The Bureaucratic State

Investigative reporter John Solomon said in an interview Thursday night with FOX Business host Lou Dobbs that CIA Director Gina Haspel is blocking the release of requested classified documents to protect the agency’s reputation like Christopher Wray is doing for the FBI.

“Let’s start with the reports that Gina Haspel, the director of the CIA, is personally blocking, blocking the declassification of a number of important documents and refusing to permit their release. Your thoughts?” Dobbs asked.

“It’s a continuation of the slow walk that she and [FBI] Director Wray and other deep state bureaucrats in the State Department have done over the last two years,” Solomon said. “They have tried to stop this Russia case from unraveling, the Ukraine case from unraveling, the carefully-crafted false story they gave the American people. But it’s a very simple fix.” …more here

The American Bureaucratic State is hoping that Joe Biden can take office and put a spike in the stories and stop the investigations that lead to him and to Barack and Hillary, and the rest of the nest of vipers before indictments are handed down. The slow walk has worked so far and will continue to work unless the pre-rigged election against President Trump doesn’t work. Four more years of President Trump will mean that it all comes out. Will they let that happen or will there be another coup?



There’s not much left of it now that the Hezbollah arsenal ship blew a big piece the city flat, and put a serious hurt on the part remaining.

I was in Phoenix, doing what I do at times. Most of the “terrorists” work in the used car business.  Syrian Socialist National Party (both factions) are as active in Phoenix as they are in Los Angeles. Maybe they feel at home because it is a desert.  There are members of Hezbollah (Lebanese Shiites) working in the same industry in the same business. I don’t work the Middle Eastern racket, but I needed to find a guy for a guy and nobody talked. It was a pay-back on an old favor. Things were not looking up. Lots of Syrians, no Lebanese… Until I walked onto a lot and there in the grimy trailer office was a photo of Hassan Nasrallah, staring back at me. He ended his religious ranting in 2008, a mousey man with a bushy salt-and-pepper beard, cold fish eyes behind coke bottle glasses – unmistakable.

Why the Phoenix FBI (Famous But Incompetent) hasn’t run these creeps in is beyond me. Maybe they’re all detailed to create another coup in the event that Creepy Joe loses the election they’ve rigged? Who can say? Anyway, on with the story. Nasrallah was a real piece of work in his time, embassy bombings, attacks on US interests in Bangkok and Brazil, the Jews are said to have whacked him in Damascus mid-career.  His enduring presence on the wall above the filthy desk told me that I was on the right track.

I asked for Ali B. (not his true name) Pay dirt. He worked there, managed the lot, but was off on weekdays. The salesman wanted to close me on a P.O.S. (you know the drill, WSF), but I told him that a friend got a killer deal from Ali and I’d come back.

I drove off the lot, swapped out the license plates to my own, and made a call. The moral to this story is that there is often a tell. In this case, it was the photo of Nasrallah and the fact that there aren’t THAT many Hezbollah in Phoenix – not like Syrians. There seems to be a never ending supply of Syrian used car salesmen.

A day in the life.


The Govt. Requirement for Wearing a Mask

(1) Any mask will do including one constructed from an old t-shirt full of holes or an old bandana.

Even one with the center cut out meets guidelines.

(2) There is no study that indicates that N95 masks stop smoke (particulate is over 100x larger than a COVID 19 virus) or anything else, from getting to you. Ok, They do work against sawdust. If you’re sneezing or coughing, wearing one could be a polite thing to do to keep your spit from ejecting out like a pilot leaving a flaming fighter jet in a hurry.


Your Dog – and You

This is sort of a shout out to Kristin M., an old friend, now practicing law in Chicago. She is rumored to have a dog. She’s sort of the lady with the poodle, except that I don’t think that she has a poodle.


  1. “Even one with the center cut out meets guidelines”

    Just don’t go into the store with a yellow Star of David stappled to your paper mask, it will trigger the owner of your local deli.

    • Not being Jewish, it wouldn’t be appropriate, but the old Star of David is sort of the new mask.

    • The Imam, most holy (and most dead) Hassan Nasrallah, orchestrated that attack. It’s too bad that he was buried so far away so that we can’t take a whiz on his grave, just to keep the record straight.

      • It’s one of those places. I wonder whether the explosion recently knocked any sense into the survivors, or if they’ll keep it up?

  2. I’m so old that I remember when Beirut was the hottest, swingin’-est vacation nightlife spot in the Eastern Med. I mean, I’ve never been there and I was a kid, but that’s the way everyone talked about it.

    Now it’s a crater in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, infested by deranged cannibal raiders.

    Isn’t it just grand how radical Islam can improve a place?

