Bullet Points:

* The Saudis Explain: FJB DID try and delay the oil production cut until AFTER the midterms in a desperate bid to avoid gas prices spiking – as the White House hits back and claims Kingdom knew the OPEC deal would benefit Putin. King says, “Let’s go Brandon!” The Kingdom also brushed off suggestions it sided with Russia by insisting it took a ‘principled position’ on the Ukraine war and said the OPEC decision was entirely based on economics, not politics.

* John Kerry is one of those persistent pustules who remains in orbit around the White House. He likes taking his private jet to Davos, to the World Economic Forum, and speaking for the American People.

“And yes, it [the Great Reset] will happen,” Kerry continued. “And I think it will happen with greater speed and with greater intensity than a lot of people might imagine. In effect, the citizens of the United States have just done a Great Reset. We’ve done a Great Reset. And it was a record level of voting.”

* In Spain – “All little boys and girls have the right to have sex with pedophiles, and you don’t like it.” – the Minister of Equality of Spain, Irene Montero. It could have come from Pedo Joe, and on any given day…

* Transparency? FJB said that his was the most transparent regime ever. I guess not.

The FDA declined to release any autopsy reports of VAERS deaths, even redacted copies, citing FOIA section (8) (A) which allows federal agencies to withhold information from the public if an agency “reasonably foresees that disclosure would harm an interest protected by an exemption,” with the exemption being “personnel and medical files and similar files the disclosure of which would constitute a clearly unwarranted invasion of personal privacy.

To release autopsy reports of people who died after receiving Covid shots might lead to uncomfortable questions about the conclusions reached by FDA and CDC officials and raise the specter of a national re-evaluation and lots of second opinions regarding the safety of the shots.

* An attack on Turkstream foiled! The Interfax news agency cited a report from the Kremlin about a “foiled attack” on a major natural gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey called the TurkStream, according to Reuters.

The Kremlin said several people were arrested Thursday during an attempt to sabotage the pipeline that links Russia to Turkey and Southern Europe. The pipeline has a capacity of 31.5 billion cubic meters per year and was launched in early 2020.

* FJB’s Son didn’t Die in Iraq – but he just blathers on about such things, and his staff says,  “You know old Pedo Joe, he says the craziest things.” It wouldn’t matter if he was sitting at the retirement home waiting for the magic show to begin, eating his pudding, but he’s the President of the United States. Beau Biden passed away in 2015 after suffering from brain cancer. While he was dying, his brother Hunter had a well-documented affair with his wife. I’m sure that his son doesn’t regret his passing, wherever he is.

* Student Loans Fuel Higher College Costs – It’s an interesting article. The federal government encourages reckless borrowing for often worthless majors. A private lender might think twice about loaning tens of thousands of dollars to a student pursuing a degree in gender studies. With federal lending, we have to instead depend on eighteen-year-olds to make rational cost-benefit decisions. The cost of higher education skyrockets because of unlimited lending.

* The Surveillance State -(LifeSiteNews) – President Joe Brandon issued an executive order (EO) that allows the US Government to spy on Americans for broadly defined reasons including understanding “public health risks,” “political instability,” and the “threat” of climate change.

The October 7 EO is ostensibly written to “enhanc[e] safeguards” for “United States Signals Intelligence Activities,” which is intelligence gathering by the interception of signals, including communications, such as through cell phones, or those not used in communication.


Is the Big Bang Theory a Big Fizzle?

(link) To everyone who sees them, the new James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) images of the cosmos are beautifully awe-inspiring.

But to most professional astronomers and cosmologists, they are also extremely surprising—not at all what was predicted by theory.

In the flood of technical astronomical papers published online since July 12, the authors report again and again that the images show surprisingly many galaxies, galaxies that are surprisingly smooth, surprisingly small, and surprisingly old.  Lots of surprises, and not necessarily pleasant ones. One paper’s title begins with the candid exclamation: “Panic!”

According to the Big Bang theory, the most distant galaxies in the JWST images are seen as they were only 400-500 million years after the origin of the universe. Yet already some of the galaxies have shown stellar populations that are over a billion years old. Since nothing could have originated before the Big Bang, the existence of these galaxies demonstrates that the Big Bang did not occur.

Just as there must be no galaxies older than the Big Bang, if the Big Bang hypothesis were valid, so theorists expected that as the JWST looked out further in space and back in time, there would be fewer and fewer galaxies and eventually none—a Dark Age in the cosmos.

