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Fresh from the Trump Campaign Rally at Costa Mesa, CA, I checked the polling for Donald Trump in the key state of Indiana. Real Clear Politics (average of recent polls) have him at +6 over Cruz.   The most recent poll has Trump up by 9% over Cruz and he appears to be gaining strength going into the Tuesday Primary.  Gov. Pence endorsed Cruz, but praised Trump…strange.

I learned not to trust polls implicitly. The last time that I did that, I ended up owning Mr. & Mrs. Adrienne a dinner (that I still have yet to make good on).

The latest polling for the June 7th Republican Primary shows Trump +27 in New Jersey and the Fox News Poll has Trump +27 in California. Which means that those states, rich in delegates – likely to swing even more heavily toward Trump in the coming month, should put him over the 1237 mark, destroying the GOP elite’s dream of a contested convention where they can nominate Mitt Romney or Carl Rove as a “white knight” to save the Party from the likes of Trump and Cruz. 
Kasich has Ohio to offer, but at this point, I doubt that Trump cares.
Here are a few politicians that I really like and who would make excellent people to be elevated in a Trump Administration. Are you listening Donald? (crickets)
Col Martha McSally

Congresswoman Martha McSally (R-AZ) USAF Academy Graduate, Retired USAF Colonel, Fighter pilot and squadron commander. She’s a woman who is very tough on the border, understands defense issues and is very smart.

She has limited political experience but is trustworthy and takes no prisoners. Secretary of Homeland Security?
Capt. Tom Cotton

Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) US Army, Captain,  combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, Harvard graduate, very smart, a very fast study and shares conservative values. He was a congressman and now he’s a junior senator but he is one to watch. Tom Cotton will likely be president some day. You heard it here first. He’s be an excellent vice president to Donald Trump.

Major Duncan Hunter
Congressman Duncan Hunter (R-CA) (the younger) is a major in the Marine Corps Reserve with two or three combat tours under his belt. He succeeded his father in representing the 50th Congressional District. He was the first member of congress to endorse Donald Trump. He is beloved of the West Coast SEAL Teams, and is a true patriot. 
While I think that he’s doing an excellent job in congress, I think that it’s time for him to move into a senior slot into the Defense or State Department. We need more combat veterans in leadership roles in the executive branch of government.

13 thoughts on “Numbers and Chalk Talk

  1. You asked if The Donald was listening….(crickets chirping).

    Trump and Obama both have in common this fault: neither listens to jack squat that anyone else says, since they know what's best for everybody in the room.

    Ditto Hillary, she doesn't listen to anyone either.

    Our next president will be making decisions based on what they think, and not what anybody else thinks. I prefer those decisions be made by somebody that has met a payroll, directed allocation of resources, and hired and fired people based on economic performance only (and not patronage). Which candidate still in the race fits this bill?


  2. I don't trust Fox news on anything anymore. Not since they were so obviously behind Jeb Bush when this all started.

    I don't trust Trump, because I think he is in it more for himself than America. But he if does finally get the nomination, we will vote for him, pray for America (as we are now), and be happy to be proven wrong.

    Be safe and God bless!

  3. I can't say I have much use for Trump. having been home based in Atlantic City at one time for ten years and in turn witnessing his antics and such, but my gut says that it wouldn't surprise me if he did not in fact name people with great military experience to positions that warren such.

    again, just a gut feeling but i think he will in fact want to back up his claims of "America First" and the military is a strategic part of that if he wants to succeed.

    But then again, I'm a Cubs fan and blind hope is eternal.

  4. Every billionaire that I've ever met, and I've met a few, has the same attitude as The Donald. So it goes with the turf. He's paying his own way, he's winning and he'll decide what's best. I have to admit that there is a twisted but effective bit of logic at work there.

  5. Trump didn't need the aggravation of running for office and having half the nation call him names. So in part, I think that he really does want to solve problems. And as Fredd says (above), he's the only person to have had to meet a payroll, and be successful of ANY of the field on either side of the aisle.

  6. Hillary promises an Obama Third Term (from her nasty lips). That doesn't give me a warm feeling.

  7. At this point I don't care who on the Republican side gets the nod. I'm looking at it as an Anti-Hillary/Anti-Obama Third Term Race. If it's Trump he has my 100% support!

  8. But LL… you haven't nominated any peace loving Muslims. Like for Homeland Security and the CIA. Oh, sorry! That last one's already covered.

  9. LL,

    How does JJ Watts fit into your list? Prominent member of the Clinton impeachment team,

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