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** A portent of global cooling? A coming ice age. Sabertooth Tigers and giant mastodons to follow. We’re all going to die. Blame electric cars.

** The Big Three – The financial results of weak EV sales have devastated the Big Three. Ford reported a third-quarter operating loss of $1.3 billion in its EV division. Since it sold 20,962 EVs in the third quarter, the per-unit loss on each vehicle is an eye-popping $62,016. Go woke, go broke.

What is happening with the American auto industry is exactly what happens in a socialist economy: Elite government planners trample all over consumer sovereignty and decide what kinds of products are to be produced. What the people want doesn’t matter. “We know what is best for you” is the government’s conceit. And so, through the power of government, socialism destroys economic value by mandating the production of things that people value less while failing to produce what people value more.



      • Hahah…as MrPaulM would say about one of hers, “She was one of those wider than taller grandmothers telling me to have another piece of pie because “it’s just a little fruit and flour and sugar, dat won’t make you fat” in a heavy Danish accent.”

        • Lies! It’s a well-known fact all Danish women look like Connie Nielsen. Am no such ting (feeling my Island roots, mon) as wider-than-tall Danish woman. The fat ones (no doubt) are secretly Swedish. 😀

          • Swedish! No Frikadeller way! But could have some Norwegian.

            I figure too much Kringle and American “danish” will do that to an already hefty person away from the homeland. Dane’s are funny, no pies, only cakes…and what we call “danish” is not a thing there. But the desserts are terrific.

            MrsPaulM is more on the CN side than grandma…of which I am grateful.

  1. IDA:
    1. Cavalry exploration vehicle ‘VEC’
    2. LAV 700 Super Bison
    3. Takom G-6 Rhino, D400 wheels
    4. Rooikat ZA35 SPAAG
    All have RFT tires. Get back to you on the rest of the rims.

  2. Theory of relativity-
    Only “one” person created this universe and can explain the theory of time travel and it’s relation physics. The Alpha and Omega. Love the meme. When my ticket is punched I know it’s all going to be explain to me.

    Big three-
    Detroilet will always be a slave to the socialist left party as long as they put their pistons / batteries in one basket. It looks like another repeat of the bailouts back in Obama administration. Will Ford ask for a bailout this time though?

    Matthew 5:16
    Psalm 40:2

    • They pawned the Blue Oval TM. last time i dont recall how long it took to buy it back though. I can remember seeing their commercials on tv with it blue oval being fuzzed out.

  3. If time is a constant how is the theory relative? (kidding)

    TC’s interview with Mackey is a siren call to all of us, if it can happen to a plain old citizen for an innocuous reposted meme (he didn’t create it) while a Lefty did the same against Trump with impunity, We The People are in a seriously untenable position. (Let’s not forget the unconstitutional persecution of THE front runner political opponent, or those held in prison for expressing their dissent.)

    Some have posited that the Patriot Act effectively removed the 1st, 2nd, 4th, & 5th Amendments, which is why the DOJ, FBI, ATF, and a pile of others scummy shops, are running open loop without Constitutional restraint…because they believe WTP are the new Kings subjects, not the other way around.

    Tough spot we find ourselves at the hands of thieves and criminals tasked with our governance. Like many others who actually see what is up, I have feared for quite a while there can only be one solution to a proper resolution. Watch the video of The Husk (h/t Stigall) trying to place the wreath on the Veterans Memorial yesterday in stark contrast with Trump’s fired-up rally honoring our Veterans…”Behold, Your_Resident!” Geez. We’re doomed if this continues much further unabated.

    • Well yes, if Raquel is there wearing furs with impeccible hygiene, yes, it’s worth going back in time or accepting the new normal. Bring on the ice age.

  4. If Douglass Mackey goes to prison, do I get ready for a re-educational camp? a Konzentrationslager? a firing squad? the vanguard (who will stand behind me)?

    • My brother drives a 1980 Ford fiesta he’s restored. He drives it most of the summer and fall. Imagine if you could buy a car like that today. No electric locks, no electric windows, no rear view cameras, no airbags, no directional computers, no sirius radio, no electrically adjusting seats, etc, etc, etc. And pay $4,000 for it.

      • A first generation Fiesta that’s still on the road? Amazing….they were a pretty cheaply made car, and I figured they’d all returned to the Earth by now…

        • First generation Fiesta was a European import based on an a German Ford but built mainly in Spain. Then came the Festiva, which was a Mazda design but built by Kia. I’ve seen Festivas with 200,000 on the clock and still running. One of the few early Korean cars that weren’t rust buckets.

          • I remember when Car and Driver tested one many years ago. One or two laps around the skidpad, and both lower front control arms were bent…….

  5. EVs
    Two different consumers involved. The people driving them and the lenders financing them. Any government subsidies are incentives for the lenders. Cynical, we liked to joke people will buy a three wheel go cart with a lawn mower engine if it can be financed.
    Go woke, go broke is true and that includes banks. Barney Frank’s last gift to the banking industry was to get a law passed that banks can take their customers assets, including safety deposit boxes, to save themselves. That means when they go woke, go broke, you and your money will bail them out. This is called a bail-in.
    Credit unions are far safer, IMO.

    • I believe that you have mentioned that the lenders are customers of the auto dealers before, thanks for the reminder. It certainly does bear repeating.

      Agree, credit unions are safer but at the end of the day the gov will figure out some way to reallocate funds to save what organizations they want to save. But I am just a reactionary curmudgeon that is still ticked off at the Chrysler and GM bailouts way back when. Not the list is much, much longer…anyone remember too big to fail.

  6. A $62k loss on each EV sold? Sounds like a real good way to go out of business. And while it’s Baaaaaaddd!!! to dig up the Earth for oil and gas, it’s OK to lay waste to her for Lithium, Cobalt, et al? I just wonder how much longer this death spiral is going to last….

    • Adding insult to injury…

      A guy recently did some real time math regarding Fast Chargers:

      A standard house averages 1.25kw/hr of electricity, whereas to charge a single plug-in car, a Fast Charger at the lower setting uses a whopping 137 kw/hr…or the equivalent of 137 homes. Typically these chargers have EV’s lined up waiting their turn so they can get back home, especially if towing a lightweight camper.

      That’s just ONE charger station at the base setting (high setting is 325 kw/hr).

      We The People are having this idiocy jammed down our collective throats by government despite the infrastructure hasn’t been rebuilt to support it, including residential neighborhoods with local Codes requiring every new home has the [expensive] special charging circuit/receptacle.

      This folly is unsustainable to an already weakened grid, which tells me something’s afoot.

      • Geez…: “106” homes. Typo, yup, that’s it…which I blame fully on the iPad AI function. Apparently he verified Kw/hr with measurements. Insane.

  7. i hear north korea is recalling their diplomats worldwide. and we had another failed nuclear missile test, which we invited our enemies to witness.

  8. Wow. How dare ANYONE mock Hillary. He should think himself lucky he’s only going to gaol.

    Are you implying EVs and the Big Three are somehow circling a gravity well to destruction?


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