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Venezuelan President (remember that there are now two) Juan Guaido said on 21 March that government intelligence agents arrested his chief of staff following a pre-dawn raid.
This assault is the first serious test of Guaido’s challenge to the Maduro regime. After waiting a few weeks, the Maduro regime has decided that Guaido and the US are bluffing about outside intervention to overthrow the government.  In the absence of a firm reaction to the arrest on the 21st, Maduro and his cronies will escalate their attacks on the opposition. Which in turn could lead to a military invasion from Brazil, supported by USGOV.

France (and the US Deep State) 

Today, Saturday, 23 March, French security forces will engage in confrontations with the Yellow Vests. The protestors will test the new French security measures, especially on the Champs Elysee. The French Govt.

When nations experience internal instability, this is how the blame game is played:
After studying dozens of internal instability situations that occurred over the past 40 years, I’ve observed that an underlying repertoire of blame exists. 
  • Admit nothing
  • Deny everything
  • Demand proof
  • Make counter allegations
  • Find a scapegoat

This is how the blame sequences as the situation escalates:
1. The People. In the US, they are those mouth breathing neanderthals who voted for President Trump and live in fly-over country. Elites hate them because they cling to God and Guns and mistrust the “Great White Father” (or Deep State or Big Brother – terms interchangeable) in Washington DC (who loves them and only wants the best for his children so long as they hand in firearms and pay the weather tax). Many of them deny the settled science of global warming. 
2. The Practices of Local Officials. Finding a scapegoat who is low enough on the food chain not to be part of the Deep State cadre is an early target for any blame game.
3. The Implementation of the Program. The bureaucracy is also an early target because ‘there’s nothing that we can do about it’. We’ll try and fix it with a lot more legislation is the response to that blame target.

4. The Personnel Managing the Program. We’re starting to eat into the bottom of the food chain as the problem becomes more serious and to demand resignations of meaningless functionaries who lack the Deep State backing. The mob is supposed to be satiated by such sacrifices, burned on the pyre of righteous indignation.
5. The Devisers of the Program. Usually these people have some insulation. By the time that instability requires the heads of these mid-level bureaucrats (who aspire to higher office in the Deep State), it’s starting to get serious. France is here at the moment, and Big Brother is starting to flex its muscles. Calling out the army for the protests today is indicative that some careerists well below the level of ‘Puppetmaster’ are metaphorically shot publicly to satisfy the mob. These are the FBI’s Peter Strzok and Lisa Page. 
6. Usually the Policy Underpinning the Program is blamed at the same time as the policy front people are sacrificed.
7. The Responsible Government Officials. This is the James Comey, Jim Clapper, John Brennan, and John McCain level coup conspirator level of sacrifice. These are the Deep State’s prime movers, with the power to do things, to remove presidents (they thought), etc. France is not yet at the level of relieving their key functionaries. They want to see if the Army will to quell discontent before they do that. Sacrificing these people (rooks and bishops) means that they hold secrets that you don’t want released. Sneaking them fifty million and helping promote their book tours helps soften the blow.

8. The Elites Themselves. Barack Obama was behind the coup attempt on President Trump. The rest were complicit actors. But he won’t ever take the hit and the Deep State will support him as will the lying, sly, smug, elite media. The same seems to be true of French President Macron (the Illuminati’s favorite son).

19 thoughts on “Saturday – Methodology Examined

  1. Macron might take the hit, though.
    But not til election time.
    Who will be offered to the people to choose then?

  2. Yes, sadly Barry will remain above it all no matter what. As will Hillary, although both are guilty in all manner of malfeasance and skulduggery towards their enemies (Republicans, and Donald Trump).

    As for the Yellow Vests, just remember: they still have those guillotines used a century or two ago in mothballs, it won't take much more to irk the Yellow Vests in order for them to dust those off and press them into service. And of course, they always have access to pitchforks and torches, available at your local Parisian Le Home Depot.

  3. There's usually a cynical calculus that will be involved. Macron's replacement is already being selected and groomed. It's an old story, like Barack, whose handlers had him read what he needed to say from a teleprompter. There's a video floating around the net of how AOC was auditioned for the part. It doesn't matter who the face of Big Brother is because they can be replaced. Hillary had enough political capital built up to make a run for it and she was supported – but the nasty old crone couldn't close the deal.

    President Trump ran as his own man, and the Deep State mocked him. It's why I supported Donald Trump on this blog from day-one. He was one of the few authentic candidates in the race on either side. Recall if you will how he mocked (little Marco) Rubio, who could only repeat talking points. Chris Christie did the same, and Rubio looked like what he is – a puppet without a mind of his own. Jeb! was worse than Rubio in delivery, but he would have been the face of the Deep State and would have taken directions. The difference between Hillary and Jeb! in terms of policy would have been essentially zero.

