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The demographics of the crowd were split between men and women about 50/50, with a median age of about 35. There were many older and many younger. As is true of Orange County, about 90% of the people attending were white or of Hispanic origin with the remainder either black or Asian persuasion. I didn’t see any Muslims wearing traditional clothing.
In line on the way in, about 75% of the people standing near me were women. I asked them why women didn’t like Trump. It was the only time that I “felt threatened” as they – to a one – went off on how that is a pack of mainstream media lies. “How can you swallow those lies?” One lady asked sincerely. So much for the answer to that question.
A lot of men came from work and wore suits and ties, one lady standing next to me, in the photo from ‘part one’, must have had $100K in diamond rings and things. She was there with her son. Her husband (a plastic surgeon) dropped them off and would pick them up afterward. A lady standing in front of me wore a single strand of pearls. This is Orange County, and it’s definitely not the Rust Belt. The people around me all appeared to be college educated. The men that I spoke with were stock brokers, doctors, an architect, a civil engineer, an off-duty police officer and a man who owns a factory. The women mostly worked or were trophy wives…The OC, right? There was a high percentage of attractive women in attendance. Not the toads and crones that you generally associate with a Sanders crowd.
A group of people whose family members had been murdered by illegal aliens in California staged a mini-demonstration by parading their banners through the crowd. The Stolen Lives Quilt received a standing ovation and later ended up on stage with Mr. Trump.

The Stolen Lives Quilt Protest

Meanwhile, about five miles away at another, much smaller pre-rally gathering about five miles away in Anaheim, a young Mexican male sprays mace in the face of 72 year-old Mr. Rodriguez, who expresses his political support for Donald Trump.

The crowd
In response to Fredd’s question: Inside the venue the crowd was respectful and there was no trash on the ground. The same was true of the entryway into the arena on my way in.  On the way out I didn’t see any trash on the ground either, but the police kept the protestors away from the area where the thousands of Trump supporters stood waiting in line to get into the event.
I heard that a protestor threw a rock through the window of an Orange County Sheriff’s Department car at sometime during the event, but we didn’t see any of that inside the venue. As with the Tea Party rallies of seven years ago, people were respectful of others, were generally friendly and used restroom facilities. There were porte-potties available to the protestors (and those in line to attend the rally) outside. I didn’t see scat on the ground on my way out, but there were a lot of people.
The stage is set
Near the venue I only saw about a dozen protestors, all Mexicans, carrying Mexican flags. Apparently they were representing the open border and free cheese crowd. They were surrounded by the news media, who were in turn surrounded by Sheriff’s deputies, including about 8 mounted on horseback. There were another two dozen protestors on Fair Drive as I left the event, a couple of the signs compared Trump to Hitler.
I didn’t see anyone smoking anything at the event. The Trump supporters (as one would expect) looked to be the ‘backbone of America’ type of people.
Donald Trump
The people sitting next to me went for sodas and snacks and bought me both. I tried to pay them but they refused to take money. Such was the mood of the crowd. They were happy, they felt comfortable together and they all felt that America’s greatness was in jeopardy.
There was some sort of protestor activity outside that delayed Mr. Trump’s speech for a few minutes and then he took the stage. Euripides, he owned the crowd. It wasn’t one of those religious tent style charismatic ownership things. These were people who wanted to see jobs brought home to America, who wanted some hope for a brighter future and felt that Donald Trump could help solve the Washington problem. They weren’t a crowd of unsophisticated and under-educated people by in large. 
Trump’s speech was what I heard elsewhere on television or read in the media with the exception of his discussion of General John J. (Black Jack) Pershing’s actions during the Moro Rebellion. Since the Moros were Islamic, he related it to Pershing’s response to Radical Islamic Terrorism.
(Wikipedia) Pershing is the only American to be promoted in his own lifetime to General of the Armies, the highest possible rank in the army; a law passed in 1976 retroactively promoted George Washington to the same rank but with higher seniority, ensuring that he would always be considered the senior ranking officer in the Army. Allowed to select his own insignia, Pershing chose to use four gold stars to distinguish himself from those officers who held the rank of General. After the creation of the five-star General of the Army rank during World War II, his rank of General of the Armies could unofficially be considered that of a six-star general, but he died before the proposed insignia could be considered and acted on by Congress.
Mr. Trump said that General Pershing lined up 50 Islamic terrorists. Then he had two pigs brought forward and slaughtered in front of them. 50 soldiers, opposite the terrorists all dipped their bullets in the pig entrails and loaded the cartridges. They then executed 49 of them with the pork-infused rounds and gave the 50th man a cartridge covered in pig blood and excrement and told him to take it back and explain what he’d seen. Trump said that while we find it difficult to do that today, it ended the violence in the Philippines for 42 years.
He brought up water boarding, which I consider to be moot. Every US Military member who goes through Search Evasion Resistance Education (SERE School), is water boarded and treated in the same way that the US prisoners in the “black sites” were. You can call it torture if you must, but people like fellow blogger Old NFO and I have been through it as have many tens of thousands of other Americans.
The rally was fun, the people there were fun and very much of one mind. The event was peaceful and collegial. I realize that there were ‘wet backs’ protesting outside of the venue and various and sundry paid agitators, bussed in, given a sign, $40 in cash and a box lunch – wrappers left on the ground, but it didn’t reach inside to the event.


  1. Thorough report, LL. It sounds like the Tea Party-types showed up, all respectful, no garbage strewn around by the Occupy Wall Street thugs and general scum of the earth.

    I'm pretty sure Trump can mop the floor with Crooked Hillary.

  2. Any mention of Crooked Hillary or Lying Ted earned strident cat calls and boo's from the crowd. I've seen news reports from the "violence" outside, generated by illegal aliens and paid agitators, but we inside didn't experience any of that and even when I left the venue, there weren't that many protestors evident.

