Hong Kong Update
The conditions in Hong Kong are degenerating as the mobs confront the riot police. Dissidents, beaten by the police become martyrs and for every one that falls, like the hydra’s heads – ten spring up in its place.

(The HK Police AttackHong Kong protesters and journalists were attacked in the North Point area on Sunday night after a mass demonstration on Hong Kong Island turned ugly. 

Meanwhile in Big China, they are looking for a villain at the heart of the discontent and are not smart enough to look in the mirror. l
The dissidents create a theater of chaos the the media feeds on. Not the media in the US. All they can cover is Democrat antics. If you read what the American media covers, it’s about 100% Trump hatred. However, today Congress had hearings on a bi-partisan bill that would support (weakly) the insurgents in Hong Kong. If it looks like the Communist Chinese can’t figure it all out, you’re correct. And there are implications in the upcoming elections in Taiwan.
There was a train derailment in Hong Kong where 8 people were injured. Who caused it? I can’t say for sure because I wasn’t there, but I received a phone call this morning asking what I thought. I told them how to investigate and they scurried off to see if I’m correct. 
Mail: Twofer Tuesday
Jim – I did some checking, and found that Kansas is on the travel ban list. That certainly cheered me up. Many Californians are decent folks. My nearest neighbors are from that state. Of course they’ve lived here a long time and neither would fit in back there now. They even own firearms!

Kansas was the FIRST state to be put on the California travel ban list. You should take a bow and glow with pride. I’m a Californian, I used to own firearms. Sadly, they all went to the bottom of the local lake in a fit of progressive zeal. 

OldAFSarge – How to fix California?
1) Impose martial law
2) Imprison current state legislators and the governor (after a trial, of course)
3) Deport those in Hollywood who hate the USA (they’ve been screaming for years about leaving the country if Trump was elected, let’s make that happen)
We might want to look at a similar solution for the New York metropolitan area. (Also Portland, Houston, and a few other leftist shite-holes.)
One last thing, every candidate or public official who has advocated abrogating the Constitution is barred from holding any public office in the United States, for life. Those currently in office will be removed, tried for treason, and if convicted get life imprisonment. You swore an oath a$$holes, you violated it, now pay the price.
Kle adds – Death penalty would be better for treason than “lifetime welfare”.

Or just use the Heinlein formula where citizenship demands service. Only veterans vote. That would fix California.

BillB – Right in there with you. I am about 40 miles from another blue shite-hole, San Antonio, the “home” of the Castro brothers.

They’d have more credibility if they wore only green, smoked big cigars and grew beards like Fidel. As it is, they seem like whiney punks.

LindaG – Deportation and lifetime exile for treason?

LindaG, your true colors are showing. That’s what we did to Benedict Arnold, so there is precedent.

Kle – One more time. Yeah, I don’t like either Party, myself. Or any of the others, really. Some more than others.
Honestly, I think we need to do away with the whole concept of “Parties” entirely. Their original justification no longer holds true, and political parties are explicitly private clubs whose entire intent is to manipulate elections, while making the leadership rich.
Just doesn’t sound like something we’d want.

You’re obviously not elite enough, Kle. The concept of a private club where people who are not members donate heavily to provide you with a princely income appeals to your betters. Just saying.

WSF – former Democrat, admits – Was a Democrat for years – even a precinct committeeman. Loathed the Republican Party as represented by the Jeb!s, Grover Norquist, Mitt, etc. Came to loathe the (P)regressives more and became an independent.
Colorado has become Californicated, gang of four, Colorado model, etc. Why I’m working on a COLOEXIT plan.
IMO, President Trump comes close to what were once Democrat Party standards.

President Trump used to be a Democrat. Now he’s a populist and the RINOs hate him for it. He also calls it the way he sees it and broadcasts it on Twitter rather than discretely leaking to the elite press. Which is why THEY hate him.

Old NFO – Independent over here. Done with BOTH of them… And the left ‘really’ needs to beware of grumpy old men and women who don’t say anything. 

The Left is INSANE. The Right was stupid until the era of Trump, and they were forced to stop being idiots. And they were none to happy about it.


  1. Hong Kong keeps rumbling away and France isn't exactly quiet either. Not that you'd know it from our news focused media.

  2. The "Heinlein" solution would see the flaming commies joining the military en masse to insure THEY could vote and totally destroying the military in the process. The ugly reality is there is NO effective solution to the problem of socialism/progressivism/communism if said adherents are allowed to continue converting O2 into CO2. The same reality applies to Islam. Neither group will EVER willingly exist in a paradigm tht doesn't have them in total and complete control of everything.

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