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In the End…

There was no demonstration of any kind, nobody said a word, everybody just slumped away. […] It was one of the flattest moments of our lives, we just couldn’t comprehend it. We had that sort of feeling as though we’d been kicked out of a job. To some of us it was practically the only life we’d known. […] There was no cheering, no singing – we were drained of all emotion. We were too far gone, too exhausted to enjoy it. All things come to an end, and even a drama can go on too long. It didn’t end with a whimper, but something very much like one.


– British WW1 veterans being interviewd about the end of the war, They Shall Not Grow Old


The ONLY Hybrid

(mood music) You need to listen to a shanty while reading about nautical topics.

US. Navy “Elgin Cutlass” combination knife pistol, designed by George Elgin c.1837 at the height of the Bowie knife’s popularity, manufactured by C.B. Allen of Springfield, Massachusetts for use in the 1838 United States Exploring Expedition of the South Pacific.

.54 caliber single shot percussion pistol, 10″ long steel blade forged in one piece with the trigger guard/knuckle bow.

The US Ex. Ex., or ‘Wilkes Expedition” after commanding officer US Navy lieutenant Charles Wilkes, was a scientific expedition to explore the islands of the South Pacific with a host of naturalists and other scientists. Because it was profoundly American in spirit its crew was also equipped with this hybrid pistol/bowie knife, which saw some use as fights commonly broke out with the natives they interacted with. The so called Elgin cutlass is to this day the only hybrid weapon officially issued by the US armed forces.



When I refer to Jo/Ho as hammerheads, this is not what I mean.


Nobody Could have Predicted…

It’s all about cause and effect in Portland…more here.

Police had removed a fence erected around the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse because it became a “symbol of divide” between law enforcement and the community, according to the Portland Police Bureau.

Rioters then descended on the federal courthouse and vandalized it.

It’s a shame that I wasn’t in command of the Police in Portland. It’s a shame that I wasn’t able to pick new recruits three years ago in preparation for this. Portland wouldn’t have had any problems. Then again, they wouldn’t like to have a man like me in Portland. I’m not woke.


The Woke

(NY Post) “The woke think of themselves — and want everyone else to think of them — as deeply moral. If they have a flaw, it’s that they just care too much. They’re too idealistic, too empathetic, too eager to make the world a better place.”


Doesn’t Fit the Narrative



There will be more on this blog later on this topic.

For now, this is the situation in the Suez Canal.

A skip loader arrived to free the ship.

The ship is roughly the size of the Empire State Building. And it’s weight, when fully loaded is pretty similar to a skyscraper. Imagine a massive building lying on it’s side, and you’re given the task of moving it. What are you going to do?

Major equipment, needs to be brought into place, sited, set up, and a plan needs to be developed and executed, and if it doesn’t work, then they need to try something else, which might be even more complicated.

If you got lucky, tugboats and the ship’s own engines might be able to do it. But if you’re not lucky (and it looks like they’re not), then you have to build a plan to do something from the ground up.

Terrorists are clearly taking notice.

31 thoughts on “Modern Society (commentary)

  1. Those two perps are so fat they have Acanthosis nigricans (AN) and are no doubt diabetic. Nasty!

    That whole boat thing is weird (and costly and dangerous)

    I was only in Portland once for a lay over and was not too impressed. Although, we did like visiting the Grotto. Shocked it hasn’t been vandalized yet.

    1. If the two Nigerians self-identify as Korean, there is no racism in their assault. While they’re doing that, the victim could self-identify as black and it would be racism again. It’s all a bit confusing.

  2. Re: The Ship. Dunno why they can’t just hook some hawsers up to another ship, or two – one to the bow and one to the stern, and just yank that booger out of there. I mean, the ships have the ropes, the ships are there, gee, dudes, just go for it. Maybe do some kedging by dropping the port anchor, and hooking up the ropes to the anchor, as the extra scope of anchor chain will help give leverage.

    I mean, this is simple seamanship. Read about how to do this in a 1930’s Sea Scout manual (along with how to service and use a 3″ deck gun, but that’s not here nor there…) And, geez, it’s the way they used to yank sailing ships off of sandbars back in the day. 3-4 longboats all a-rowing like crazy can move a Ship-of-the-Line.

    Gah. Stupidity reigns supreme.

    Which comes around to the two Amish ladies… Stupidity.

    As to hammerheads, the biggest king mackeral I ever saw, well, partially saw, was over 2′ from tip of snout to just past the gills. The rest was in the stomach of the hammerhead that was almost as long as our 20′ boat. The head was at least two-thirds as wide as the boat (which was 8′.) There are some big sharks out there.

    1. Maybe they need to assign a tug to each transiting ship in the future to keep them in the channel?

  3. I keep wondering who the ‘hero’ might be that TPTB are keeping in reserve so, once enough people get fed up enough with the riots, he/she/it can use cannon fire to become emperor by proclamation.