    • It was the Paris of the Middle East. You’re 100% correct. Then Iran got involved with the place and it looks like downtown Portland these days.

  3. Kle: same could be said of Havanna. Radical islam isn’t the only infestation that can wreck the joint. Communism makes a mess wherever it gets entrenched as well.

    • When the mafia ran Havanna, the booze wasn’t watered down, the hotels were the finest, you could try your hand at gambling, sport fishing, night life, and everyone made money. Then the communists showed up, shot everyone remaining and stole their stuff. Now it’s impoverished with a ruling family (and cadre) who do ok at the expense of the ants who do the work.

    • Yeah, that’s true too.

      It’s amazing how many people out there manage to make the Mob look like enlightened, benevolent rulers.


      • Old Beirut was a tolerant place for the most part. Iran’s influence (for the greater part) messed that up and then the death spiral hit the place, and it will take a LOT to bring it back.

  4. LL, you seem to be thinking the same as me on the election, that the Democrats have already got such a good election fraud scheme going that the final ballot count of all of the fraudulent (dead, aliens both legal and illeagle, fictional people, etc) ballots along with corrupt tyrants in black will give them the Presidency. Tell me it ain’t so.

    • That’s the plan. Either it goes that way or Hillary, Barack and a host of luminaries goes to the gallows. All of the Hollywood great and near great who visited Epstein’s Island will be in federal prison with the other pedophiles, and the swamp will take decades to recover. They have to win. They don’t own Trump.

    • According to Judicial Watch, which has been busy taking legal action against the various states to clean up the voter rolls, the entire state of PA found a total of 15 (fifteen)* voters which were removed from active rolls. After JW questioned that, PA filed an amendment with the courts saying the state had been in error. I seem to remember the amendment boosted the number to twenty-five. Apparently yes, they expect us to believe that to be accurate.

      *I am probably wrong about the actual number. But the actual number is close to the number I wrote.

      Meanwhile, other states and cities remain contentious with respect to the efforts of Judicial Watch.

      Biden, et al., cannot ‘win’. They can advance only by fraud. Fraud is criminal. Criminality is not winning. The election can be won only by President Trump. The election is his to win or lose.

  5. No, I haven’t forgotten Beirut. I wasn’t there. I also continue to hang on to an old map upon which I had written at that time a running commentary of the events relative to the hostages held captive for 444 days.

    When I was in Victorville I ran across more than a few of those described herein. I’ll spare the details except to say their practices are demonstrably middle eastern (think honor killings, kidnapping minor children, businesses closing several times per day). I will not be surprised if they infil Fort Irwin.

    The various caricatures with the dogs cracks me up. I think your friend will find it quite humorous.

    • There’s not much to infiltrate at Ft. Irwin. The send their sons and daughter to join the US Army and do it that way…much better from their perspective.

  6. Not forgotten Beirut. A good acquaintance of mine was one of those who survived. It messed him up upstairs most terrible-like. He took to being a merc on the anti-terrorism side in order to make his head better. Seemed to work.

    Election Fraud? You said it correctly. It’s either Trump loses bigly or he’ll finally have his hands untied from behind his back and he’ll leap on all the traitors.

    As to masks… I kind of understand it in order to stop dust or pollen, but the ‘Rona? And then I see people walking outside, far away from others, wearing masks. Or in their cars, wearing masks. Or in the parking lot, wearing masks. Me? If I wear a mask it goes on at the last second possible and comes off on the way out of the store. And the preferred one is my “Trump 2020” mask, though I wear a non-slogan mask when going to either the deli counter or to the pharmacy as I don’t want some prog bastid getting peeved at me and screwing with my order.

    • The problem with being in the situation that your friend is in comes when you can’t do it anymore. And that hang-over can’t be fed by the hair of the dog without much travail.

      Yeah, no 2020 masks when they can jiz or worse in the mayo.

      • He played the game until he was done with it. Then broke down, got somewhat better, found a good woman who helped with the rest of the healing.

        Just… somethings were triggering even when I last saw him. For the most part, he’d gone from a man of war to a man of peace.

      • A guy I consider extremely intelligent and a good brother-in-the-Lord and conservative walked in my office today to talk to me with his mask on.
        I told him I could hear him better if he took it off at 6′ and he said he was comfortable with it on. I was almost devastated.

  7. Immigrant car salemen
    1980-1990’s it was Iranians. Assholes. Then we started seeing Eastern Europeans. Renton, WA had a whole colony centered in a public housing project. They worked in the parking lot. The wonders of Bondo and can spray paint! Anybody who believed anything a Russian said, or did business with one, was a damned fool, IMO.

