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There are a lot of disabilities that are 100% legitimate. Some people are messed up and are considered disabled. Some receive benefits from the government to assist them to live despite that disability. 
The World Health Organization, a component of the United Nations, is on sort of a rampage, designating who is and is not disabled. I didn’t think that I was disabled, but apparently I am because I’m over 55 years of age and I may not be able to do what I could do as well as I could when I was 25. Well, that’s a shocker. According to the WHO, if you’re disabled, you deserve compensation from the rest of the people who are not. 
The World Health Organisation has recently included “people who can’t get laid” as being disabled. (read more here). So if you’re too hideous or too socially inept to find a suitable sexual partner, you’re disabled. The word “suitable” to some of us could be taken to mean that there is no super model (most are lesbians) who are interested in us, means that we should receive distributions from the people who can get laid.
There’s a caveat above since if you can’t have children, you deserve compensation too. No sodomite relationship produces children. Thus all LGBTQ people deserve distributions from heterosexuals. Isn’t socialism grand?
Of course all of this foolishness dilutes the validity of those people who are genuinely disabled.
I think that it’s time that they move the UN from New York City to Venezuela or someplace equally enlightened and we remove ourselves from that band of freaks, misfits and communists.
The Magic Kingdom – At War
The US is no longer dependent on oil sheikdoms for energy, and we’re now exporting oil. Which the Democrat Party is trying to stop with their ‘Green New Deal’. None of what they say makes the least bit of sense. But my point here is that the US has entered a new era where Middle Eastern oil and gas has far less to do with us than it used to. It’s a great day in America. (unless you listen to the corrupt, wicked, nasty, filthy, lying mainstream media)
Saudi Arabia is one somewhat typical of the rotten, corrupt nations of the Muslim Middle East. And I find it interesting to follow their war to protect their southern border from invading Houthis (backed by Iran). On June 5, the Houthi army seized 20 military positions inside Saudi Arabia. Houthi officials promised to release video footage of the daring attack.

Houthi spokesman Yahya Sarei said on 5 June that the positions in Najran province were captured in a “surprise” offensive carried out over the past three days.

Sarei claimed that 200 Saudi troops were killed in the offensives and that military equipment was seized. The Houthi news service said the Saudi-led coalition flew 75 air attacks against the Houthi force.
Despite overwhelming military technology and forces from multiple Arab states, the Saudi-led coalition remains unable to defend Saudi borders from Houthi incursions. That condition has not improved since March 2015 when Saudi intervention began.
There is a move on the part of the Saudis to buy massive armaments from the US. It’s income for the military industrial complex and many believe that no many how many weapons that the Saudis buy, their army won’t be able to stand up to even the most feeble military push. (the Houthis from Yemen)
Saudi Incompetence in Sudan
The African Union (AU) suspended Sudan’s membership. The AU’s Peace and Security Department said in a post on Twitter on Thursday, 6 June, that Sudan’s participation in all AU activities would be suspended with immediate effect – “until the effective establishment of a civilian-led transitional authority,” which it described as the only way to “exit from the current crisis”.
Saudi Arabia reportedly approved an attack on the demonstrators. Middle East Eye reported on 6 June that an anonymous, well-informed Sudanese military “expert” said he understood that plans to destroy the protest camp in Khartoum had been discussed during recent visits to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt by Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, the head of the Transitional Military Council (TMC). 
“The breaking up of the sit-in was one of the main points on the agenda that was discussed,” the expert said. “Unless he (i.e., al-Burhan) got the green light from his regional allies he would not have been able to commit such a crime.”
Supposedly the Saudis and Emiratis promised Sudanese junta $3 billion in aid, which bought them a lot of influence in Sudan. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s strategic security decisions are invariably antithetical to democracy; seldom succeed in their primary purposes and leave trails of Arabs killed.

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  1. The World Health Organisation has recently included "people who can't get laid" as being disabled.

    Are they looking for volunteers to help select disabled people?

  2. WHO=Scam artists… sigh…

    Re Saudi, they play their own games, and are in turn played by the Mullahs of the Wahhabi sect.

  3. I'm not sure we should sell arms to Saudi Arabia. What if the Houthi overran an airbase with, say, F-15's? Which I expect would promptly be turned over to Iran…

    Thanks for the update, LL.

  4. The Saudis have been living so high on the hog for the last 80 years while we kept things stable, that they forgot how to defend themselves. They'd rather pay somebody to do those menial things, just like they imported many low-wage servants from other areas.

    Truly 'Cloud People'…..

  5. There’s nothing in that part of the world that’s worth a tin cup full of warm piss.

  6. The rag heads captured F-14s owned by the Shah and couldn’t fly them effectively. The Saudi bases could be overrun but could the imams immortals use them beyond selling them to the Russians or Chinese?

  7. That’s precisely why the Saudis can’t win a battle even with overwhelming numbers and air supremacy.

  8. As for age disability, I'm still climbing on machinery at almost 66.
    It's touching to watch the youngsters concerned I might fall.
    I could send them up there, but I still enjoy it.

  9. The typical "Inshallah" attitude that muslims bring to a LOT of things doesn't exactly allow for excellence….in either planning OR action. And it would seem the Saudi military is subject to this problem to an even greater degree than some of the other factions.

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