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Are President Trump’s tweets a bad thing? Are they unpresidential? Or is it a way for him to communicate directly to the world without a hostile press spinning and distorting EVERYTHING that he says or writes?

I must admit that while I thought that the tweets were a bad idea at first, I’ve changed my mind. The change of heart has a lot to do with the ANGER expressed by the corrupt, elite, lying, filthy, smug, sly mainstream media. If they hate something, it must, by its very nature, be good. These are the same elites (your betters) who applaud and cheer the death of viable babies, some born and then murdered. They are people with the hearts of beasts. But even beasts don’t murder their young, do they?
The following is an excerpt from “Journalists now hate Twitter — because it exposes their excesses?” by Howard Kurtz of Fox News.

The love-hate relationship that journalists have with Twitter is turning mostly to hate, with an ample serving of self-loathing.

Even some of the most prominent posters are now blaming Twitter — or, more precisely, their addiction to the site — for many of the ills that plague the profession.

But there’s an interesting twist here that’s gotten less attention: Is Twitter corrupting journalism or exposing its utter unfairness?

Try a thought experiment: If every media type in America quit Twitter tomorrow, would journalism be that much better? Or would its deep-seated problems — many of which existed before Jack Dorsey’s network started gaining traction in 2008 — continue unabated?

Given Twitter’s strengths — as a forum for insta-coverage and debate, self-promotion and link-sharing that opens the national dialogue to many millions — the sudden disdain of its media users is remarkable.
Gregg Gutfeld likened Twitter to a modern day bathroom wall. Its graffiti and its ‘filth’ are evident to anyone who spends any time there. But does the President have any other choice? A shouted question from an elite reporter to the President, walking to Marine One, “Do you beat Melania?”, unanswered by the walking President, turns out to be something along the line of, “President doesn’t deny beating the First Lady”. That’s the state of the media today.

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  1. My thought on this is and has been look at it a a President who is not talking down to us but is in at least some strange way one of us. The elites despise anyone that calls their bluff on the utter BS that they spew out so it is refreshing toss them not only expolde but realize that the people are tired of political hot gas

  2. It mostly doesn't bother me what he says; because I understand why he uses it.
    Even if it is often just to yank the chain of the left.

  3. It's been said that Trump's Tweets are his laser pointer and the media are cats…..they simply cannot resist chasing…. He plays them like a cheap violin using Twitter.

  4. Even though Twitter is the moral equivalent of a bathroom wall, it gives people a voice. And the elites can't shut people up fast enough.

  5. President Trump understands the media from a gut level and he's played them to his advantage from day-one.

  6. Yeah, Twitter is one of the most imbecilic and superficial things ever invented.

    Trump uses it to totally play many of his opponents, who are also imbecilic and superficial.

    It's probably the best tactic against the Hollywood-Political Complex that I've ever seen.

  7. Twitter micro blogging's a bit of a time sink with some occasional stars, like Godfrey Elfwick (banned again…). But with you, DJT gets his message over and ENRAGES libs.

    I like that aspect.

  8. I'll never understand anyone using Twitter. That's just me, but I love what President Trump and James Woods have done with it.

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