    I think that the characterization of people present as "Tea Party Types" is very accurate. They appeared to be hard working, concerned, clean, respectful, Americans. The young men and women seemed to be well groomed and educated, unlike the Occupy mob and the wet-backs outside.

    It begs the question of who we should be listening to. I realize that it's news to cover the outrageous conduct by the Soros goons, and interviewing people inside would screw up the MSM narrative.

  3. Nice AAR, and yes we were waterboarded! I'm waiting for the administration to start paying reparations for that… 🙂 I watched it on TV, but didn't see you! LOL…

  4. Yes, I want reparations for the waterboarding training at SERE, in Panama City, FL, and at a Cobra Gold where I was waterboarded by the OPFOR in earnest. The only thing that saved me in Thailand was that I'd caught the cobra the day before, ate the poison sacks and blood (customary) and had the shits – so that it disgusted my 'captors'. Such is the need for reparations. There was also a time at Camp Pendleton Area 25 combat town where the Marines made a half-hearted attempt at a waterboard. I want $1 million for that too.

    America is turning into a nation of onesie-wearing hot chocolate drinking pajama boys. But I'll take the reparations and build a bitchin' compound.

  5. Thanks for the report, and for the Pershing anecdote/solution. These days things would be different.

    A task force of rainbow transsexuals would bombard the Jihadists with marriage equality leaflets before holding a Pride Parade to celebrate victory in the War on Weather, and an end to the heterofascist oppression of genderbinary bathrooms.

    Of course the Moslems might die laughing…

  6. Transexuals have been the victims of micro-aggression and sometimes they witness the horror of "vote for Trump" written on a sidewalk with chalk.

  7. I also want reparations because my ancestors were poor English, Irish and Swiss immigrants. Another million would pour oil on those persecuted minority waters — so many grievances, so little time.

  8. Glad you had a successful even without taking out any demonstrators. And cu-do's to the cops for doing the right thing and keeping them at bay. And not a bad looking lady next to you, too. Phone number???

  9. This one popped up one day before it was held. I think that once the Indiana primary has passed, he'll be here all the time.

  10. By "Tea Party Types" I can see your description is accurate when you refer to them as basically respectful, hard-working people who know how to behave in public.

    The "outraged" groups are paid $40 and a box lunch and they can't even be bothered to throw away their trash.

    I'll listen to both narratives, but I know on which side I belong.

  11. So many grievances, so little time! Amen to that, fellow-America's-first-slave-class descendant! LOL!

  12. Thanks so much for this, LL! This is an outstanding inside angle on the event that's been in the news all morning.

  13. It's worth listening to both sides – always. But one side builds, enriches and empowers voluntarily, while the other is paid to damage, destroy and denigrate. Good vs evil. Oldest story in the book.

  14. I realize that it's big headlines. If you had been there where I was you'd ask, "why the noise?" A few paid agitators did as they were directed by their masters in the Democratic Party. Interrogate them – the way a Muslim would, find out who is in charge, put that person in prison at hard labor. Weld a cannon ball and chain to an ankle bracket, then weld that to the leg. Have the bastard turn big rocks into pea gravel in exchange for food and water.

    I have a feeling that all of the smashing for shits and giggles would turn into respectful disagreement.

  15. There are several exits from the venue. I took the one farthest to the east (off Fair Dr) and I think that the protest activity took place at a different exit. I parked directly adjacent to the east exit, about 1/4 mile from the entrance to the event. I walked back to the car and from the moment I got in until I was on the freeway was something like five minutes.

  16. Far too peaceful and proper nice. I expected you to be calling for a bail out.
    Sounds like a fun night out. Add a few margaritas and perfect.

  17. Give me a day's notice, and I'll be there. I have about two months' sick time accrued and could easily attend a Trump rally at the drop of a hat [cough cough]. Let me know.

    Best by email because as good as you are, I'm not here everyday. 🙂

  18. It takes a lot for me to call for an extraction. The demonstrators were light-weight children, living at home – mom cooks them supper they get liquored up and go out to riot.

    Most of them have never had an eye gouged out or a bone snapped. I'm happy to oblige if necessary. My sense is that after the first three or four went down that the rest of the rioters would reconsider. As it was, they cut me a wide berth and I lived in peace. It was a fun night out.

  19. @Chickelit. Hello. I have no idea without going down my list of disciples but feel free to join in if not. It's well known that #BecomeRichAndFortunate if you follow me. Karma.

  20. So, that's why you didn't get her number. This crowd sounds like every event I've ever been to that involves the right, but yet we're the radicals … Go Figure.

  21. I'm clearly the radical because I wasn't running around waving a Mexican flag, barking at the moon, shitting on the street and damaging property.

  22. Furthermore, because I did none of those things, I somehow engaged in "micro-aggression" against those who did.

  23. Exactly right. I just saw an interview with Isabel Allende last night, the daughter of the Marxist that Pinochet drove out of Chile. Got my blood boiling, because everybody considers Pinochet a war criminal for simply taking that approach with Marxists, which is the only way anybody can deal with them. I still think Pinochet was a hero.

  24. Thanks for the personalized report. I've watched some of the Trump rallies on video, but that never gets the full effect of how a person woos the crowd. The refreshing part of your report was the peaceful disposition of the crowd. I'm glad that the Trump crowd basically behaves itself. Hopefully, as the country grows further and further apart, sane people will be drawn to those who maintain civility.

    Which is one reason the idiots who broke the police car window are only helping Trump win.

  25. The people present were a fun group who were friendly – beyond civil, and share a deep and abiding concern that America has headed down the wrong path. Lying Ted doesn't have the stroke to fix it. Maybe Trump doesn't either, but we need to elect somebody to try.

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