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There is a direct relationship between age and the difficulty people experience as they try to get hired these days. The older/younger you are, the more difficult it is to find work. Yes, I know that we’re in a recession/depression I don’t have to read the tea leaves. All I have to do is drive around town and look at all of the closed businesses.
In order to allow senior citizens to become more attractive to potential employers, we need to consider eliminating payroll taxes for senior citizens — over 60 — and also for minors, under 18. This will help seniors (and minors) to get into the work force by reducing the cost of labor for companies. 
Various politicians have suggested these measures from time to time, but the plan never seemed to have the traction that it needs to be implemented. There are a lot of unemployed kids who are looking for work. Young people need skills and discipline that work offers in order to develop their lives and focus themselves on the future. 
This is not the call for a “jobs program” of the sort that government usually proposes, funds at disproportionate expense and then doesn’t work. It simply levels the playing field slightly for our oldest and youngest who are out there trying to compete and get hired.
Think about it.

5 thoughts on “Unemployable Senior and Minors

  1. You're not proposing controlling human behavior with the tax structure are you? The Feds were never given credit for being intelligent, at least not by you and me. What other institution is run by a group of lawyers lacking in economic skills and knowledge? Take the moronic practice of taxing savings bond interest. If they would make the practice of buying and redeeming them hassle and interest free, we would all own more of them.

    But alas, it's the federal gub'mnt.

  2. The Weiners of the world want to spend (our) money on programs and training to get people into jobs…instead of, like you suggested, just clearing away the obstacles between person needing work and person needing worker.

  3. Interesting idea… And since I'm getting to that age (unhire-able) if I leave my current job, not a bad idea 🙂

  4. NFO – It makes economic sense. Once things are roaring again, the Feds could re-think it but benefits of more workers earning can't be a bad thing. The impact on the Treasury would be insignificant.

    Race – The Government needs to focus on clearing obstacles.

    WoFat – I'm sure that Weiner would find a way to use this to his advantage by finding and hiring interns without having to worry about payroll tax.

    Odie – Yes!

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