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How much should descendants of slaves pay in reparations to the descendants of 360,000 Union soldiers who lost their lives to free them? I’m guessing that we need some income redistribution to set things right… 
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I ended up on the radio with famous talk radio host, Ed Bonderenka, on Saturday. We were going to chat about a number of topics, but Iran dominated the hour. The situation in Iran is such that they want to provoke us into a war that their leadership can survive. If it comes to a real war with even one American casualty, we need to insure that the beards go to their reward and claim their virgins, etc. But for now, we need to deny them the war that they are begging for. Tighten the screws and let the Iranians/Persians deal with their own leadership. It will happen. We just have to sit back and allow the people to deal with the turbans (their betters) when they’ve had enough.

I think that we need to send AOC to Iran and let her lecture them. She runs the Democrat Party now. Wouldn’t it be a shame if they imprisoned her and held her for ransom? That would cripple the entire Green New Deal movement. Could we survive without her? Time would tell, right?

On Ed’s show, we never got to the situation in China, and questions of readiness for a navy war in the Westpac (see the USS Fitzgerald, USS John S. McCain collision incidents, etc.) The US Navy is no longer the Navy that I knew. Watching SEALs punished, careers destroyed for dispatching terrorists is something that is totally alien to me. During my time as an 1130, your career would be destroyed if you failed to ‘send them on’, to the next life. Garrote, headshot, cut throat, strapped to a Bangalore torpedo that’s subsequently detonated, tossing them off a ship to see how long they can tread water, etc. were all acceptable – then. Some us drew the line at throwing them off a ship while chumming for sharks, but that was the mindset. Now, harsh language is enough to receive tough censure from on high. What a goat-f–k.

Are we ready for war? I can’t say. Any navy war will be disproportionately born by heavy lifting on the part of the submarines/silent service.

I’ve been out of that game too long, but I will say that when I look at US Navy ships these days, their sides streaked with rust, they remind me of the old Soviet Navy (now Russian Navy). I can go on forever about this topic and the ‘metrosexual navy’ that developed during the long 8 years of ObamaNation and national decline. The decline seems to have stopped during the Trump Administration but we need at least four more years of President Trump with a worthy follow-on to correct the damage that was done.

View from Abroad

Many inside and particularly outside the US look at our policy toward the murder of viable babies both born and unborn with horror. “What sort of people would do that?” Maybe Nazis, obsessed with the slaughter of Jews? Maybe the Red Chinese after the Cultural Revolution when they were trying to thin the population out? Pol Pot would have done it in Cambodia for shits and giggles. But we (and the world) heard legislatures CHEER the decision to kill living babies if parents somehow decided that the child was inconvenient.

We’ve covered this topic on this blog before, and some of you edge toward ‘my body my choice’. You have that right. However, I will state for the record that a baby in utero with its own heartbeat, its own DNA, it’s own capability to move and feel pain is a HUMAN BEING, unique in all the universe as are you, dear readers. Not according them rights that we afford other HUMAN BEINGS creates a slippery slope legally. We either regard all human life as sacred, or we agree that murder is not a crime. I understand that there are issues of rape, incest and life of the mother and I agree with those exceptions when it comes to medical abortion early in a pregnancy where rape and incest are the issue.

It’s common knowledge that the most dangerous place for a black person to be in many parts of the US is in the womb.

What sort of people are we? Clearly we have sunk to a point where calling us a nation of animals would be a compliment. Animals protect their offspring.

Ed wanted me to share thoughts on abortion on his radio show. These are my feelings on the matter. We live in a land of plenty. Many families are working hard to find a child to adopt.

As an aside, I rode on a train in China with a Chinese gentleman a number of years ago. There were American families with their newly adopted Chinese children in the same train car. He was telling me how great the Japanese were and what great friends of China they were. I looked around and asked, “How many Japanese people adopt Chinese orphans?” That shut him up.

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  1. I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on your appearance on our show.
    I think some of those topics will still be viable the next time we have you on 🙂
    If people can ignore my sucky hosting skills, they can enjoy listening to you at

  2. Great sermon.

    The Gallagher case seems pretty weird… something rotten going on there.

  3. In the ante bellum period, several members of my family, the Quaker branch, operated stations on the Underground Railroad. I don't doubt AOC and many of her contemporaries believe that's some kind of subway. Other family members took part of the more unpleasant part of the early 1860s. It appears that I'm owed quite a bit of reparations though a simple thanks would suffice.
    I find myself in agreement with most points you make here today. I will check out Ed's broadcast later today.

  4. Agree (mostly) with all your points. I remember a line from some book, the title escapes my diminished mind, where one character says, "What is good for my career is good for the service". Eight years of the Lightbringer gutted the moral norms of our Armed Forces, IMO.

  5. This is admittedly from very far on the outside, but the rumors I hear say that the Pentagon has gone almost completely to the Obamanation way and the only way to fix this is the wholesale removal of the uppermost levels of officers.

    Unfortunately, the question of who replaces them is wide open.

  6. We watched Steve Hilton on Fox News tonight, And he was telling us a lot about how France and England, I forget who else, are all falling all over themselves to get around the Iranian sanctions and to business with Iran.

    The same with Russia and China – but I don't think that part was such a big surprise.

    I am dumbfounded that the military would be prosecuted over the death of a terrorist. But as you say..

    The whole abortion thing leaves me sad. The fact that so many people support it makes me sadder. I pray for America.

  7. "The situation in Iran is such that they want to provoke us into a war that their leadership can survive." Are we living on the same planet ? I have absolutely zero concept of how you arrive at such a ( ridiculous ) conclusion.

  8. Iran does want a war. A war on THEIR terms. The mullahs running the show ARE fundamental fanatical islamists. That means they are COMMANDED by their god to destroy the US, Israel and the rest of the nonislamic world. So to be blunt….War with Iran is a virtual certainty. Because it's what they MUST have to achieve THEIR goals.
    We'd be fools to allow them however to dictate the conditions of said conflict. Prior administrations, current political animals and most of the lib left ARE the fools who would allow Iran to determine when, where and how they prosecute their attempts to destroy the west. Trump however may be smart enough to at least see that fact and not let the destruction of an UNMANNED drone precipitate conflict. But sooner or later we ARE going to have to deal with Iran. They have been committing acts of war against the US and the west for 40 years now….all while actively working to acquire nuclear warheads AND the means to deliver them effectively. If we wait till they achieve THAT goal we will truly wish we had done something proactively.

  9. I must live in a tunnel because I've never heard of him. Did you hurt his ratings at all?

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