another part of the continuous campaign of harassment that they have been prosecuting for years. It’s just another piece of the Purges and Reprisals they’ve been running in Congress.

    Nobody should be surprised, and it’s pretty clear that the un-already-outraged are never going to be outraged. It should have been clear when the FBI investigated the Softball Shooting, and declared the perp a lone wolf with no political motive.

    There have been two parallel bodies of law in this country for decades – for the in-crowd “anything goes”; for everyone else “nothing goes”.


  8. The progs are literally scared $-itless of President Trump, his popularity, the success of the candidates he has backed, and especially the upcoming election. They will become increasingly desperate. I fully expect them to try to put the cuffs on Trump at some point. The FBI is now the USSA Stasi. Who ya gonna call?

    Silent running indeed–

    • Once in custody, they can turn off the CCTV cameras, the guards can leave and President Trump can be Epsteined.

    • I expect Trump to be arrested within the next 30 days for having “classified” documents not properly stored. And yes, they may Epstein him. The Problem (yes, capitalized) is that they are going to turn Trump into a martyr if they go down this road. Per Divemedic via BRM, the Democrats must be confident that they will wrest full control of the Congress this fall and will do anything. One way is to try to start a true insurrection against the Junta and then declare martial law. Will they cancel the November elections? Will they appoint the Democrat candidates to fill all of the offices? Inquiring minds want to know.

      • That’s as likely of a scenario as any at this point. If patriots don’t do something, the’ll go to Ray Epps, the moron from Queen Creek, Arizona to put on a MAGA hat and encourage a blend of ANTIFA thugs and FBI agents to stage an “insurrection”. More like a pageant really. (see Wag the Dog)

      • One thing they cannot arrest Trump for is having classified documents. He as President was the top person in government to classify documents and also declassify them. If they say he has them all he has to say is that he declassified them. If the paperwork got lost in Biden’s Admin that is not his problem and is clearly reasonable with the way he has been attacked by the Biden Admin.

    • I don’t think that the readers and contributors to this blog are surprised. There has been a steady progression and erosion.

  9. “‘aggressive marketing tactics’ which emphasize masculinity?” They aren’t selling lipstick. That aside, we do get some women at the range and I enjoy having them there.

  10. Last night gave a small insight to the Liberal mindset. A group of residents were gathered on our community patio enjoying a cooler evening and talking. Others were tending their plants in the raised garden boxes when one neighbor gleefully announced he was going upstairs to enjoy seeing Trump’s home being raided! He then ranted about that damned criminal and how he deserved to be in prison. The rest of us remained silent as his mindset doesn’t allow for any dissent.
    He and his wife are LA Chicanos. In their teens they were took part in Cesar Chavez organized protests. He took advantage of the then tuition free California college system earning a Master’s in Education. He retired as school administrator.
    They are firmly convinced the Democrat Party can do no wrong. His debate style is pure Liberal, raised voice, interruption, and refusal to listen to any other point of view. I don’t bother debating him.
    Sadly, he and his wife are good people, help others, and work to make our retirement community a better place to live.
    IMO, that describes most Liberals. LSP’s point of view regarding Satan is the likely answer. People simply don’t see the evil that is possessing them.

    • I know some people like that, WSF. Some I consider friends because of all the good things they do, and their general intelligence, attitude, and demeanor. Some are Christian, and one has a gun collection, and enjoys camping, fishing, shooting and hunting. But still, they do things like put up a Biden sign during the last election.

      Kinda makes me wonder….

  11. 87,000 new IRS agents? There’s a saying something like you know if a cop car follows you for more than a couple of minutes you’re going to get a ticket for something. Whatever they can come up with. With that many IRS agents, you know if you get any attention over anything, you’ll get audited. There aren’t enough “millionaires and billionaires” to keep them busy.

    • Where will they find 87,000 people educated enough to do the job? Oh, won’t matter. One recruiting tool will be student loan forgiveness.

      • Forget education. Not having the inherent mental capacity to understand, nor the moral core to WANT to follow the regulations, is exactly what’s desired. Standards will be winked at (or removed as “racist”), or qualifications will be gundecked, whatever it takes.

        I remember the earliest days of the TSA. For some reason I was on an airport shuttle to Employee Parking. The other 9 passengers were in the original TSA uniforms. Eight of those were young men, the ninth was probably in his late 50’s and looked like the stereotypical TV cop character. All were white. The young men were excitedly talking about how their social status was going to improve once their friends and families realized they were “law enforcement” — and planning the things they could now do. One informed the others that he had just received in the mail a dark blue jacket with “FBI” stenciled in huge block letters on the back.

