US Obama = Unconditional Surrender Obama

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On the left/above, Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin at Yalta. Below them are Mussolini and Hitler, strutting their stuff. If the leaders of the allied nations who stood against Hitler gave him an ultimatum the way Barack Hussein Obama did last week to the Afghan Rebels, what do you think Hitler would have said, and how would he have acted?  I do understand that I am calling for speculation on your part, dear readers.
Take a look at your elected leaders and ask yourself if they are fit to dip and clean an outhouse? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. They (at right) are the “leaders of the free world” – may God have mercy on our souls. I don’t know that we deserve mercy because we were stupid enough (as a nation) to elect them. Can you imagine them standing up to Hitler? Can you imagine Barack Hussein Obama in the shoes of Winston Churchill? Can you imagine Joe (Slow Joe) Biden actually making something work?
Think about it…
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