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Tarawa Boom Deay on Oahu, 1945


Bullet Points:

** The Woke – I am correct, and you are wrong because I have critical consciousness and you have false consciousness. Because this childlike assertion is nowhere acceptable for modern discourse, an entire list is constructed to prop it up, and mantras are repeated ad nauseam to establish a faux legitimacy.

The Stanford list of what is and is not acceptable is fungible and could change tomorrow. To be politically correct, you need to consult it daily.

** MAGA – In the lexicon of the permanent administrative state in Washington DC, this is a “devil word” representing (or constituting) a ubiquitous enemy. This enemy is defined only because it opposes the totalist orthodoxy. Political scientist John Wesley Young characterized this as a technique to “coin or borrow a devil-term and tack it on indiscriminately to all of one’s adversaries.” He also noted that “the technique involved here requires little sophistication but much malice.”

** VDH on White Privilage.

** Thank god for plumbers who are willing to go behind their corporate bosses’ backs, “Yeah, don’t pay the 150 dollar emergency fee, just gimme 40 bucks under the table; also, don’t buy a water heater from us, my boss will charge you 800 bucks. Go to Lowe’s and ask for a Scratch n’ Dent. They’ll give you for like 200 bucks. Call me tomorrow on Saturday, and I can install it in an hour.”


The South Texas Fishing Assn. 

A different take on the meaning of LGBT


Identify the Aircraft



(hint: in Laos)


Identify the Armor


answer carefully

23 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. (1) B-21 Raider
    (2) DHC-5 Buffalo?
    (3) Looks like the AMX-40 MBT (prototype? Did they ever make any of those?)

    – Kle.

  2. Identify the Aircraft:
    1. Northrop Grumman B-21 Raider
    2. de Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter

    Identify the Armor:
    AMX-30E turret on Leopard 1 hull.

    1. With the Oct. 7th attack on Israel and resulatant Lefty’s going ape with 1941-level Jew-hatred they have shown their scummy underbelly…yet there is hope as the rats start eating each other:

      Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) was badgered on an Amtrak ride Monday about his position on calling for a cease-fire in Gaza by a passenger who claimed to be a journalist and who repeatedly ignored the senator’s requests to leave him alone.

      In a video posted Monday on X, Andrew Maté, who works for controversial news site The Grayzone, asked Coons nearly a dozen times why he would not call for a cease-fire, as Coons repeatedly told him to “please stop talking to me.”

      Sitting directly across from Coons in what they both indicated was the designated “quiet car” of the Amtrak train, Maté began filming as Coons appeared to be working on his device.

      “quiet car”…what a bunch of nudges. “Pleeaase stopppp, we’re in the quiet car.”

      The captured audio from this entitled clown going after one of his own is telling how these types are unbelievably vacuous and demented.

  3. Sooo, yer sayin’ I should should buy a nice ski boat, drag it to some warm climate, then fly the Patriot’s L-G-B-T Pirate flag, and the tanned wuminz in tiny bikinis will magically show up? Well, there ya go…learned something new first thing. (BTW, the white flag background could indicate surrender so I’d redesign it, flip the colors)

    In the heyday of This Old House, Victory Garden, New Yankee Workshop (all Russ Morash’s genius at his Boston area property) and Hometime (Minnesota), I watched religiously (“It’s only money, Bob”). One Hometime project had a plumber consulting which was designed to show the Average Joe ‘Not A Plumber’ DWV plumbing. This guy would show up in a seriously beat up old “plumbing” truck looking like he just crawled from under a house…he’d gave his “consult”, got paid a few hundred bucks, then drive off. The last series episode they were out front “recapping” when the very clean plumber drives by…in a new F250 with a nice bass boat dragging behind. Heh

  4. IDA:
    1. B-21 Raider
    2. de Havilland DHC-6 Twin Otter
    3. “Leox” Leopard 1 and AMX-30E hybrid.

  5. a technique to “coin or borrow a devil-term and tack it on indiscriminately to all of one’s adversaries.” He also noted that “the technique involved here requires little sophistication but much malice.”

    Speaking of little sophistication, I often wonder at the chanting these mindless drones participate in.
    Someone grabs a megaphone: “Hay Hay, Ho Ho. (insert offending party) has to go!
    I’ll take a spontaneous U S A! U S A! any day.

    1. God forbid some group applies a dehumanizing term not only against specific “enemy” groups, but against ALL the rest of humanity.

      The first is normal human tribal behavior (like it or not). The second would be deeply pathological.

    2. Sophistication – what can you say about the mindset that can be easily convinced we need to ban dihydrogen monoxide.

  6. Stanford list. Didn’t bother, it will be different tomorrow.

    VDH. How true. The man continues to be a font of wisdom.

    The South Texas Fishing Assn. I like it. The start of a trend to hijack woke acronyms. Summer and boats are both over with for now here in the PNW. Wonder if I could get a pendant version sized for my kayak.

    1. I actually didn’t bother looking at “the list”, have enough daily brain damage; the muck boot comment was a non sequitur…same as Ms. Mophead WH Spokesperson deflecting actual hard questions with her Binder Way Out In Left Field Scripted answers that have nothing to do with the question.

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