        How’d you get that?
        Mail order from XXX [I forget]
        You don’t have to present credentials?
        No! You just have to affirm that you’re law enforcement, and we’re Federal Law Enforcement, right? It’s not even a lie!
        Wow. Cool! Gimme the info on that company!

        I looked at the older guy who was sitting with them, but not of them, if you get my meaning. He looked pained. When he noticed my eyes on him he flicked his glance over to the excited young men talking about, essentially, how to mislead people into thinking they were something other than what they were, and rolled his eyes so quickly I nearly missed it.

        The new employees are going to come from the same stock as the eight young men (only most likely dumber, less educated, and more highly melaninated). Men like that older guy will not be welcome.

        • For a portion of my time at the Orange County District Attorney (CA) Office, maybe six or seven years, I was also a credentialed deputy US Marshal. It was uncommon for those creds to be issued. You had to be working in conjunction with a federal agency and essentially they allowed you to view federal grand jury material (rule 6E) and it got you on an airplane with a firearm without a letter. When I was sworn in by the US Marshal in Los Angeles the first time (I was cross designated three or four times, each time a new credential, each time sworn in), he handed me a Deputy US Marshal nylon raid jacket. It may be in a box in the garage somewhere with other raid jackets accumulated over the years. I never wore it. I’m sure that they’re available on mail order somewhere.

          • And I remember when the L.A. Coroner’s office got in hot water for selling their black “LA CORONER” tee shirts through their gift shop. They were stopped because the shirts were the genuine item, and TPTB considered it “part of a uniform”, and verboten for the public to own.

            Made a great Haloween shirt!

    • +1. They are after the middle class. Always have been, because like Willie Sutton said, “That’s where the money is”. There is no one coming to save us. This only stops when people at all levels refuse the order, under arms if need be.

      • The Lays of Ancient Rome
        Then out spake brave Horatius,
        The Captain of the Gate:
        “To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late.
        And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds,
        For the ashes of his fathers
        And the temples of his Gods… “

    • There will be a lot more millionaires to audit when the dollar has inflated enough that a cup of coffee will be 25 bucks.

  12. Rep. Carolyn B. Maloney, Chairwoman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform is taking a number and making an assumption: she is presuming that these weapons are being sold to American citizens (who have a Second Amendment right to purchase) and discounts the likelihood that many of these products are being sold to governments (such as the Ukraine), including our own.
    OTOH, if there has been such an increase in weapon sales to American citizens, what has the U.S. Government done to suddenly make John (and Jane) Q. Public so nervous?

  13. Well, now we know the Fibbies have been weaponized. Was the raid actually after ‘specific’ documents, or a fishing expedition? Or (cue conspiracy music), planting ‘evidence’ on Jan 6th???

    USMS can ‘designate’ various people as deputy marshals depending on the ‘situation’. I know of one congresscritter that was a badged deputy marshall to keep the Capitol Police from ‘investigating’ what he had in his desk drawer in the Rayburn building.

  14. I’m waiting for the next shoe to drop, arresting Trump after “discovering” evidence. Lara Trump said she wasn’t positive, but did not believe Trump had a copy of the warrant. Lawlessness.

    I say we shift that $80 BILLION slated to expand the IRS, designed to confiscate more of OUR money, over to a new group made up entirely of private sector businessman (NO lawyers): Federal Internal Affairs Agency.

  15. Okay, got one for you. When hasn’t Red China been at war with us? Think long and hard on that question. If the answer you come up with is “Always,” then, yes, you are correct.

    The Red Chinks have been against us from the beginning. Even after we stopped supporting the National Chinese like we should have, even at the beginning of the Communist Party in China, the ChiComs have been against us.

    They have shown that they are very very good at playing nicey-nice games and looking like they’re our friends. But, no, they’ve always, from day 1. From day 0. From the day Mao got the red disease, they’ve been our enemies.

    Wish we had the cojones during WWII to talk to the Imperial Japanese and say, “Hey, you quit attacking the National Chinese and only attack the Communists and we’ll get the Nationals to hold back kicking your ass, and we won’t do active warfighting against you in the Chinese Theater.” God, how great would that have been. The ImpJaps would have had a lot of fun beating the snickers out of the RedChinks. And we could have spent all that time arming and training and fortifying the Nationalists. Sigh…

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