    Somebody like Donald Trump, billionaire, outsider, beholden to none, is a very dangerous commodity in DC. Rejecting the insiders, following an America First agenda is not something that the globalists like the Bush Dynasty or the Clintons would have EVER done.

    Consider that an America that is now an energy exporter, growing enough food to feed both itself and half of the rest of the planet, making steel again, with the most powerful military on the planet, doesn't need ANY OTHER NATION. Thus the globalist effort to destroy, dilute, and damage with socialism, grievance politics, etc.

    I'm not suggesting a grand conspiracy, but there is obviously a tacit conspiracy between power brokers of the sort that we saw revealed in the FBI's coup attempt – that we've never had in this nation before. Concerted efforts by FBI, Brennan at CIA, Clapper at DNI, etc. to remove a president. The whole Russia hoax, now revealed for what it is, is emblematic of a conspiracy – on a small scale. The global scale is a bit more difficult to pin down because there are powerful interests that act in concert – not a conspiracy but a sense of direction, always working to take the US down. Barack preached the doctrine, didn't he?

  4. They do have Home Depot in France – and China. I've been to both. Same with Costco and Walmart… And while I don't recalling seeing torches and pitchforks for sale at either, I'm sure that an enterprising capitalist would lay in a supply for use by the Yellow Vest Crew.

    Now that the French Army is in place, things will get more interesting. And will the Army follow the police, who have considerable sympathy for the opinions of the Yellow Vests?

  5. I've been having a hard time understanding the whole yellow vest thing going on. Admittedly, I haven't spent much time trying to figure it out – my bad. However, you always add something to the information out there. Thanks

    Sarah Hoyt has a good article about the yellow vests at PJ Media: The "Yellow Jackets Revolt and The Future of America."

  6. PJ Media almost always does a good job, though they started out as anti-Trump and ticked me off. I think their analysis is sound.

    I don't know how the protest, its intentions and its actors will change over time. The Tea Party changed over time, with various and sundries whose names are now lost to history, claimed to be in charge. Clearly the late Andrew Breitbart and Sarah Palin were heavily engaged early on as leaders in a generally leaderless, grass roots group.

    The French want taxes that they pay to stay in France, for the benefit of the French people. They're tired of the global warming scam, and every other progressive scam sucking the marrow out of the nation. They're tired of their nation giving priority to newly arrived Mohammedans over French citizens, and automatic welfare benefits flowing to said Muslims. It sounds familiar, doesn't it?

  7. Can you imagine if the US had two Presidents, Trump and Clinton. Things that nightmares are made of. There is a lot to be said about our election process and the value of the Electoral College.

  8. The French Foreign Legion swears an oath to the Legion, not to France, but as I understand it, the military does swear allegiance and fidelity. I don't know what their higher duty is to – the president, the Chamber of Deputies, etc. In the US, of course, our highest allegiance to to the Constitution and ultimately to the people.

  9. I can speak to that with any degree of confidence, but from what I have learned, Antifa shows up and does what they do, separate from the Yellow Vest protests. Antifa wants a place at the table in crafting a new government in the event that Macron is overthrown.

    Now what deals are cut behind the scenes are unknown to me. I expect the the French authorities have some grasp on these matters, but who knows? The situation in France is a real mess. Truth be told, Belgium is in even worse shape. And it's too bad.

  10. The Founding Fathers were wise. It's best to follow what they set out for the nation despite what the progs want.

    Doing away with the electoral college means revolution. I don't know how long it would take, but I don't think that it would take that long. There would be no choice. The Union consists of fifty states. The progs want two or three states to call the shots and other 47 to just do what those demand. (Think Hunger Games)

  11. Both are getting interesting, France more so because of the muslim no go areas in Paris. What happens when THOSE areas are suddenly invaded by the military???

  12. I don't think the French government is going to be ordering their military into the "Muslim Quarter" any time soon. They'd much rather stomp the average citizen than offend their precious Muslims…..

    Comment, LL?

  13. The protests were lower key today, unsurprisingly, but the thing won't go away. Will the army shoot their own people to defend Macron's Illuminati sovereignty? Maybe it won't come to that.

    In the meanwhile, someone has to pay for all those welfare moslems and they're not very happy about it.

  14. The root of the Yellow Vest protests is that Socialism always destroys the middle class, because the poor all go on the Dole, and the rich can protect themselves, so the middle class winds up supporting the whole damn Ponzi scheme.

    Now the French middle class have realized that they are destroyed, and don't like it.

    The final straw was when they were told that the crappy & expensive diesel cars that the government forced on them for decades because they were good for the environment have now been declared bad for the the environment, and that they all have to buy even more expensive and crappy hybrid / electric / whatever cars that they can't afford.

    Meanwhile the poor suckers who are still working for a living are worse off than the Dolists supported by their taxes.

  15. THIS government in France won't order the Army into the Muslim enclaves because the welfare money being handed out in bundles by the government is to appease those very people.

    I'm waiting (popcorn in hand) to see what happens when the next government is seated.

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