But a paper to be published in Nature demonstrates that galaxies as massive as the Milky Way are common even a few hundred million years after the hypothesized Bang. The authors state that the new images show that there are at least 100,000 times as many galaxies as theorists predicted at redshifts more than 10. There is no way that so many large galaxies can be generated in so little time, so again– no Big Bang.


Tanks for That

M551 Sheridan from 2nd ACR (Armored Cavalry Regiment) in West Germany, 1970s.




Study links COVID “vaccines” to Parkinson’s disease

Do plague (COVID-19) “vaccines” spike proteins that accumulate in the brain and trigger dementia?

The latest research suggests so.

Canadian scientific and regulatory consultant Peter Oldfield, along with several others, published a paper in the journal Vaccines drawing attention to the dire implications of Fauci Flu shot spike proteins on brain function, which include an increased risk of Parkinson’s disease.

“This mini-review focuses on the mechanisms of how SARS-CoV-2 affects the brain, with an emphasis on the role of the spike protein in patients with neurological symptoms,” the study reads.“Following infection, patients with a history of neurological complications may be at a higher risk of developing long-term neurological conditions associated with the alpha-synuclein prion, such as Parkinson’s disease and Lewy body dementia.”



  1. Big Bang – a lot of what is popular in ‘science’ circles seems to consist of anything that affirms the customs and prejudices that are predominate at the time the ideas are proposed.
    Covid – the other day my son commented on how much the masks and social distancing resembled the magic talismans and rituals to ward off evil, as seen in superstitious societies found in other times and places.
    But not us, we’re MUCH more enlightened and wouldn’t fall for any of that…..sigh.

    • I commented a lot during the plague that the masks in particular (generally useless) were used like magic talismans. Anyone who didn’t agree with the CDC was a witch who needed burning.

      • As far as I know, this particular son does not visit this site, but I found the recognition of superstition be of interest. Independent minds arriving at the same conclusion 🙂

  2. “Clank, clank! I’m a tank!”

    Name on the tank is Acheron. Kinda appropriate to the situation the young troop finds himself in, wot?

    • That photo brings back memories. I was stationed in West Germany during the mid-70’s (156th Maintenance Co.). One of our primary customer units was the 1/2 ACR. We called them the 1/2 acre. We had a detachment stationed with them at their home base, Christensen Barracks. They were one of the units that guarded the border with East Germany. Yeah, they tended to break stuff, sometimes not theirs.

    • Campo Pond, Hanau had a paved road that was a nifty shortcut for those who ignored the signs. One night Rad, driving with his lights out, met a tank retriever square head on and ended up under and between the tracks. He wasn’t too hurt but it took about an hour to get him out of the crumpled ball that was his Opel.
      1964-1966 spent a lot of time working for an around the 2nd Cav. They were a sharp unit with all their shit in one duffel bag.

  3. Vaccine related. Pfizer’s recent admission that their MRNA COVID vaccine was not tested for ability to reduce transmission of COVID-19 implies they weren’t truthful in their disclosure to the FDA. Consequently that could undermine their indemnity from legal claims:
    Excerpt from “The declaration provides immunity from liability (except for willful misconduct)….”

  4. ” Fauci Flu shot spike proteins ”

    So many questions, like have they figured out how to blame Trump for these yet? Has Trump figured out he was played for his germ phobia? Is DeSantis ruthless enough to burn all these bastards if he’s elected president?

    • They TRY to blame President Trump for a cloudy day. I don’t know how many people actually buy that line of BS.

      DeSantis would need the legislature behind him and the Swamp is likely to approve. It’s a lot like President Trump…thwarted in many cases by the Swamp.

  5. Someone needs to take Wanker Joe’s pen away from him, he blatantly violated The Constitution with yet another insidious EO…as do the raids on regular citizens with guns drawn (we have the right to say nothing other than “Who are you and I want to see the warrant.” without giving up our rights.

    OPEC: Yet another Wreck America lackey tap dancing when directly asked about the “hold” as if people didn’t already know the truth while the WH acts “disappointed”. This clown then had the unmitigated gall to continue promoting SPR use as a piggy bank, raiding it at will as an attempt to create better optics at the pump, fully failing to see the long term consequences. Diesel at the pump has gone up 30 cents in the 4 days I’ve been away, in Wyoming no less.

    Two things:
    1) These people lie with which the ease the rest of us breathe.
    2) These are the dumbest nudges who think they are the smartest ones in the room, which makes then dangerous to America.

    Covid Jabs are death shots…on purpose. No amount of bad data will persuade its proponents otherwise.

