Unrestrained National Spending-The Obama Plan

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It’s a 13 minute video.

It’s worth watching.

The “progressives” urgently want to see America become a new socialist nation.  It’s up to the people (not legislators) to decide if the run-away Congress represents their best interests.

2 thoughts on “Unrestrained National Spending-The Obama Plan

  1. History (if not rewritten) will find this government as one of adandon.

    1.) It abandonded the Constiution.
    2.) It abandonded the American People.
    3.) It abandonded Israel.
    4.) It abandonded Christianity and Juadaism.
    5.) It abandonded our borders.
    6.) It abandonded our freedom to live free.
    7.) It adandonded common sense.
    8.) It adandonded Social Security.
    9.) It adandonded our children's children.
    10.) It abandoned the gulf.
    11.) It abandoned private job creation.
    12.) It abandoned the free world.
    13.) It abandoned the very oath that he swore to uphold.

    It should be recorded historically that he was the first president who abandoned the country that elected him.

    Gotta give the guy credit where credit is due, he plays golf, takes vacations, back tracks and lies with abandon.

    It won't be a surprise when the world no longer extends credit to a bankrupt country that is led by a fella packing so much personal baggage that he has to fly his dog on a seperate plane cuz there ain't no room leftist on the plane.

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