    A good customer of mine was a Siberian (don’t call him a Russian!!!!) with a 500′ fish processing vessel. From 1982-1987 a lot of small cars and pickups were diesel powered. He wanted all of them. I bought them for $200-$400 and sold them to him for $800-$1,000. My house at the time had a nearly 1/2 acre back yard. I would buy up the diesels and store them. When he came into port, off they went to the deck of his vessel. He would also buy one top of the line new SUV, like an Isuzu Trooper. He didn’t bitch about what I charged him for the used but damn, what a rodeo on the new one!

    • I’m not fond of them. I went to a Honda dealership some years back to buy one of my daughters a car. I was met by a sand person. We had a gap between what he wanted me to pay and what I was willing to pay, so he turned me over to his boss, a Syrian, who got in my grill. I explained that I used to kill his people for a living and never lost the taste for it. He backed down and we left.

    • Early 90’s, I sold my ’83 diesel Mazda pickup to a group of guys that were tow-barring mini diesel pickups to El Salvador. 4 guys, 8 trucks each trip. Really rare to see any of those mini-diesels now.

      • You’re touching on a serious pet peeve of mine. The Toyota HiLux diesel pick up trucks will go half a million miles with little more than oil changes. Can you buy one in the US? It’s tough, and certainly not a new one. They are inexpensive, durable, and from my perspective, just about the best ranch truck you can get. I don’t haul big, heavy loads, and the diesel is a good idea.

        POLITICS keeps them out of the USA, and when I think about it, I want to grab the nearest Green New Deal Democrat and throttle them with a green tree branch. Spank them like an unwanted stepchild. There is no good reason why we aren’t running diesels as the default truck engine in the USA. But no, they build bi-turbo V-6, ten speed gasoline engines that need an EXPERT to work on them.

        • Yeah, they’ve also made the diesels you can buy in the US into incredibly complex nightmares, choked with emissions controls that work poorly. They don’t even run w/o electric supply any more, the point is essentially gone unless you need enormous torque.


          • It doesn’t need to be that way, but the politicians pass laws that are not in the best interests of Americans – particularly when it comes to diesel engines. I’ve heard of the danger of “soot pollution” and think that it’s just one more piece of insanity that we have to endure.

          • The recent EPA rules for diesel emissions are so tight that in several parts of the country, diesel emissions are cleaner than the surrounding city air… The new systems are so complicated that some big rigs are using gasoline engines now.

            The soot issue only really comes into play in Los Angeles and when running diesels indoors with poor ventilation – Los Angeles because of the ‘bowl’ from surrounding mountains, and indoors in places like warehouses and underground mines.

  8. Beirut…a sandy Cuba. Middle Eastern scumbags are slightly worse than the self-loathing Left, who wreck everything they touch. Take a decent place, bomb it to oblivion, and make it uninhabitable for anyone not a terrorist…although that sounds like Portland etc. so maybe a close match up of useless human debris). A better use of that sandy hellhole would be to pave it all and stick a McDonalds in the center.

    The FBI were tracking the 9/11 lunatics, the Boston bombers, and a host of other high target scumbags, but “dropped the ball”.

    Trump wins, bigly. The electoral college is genius.

    • “Trump wins bigly.”
      I see Biden ads on FB and all the comments, thousands, are pro-Trump!
      Saw one today that said he would restore respect for the troops.
      Unending comments from vets deriding Biden.
      It was wonderful.

      • That is funny. Biden/Harris, if the Dems think this is THE stellar team to represent America‘s highest office and the Leaders of the free world then God love them for such a low bar for Trump/Pence to hurdle.

          • I keep thinking they want to lose this election so they can turn the old ultraviolence up to eleven.


            They have so much fraud planned for this election that they’re confident they’ll “win” it.

          • I think that they’re confident that they can win with tricks and fraud, and then bend the system “legally” so that none but them will ever win but them.

  9. The underworld is world wide… There are Albanian Mafia working out of Dallas now days… sigh

    I think the election is going to come down to the margin of cheat.

  10. I remember Beirut. A high school classmate’s Dad, American University of Beirut President Malcolm Kerr, was assassinated there in 1984.

    • We should have just left them to kill themselves, and have encouraged the Israelis to do slum clearance as they were moved to. Beirut isn’t worth American blood or treasure now, and it wasn’t then.

  11. I’d just gotten home from work in time for the news. I said to my mother, “I hope something interesting happened today. The news has been really kind of boring lately.” Yes, I was young and dumb, and was instantly mortified by the lead item.

  12. Just heard from the Private. He feels getting credits towards a degree is a good idea (smart) and going to the beach is awesome. Hmmmmm.

    Nice closing infotoons, I especially like the one of Juliette.

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