    BBT- Read the bit on Borepatch last night…way beyond my feeble pay grade. As a Believer I figure God had a hand in all we discover and leave it at that. Fascinatingly mind-blowing nonetheless.

    • You have a right to read the search warrant (places to be searched and things to be seized) but lately, the federal government just flips you off, enters, searches, and seizes with no apparent pushback from the courts. It’s a very disturbing trend, but since they are acting as agents of The Party these days, it it to be expected. The Oath to the Constitution doesn’t seem to be taken seriously.

  6. Irene Montero
    Nope, we’re okay. The Associated Press has fact-checked the “pedophile remarks” and The Hon. Minister was mischaracterized. I trust the AP, whose official Style Guide brought us “Black” and “white” as descriptors for people.

    Please stop with all this ignorant, small-minded and plain wrong talk. Don’t be a Science Denier! And on the human side, hasn’t CEO Albert Bourla suffered enough? His family history is filled with tragedy. Do you think that the $24.3 million he received in 2021 (and the $24.7M he is set to receive for 2022) makes up for any of that suffering? Of course not.

    • Who am I to gainsay a REAL faux checker?

      Let’s face facts, the list price for a new Gulfstream G650 is $65 million, and that doesn’t include the pilot and co-pilot, the two former strippers now flight attendants, the fuel, insurance or the maintenance. The $24.3 million means that he can’t show up at Davos with the latest jet. How is THAT fair? I feel for his suffering. I really do.

  7. Big Bang Theory (Hypothesis) I get the feeling that if astronomers are truly objective the Big Bang Theory is going the way that the celestial spheres did; all due to the James Webb telescope. Interesting stuff.

    The more data that comes out about the various Covid shots (not vaccines by any stretch) the happier I am that I did not get one.

  8. For several years I have been lurking here and enjoying the posts and comments. I decided to break cover because a buddy sent me the text below. We met 30 years ago while working on the Stealth Bomber – he is now a consulting engineer for a firm that designs and builds production facilities for hi-tech and medical products.


    My company directed us to install a “armgeddon app”

    on out phones, laptops.

    Is a paid service that monitors, “active shooters,” WMD attacks
    “emergencies” “immediately danger near you”
    “dangerous incidents as they happen, where to evacuate to”


    show the app “Were we are”, it is tracked continuously


    we are directed to have almost continuous uploading of our work files to the cloud data storage.
    SO if we get vaporized, our files are safe for someone else to complete them. and complete ones are archived.

    Not sure where i would have “evacuated to” in georgia this week,
    maybe try and get home. But if no internet, no gas sales, no electricity… are screwed if on a trip.”

    If things go south, any suggestions of what he might do to improve his chances while on the road? My best guess is rent/steal an off-road motorcycle and use service roads and rights-of-way for railroads, electrical transmission towers, etc.

    • Stealing a sport bike of any description might not be a bad strategy if you know how to (a) take one away from a rider, or (b) start one that you find without a key. You can get as far as the fuel in the tank will take you. Then you could siphon fuel from other tanks (any hose long enough will do). Of course the problem with this is that others might have the same idea and picking you off the bike if they’re even moderately good shots is perilously easy.

  9. Observations in the article at the link (if valid) will shake up our views on metaphysics, cosmology, psychology and religion.
    Meanwhile, I’ll stick with Newtonian physics, and Euclidian and Pythagorean geometry.

    They silenced Galileo and laughed at Darwin.
    But science advances.

  10. Some reports that all the new troops Russia put together are on their way to the same staging area that was used earlier by the troops who went into Kiev.

    • At this point, with the Ukrainians having honed their skills, even the Russian First Guards Tank Army, their best armored formation was wiped out near Kharkiv. Their best VDV (Russian Airborne) units that entered combat were often reduced by 50% in short order. Unless they just want to deplete the Ukrainian ammo stores at the expense of their new formations, it doesn’t make sense.

  11. In 2012, Obama made the federal government the only entity to issue student loans, banks were cut out. Before that, banks were keeping a close eye on who was getting the loans and were financially carefull…as they should be. Obama didn’t like it, so he took over and the loans were flying out like candy. Kind of like when Dodd/Frank took over mortgages and forced banks to give out unsecured, no down payment loans to anyone who walked in the door…we saw what happened after.

  12. I’m on the Saudis side with this one.

    If we want more petrochemicals, we can have them here at home as soon as Lambchop
    stops spitting on the oil industry. Why anybody would think Saudi Aramco should hurt their
    bottom line to get in a fight it can’t win with US Domestic Policy, for the favor of a “President”
    who hates them, I’ll never know.



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