    1. Shrillery, perhaps? She’d cheerfully turn the tubes toward the right wing and pull the lanyard herself.

      1. Those people are deplorable since they’d never vote for her. They all need to die now. Re-settle fly-over country with cartel Mexicans.

  4. They are definitely going to need something bigger than that Cat loader which looks no larger than a 980. Not sure a loader of any size is going to help that.

  5. A bunch of Somali pirates hopped up on khat in their ramshackle boats could get it unstuck inside a few hours if you told them they could loot the cargo.

    Portland is predictable when paid anarchists are allowed to gain a foothold then run rampant undeterred. But the idiots running the city are getting what they deserve. The tragedy is the innocent collateral damaged folks who should sue the pants off them…but they won’t.

    1. That’s a good idea. Hand the ship over to Somalis and let them clear the log jam.

    2. at this point, there are no innocent folk in portland now. if they’re still there, they are part of the problem one way or another.

      1. How can there be? The city is a wreck culturally, physically, and its future viability depends on continued government hand-outs.

  6. “too eager to make the world a better place”

    Of course. The worst things are done in the name of doing “good” unto some poor bastard who didn’t want it. The Russian revolution was to liberate the poor peasants from the cruelty of the nobles. The Great Leap Forward, same idea. Lucky both those turned out so well.

    The theoreticians of the modern woke (don’t laugh, there definitely IS such a thing, and they have been horrifyingly successful) are exactly the same kind of people who tormented and killed millions of Russians, who starved millions of Ukranians, and so forth: smug, self-righteous and convinced of their rectitude, and also very very resentful people lashing out against a world that — in their minds — hates them for absolutely no reason at all.

    The devil’s greatest trick wasn’t convincing the world he doesn’t exist. The devil’s greatest trick was convincing the world that HE is the real victim in everything, and that noticing otherwise is “hate”.

  7. A meme I saw today; something about the ‘virtue’ of the woke. How a behavior which civilized people think offensive and distasteful is now a desired virtue. And the woke relish it.

    And if I were the judge, I would make it that those two never see the outsides of a prison again. I would severely sanction any AG or other who comes after the fact to go soft on those miscreants.

    What are the odds that the feds won’t do squat to protect their property? I mean, it’s the favored status perps doing the damage.

    The longest Hammerhead I’ve seen was 22′. How I know is because I was in a 26′ whaleboat and the shark was every bit as long save for the tiller in my hand, which was 4′.

    Chief Makoi has a channel on You Tube. He is an officer in the marine merchant trade. He just released a rather informative video on the Ever Given. The Chief knows his stuff.

  8. It may or may not be interesting to readers that Evergreen Group (which owns the stuck ship) was linked at the hip with Evergreen International Airlines, established by Delford Smith (founder and owner) and began operations in 1960 as Evergreen Helicopters. It acquired the operating certificate of Johnson Flying Service and merged it with Intermountain Airlines from Pacific Corporation in 1975 to form Evergreen International Airlines. The holding company, Evergreen International Aviation, formed in 1979, wholly owned the airline. Evergreen purchased the assets of Air America which had provided fixed wing and helicopter support for the US Government in southeast Asia during the Vietnam conflict.

    Even though the parent company, Evergreen Group is Taiwan based, there has always been a lot of skulduggery attached to the brand. I worked with Evergreen contractors here and there around the world from time to time. They provided hardware and pilots at remote points on a contract basis. USGOV money gave the company the capital to expand to what it is today.

      1. Yes, Evergreen has had a somewhat blemished history in aviation. I kept hearing shady rumors from time to time. Your comment here fills in the blanks.

        They also bought the Spruce Goose and built a museum around it in Hillsboro, OR. Until it went kaput.

    1. When Sea Launch came out of Chapter 11, they contracted out the helicopter services to Evergreen. Two of the pilots had been with the Evergreeen “forever”, and had some interestuing stories. One of them had flown for Southern Air, and was quite a character.

      1. I worked with a guy who flew for SAT/Evergreen. They sheep-dipped him into the Peruvian Air Force so that he and his crew could go to war with the Shining Path. I don’t know if Sendero still exists or not, but yes, very interesting stories. He was my sponsor when I joined American Legion China Post 1 (Operating in Exile) – Shanghai.

  9. Portland. Relatives there are heavily involved in longshore work. Seems the Antifa idiots attack the Longshoreman’s Union Hall, once. There is a lesson there for the “woke” politicians of the Rose City but they don’t care to learn.

    1. I don’t think that I’d want to take on the Longshoremen. But eventually as the city’s economy collapses, the docks will fall into disrepair and they’ll move on to different locations for work.

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