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President Obama doesn’t refer to himself as a socialist, but his policies and those of his party may be said to pivot on the notion that taking money from one group of people and using that money to buy votes from another group of people as a recipe for political success.
You may have heard some Democrats bemoaning income inequality. The idea that the rich get richer while everyone else doesn’t, gets pretty wide agreement in the polls. So does the Democrats’ favorite redistributionist policy — raising the minimum wage. It is only slightly hyperbolic to say that an increased minimum wage is a transfer of income from fast-food customers to fast-food workers, minus those who are replaced by kiosks. That’s not a very effective way to sock it to the top 1%.
The less the federal government is involved in tinkering with things like the green energy fiasco (even Google has said that it’s not economically feasible at present), the minimum wage and most domestic issues, the better things work. Allowing the various states to make decisions impacting people locally is always the best way to approach a problem. But you don’t get to be emperor by doing that, do you?

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  1. Things work. We've spent $400 billion on "green energy" projects and not one of them have panned out. BUT, all of that money went to Obama campaign donors so the plan worked. The taxpayers subsidize every battery powered car to the tune of $8,000 per car and that works. And on and on…

  2. Joe lays it out at his site very succinctly.


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