Bullet Points:

** Is the UK circling the drain? CDR SAL weighs in on the subject.

“I don’t care how much science fiction you get nakid and roll in; wars are won by steel, ungodly amounts of steel.” – CDR SAL

“Hope is not a military strategy.” – LL (and maybe others)

** Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake. I don’t know whether or not Sun Tzu said this, but he should have.

** Map Update

The IDF has commenced an operation within part of the Shifa hospital after completing an encirclement of the building complex. Israel has also secured the Al Shati camp, therefore linking their northern and southern advances. This isn’t like the Russian campaign against Ukraine, in the least.

** After an initial bounce back, the post-Covid Chinese economy has turned sluggish. Once a key driver of growth, its property market is now mired in a credit crisis, exacerbating a domestic “debt bomb” that has ballooned from years of borrowing by local government and state-owned enterprises. Many of these issues could be attributed to China’s long-predicted structural slowdown finally making itself felt – painfully.

In the last two years, crackdowns on various sectors of the economy and prominent Chinese businessmen have caused uncertainty. These have recently widened to include foreign nationals and firms, heightening worries in the international business community. Foreign investors and companies are now moving their money out of China for better investment returns elsewhere.

** BBC – Young Chinese, who had always been told that their hard work in studying and chasing degrees would pay off, are now feeling defeated and trapped.


Roman Expeditions:

This map shows Roman Expeditions into Sub-Saharan Africa (with dates). I can only imagine how uncomfortable these kinds of campaigns must’ve been.


The Lizard King:


  1. So what if Gavin Newsom is a lizard-person?
    I will not sit here and put up with Sabo’s blatant anti-saurianism. Shame, Sabo. Shame!

  2. I object to this profiling – it’s not nice to Kevin my lizard.
    After a blind review of the crazy Stanford Language PDF of your last blog post, I can only assume it was concocted by an OCD basket case. Am I tone deaf to the lingo of the modern day? Maybe but there I was thinking I was a guru of my time and on the warpath of whimsy to pow wow wow with my fellow bloggers and readers. There’s too many chiefs in the kitchen, methinks, and I tend to prefer my ballsy outlook when it comes to life. Call me a black sheep.

    • I slightly resent to be associated with your depiction of “Kevin” my lizard. My first name is Kevin and I, in no way want to be clamped and buddied up with Grusome Newsome, or any other current lizard persons. I worked hard at attaining my name, you trying being in labor for over 30 hours and then plopped out cold wet and hungry.

      • I am (somewhat) reliably informed that “Kevin” is a stereotypical “thug name” in Germany.

        Perhaps actual Germans could comment on this. I heard it at Weaponsman’s wake, but all kinds of stories were being told then.

        OT (but German): spotted USCGC Eagle (originally the Horst Wessel out of Hamburg) at anchor in New London this morning. Eagle is practically a character in SM Stirling’s “Nantucket” novels. I had the opportunity to go aboard when she was visiting Boston (Charlestown, actually) and tied up next to the USS Constitution.

        • Eagle used to tie up at the CG Academy.
          I saw it from New london Sub Base across the river in 2000.
          My wife and I drove over and drove right onto the grounds and onto the pier.
          The cadets were freshening it up and gave us a tour.
          Not again after 9/11.
          A few years ago, last I was aboard her, she was tied up at Fort Trumbull.
          First saw her on screen as a kid in the cinemascope Windjammer! which focused on the Christian Radich.

  3. The fools running the Netherlands decided to stop farmers from growing food…what could possibly go wrong? So yeah, the UK is in a similar boat, and the fools running things are shooting holes in the bottom. Can’t wait for S3 of Clarkson’s Farm to see the latest idiocracy they’ll throw at him next to keep him from growing food at a profit.

    Shifa Hospital….yeah, and all we heard screaming from the Hamas/Palestine (still not a country) asinine/demented supporters here was The Jews were killing babies in a hospital!

    The IDF gave them 24 hours to clear out. When the enemy attacks unprovoked, and who did their atrocities the month before, uses the hospital as headquarters, then the chips get to fall where they may. War ain’t pretty and most “protesting” in the streets think it’s a video game… no one gets hurt in real life and everyone goes home to a warm bed at night. Hard times are a requirement to straighten out the weakness among the masses. Maybe a few weeks of no Soy Latte’s would do the trick.

    I’m with Jules.

    • I’m waiting patiently for Clarkson’s Farm (Season 3). Jeremy doesn’t fear the King and his minions. If he lived in the US, he’d have been rounded up with the January 6th insurrectionists and imprisoned as a political prisoner. That’s just how we roll here these days.

      • It’s ok that he stole it. I stole it, though I thought that it was original with me at one point in my life when I sat back and watched people who f-ed with me fall on their faces. In some cases, I gave them a gentle shove. Or they transferred to a country where buddies of mine were the Chief of Station, and their careers were ruined as they were bounced short of tour.

          • “Can’t fix stupid”…and from that simple yet wise man Mr. Gump, that he attributed to his mother, “Stupid is what stupid does.”

            Show me what you do and I’ll know who you are…whereas politicians are constantly giving you their [mostly] hollow resumes’.

  4. Sabo. The man does have talent. An accurate description but an insult to saurians everywhere. I look for ward to a lawsuit brought by the SDF (Saurian Defamation League).

    IDF. Good on them. Fighting in tunnels has got to suck but since there may be hostages has to be done. Still think the tunnels should be flooded after they are cleared of hostages.

    “Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.” Probably words said by every competent leader since before Alexander the Great.


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