Before you go back, it’s cool to go forward.


The history of the USA according to 1861 Japan

A young and incredibly handsome George Washington is taught the path of the warrior by none other than the Goddess of America, Herself.


George Washington is forced to defend his wife “Carol” from a dastardly British assassination attempt, led by the nefarious English officer Asura (far left).


John Adams does furious battle with a giant serpent


Benjamin Franklin fires an entire cannon with his bare hands as John Adams directs the fire.

Washington’s on the move in his carriage, whom the author points out with breathless amazement was only pulled by two – yes, *Only Two!* – horses! His trusty soldiers lead the way, with a star-less American flag proudly flying.

George Washington fights a tiger.

Franklin and Adams have had a falling out.

Adams has had enough, he gets on his horse and fires off an arrow at Franklin before speeding away.  Franklin doesn’t even flinch.

John Adams has gone to visit and take care of his mother in a touching display of filial piety.

While Adams’ back is turned, the snake he fought earlier has returned and eats his mother!

Adams beseeches the Fairy of the Mountain (I am dead-ass serious about ALL OF THIS) to lend him supernatural help in seeking revenge against the matrivorous serpent.

The Mountain Fairy hears Adams’ desperate pleas and enlists the aid of a Giant Bald Eagle (named Freedom) to do battle with this serpent

All is now well under Heaven! America reigns supreme, free from both giant beasts and British influence!


USS Devilfish

Photo:  USS Devilfish (SS 292) embarks on her third war patrol, late May 1945.

Two months before this photo was taken, in 1945, Devilfish was hit by a kamikaze aircraft. The plane crashed into Devilfish as the submarine was submerging, destroying her mast structure and sending water cascading inside her conning tower. The crew successfully controlled the flooding and surfaced at night to evaluate the damage — only to discover aircraft debris and realize they had not suffered a depth charge attack as they thought.

The only U.S. submarine attacked and hit by a kamikaze aircraft during World War II, Devilfish was credited for destroying an enemy aircraft.



There are certainly days when you wish that you’d just left the lettering on the stern (small print) identifying the ship’s name. Other people say there is no such thing as bad advertising, though.


Ukraine Legion Volunteers

I’ve seen a video of some of them in training. They move like a herd (one grenade would get them all) without the most remote understanding of the difference between cover and concealment.

They need a lot of training, but you know that they won’t get what they need.

Bullet sponges.


Identify the AFV – extra points for the location



The PM-1, a Czech post-war flame-tank. In a case of things coming full-circle, the PM-1 was based on the German Hetzer which itself was based on the Czech LT vz 38. I didn’t want to make you guess.


  1. Excellent American History lesson!
    The things they didn’t teach us.
    And my wife has been saving bacon grease, and aluminum foil for years.
    The single moms will survive.
    Not so much that volunteer for Ukraine.

    • Famous, sure, but I don’t know if it is an Ichimōsai original. Forgive my ignorance, Boron san.

    • I’m sure you noticed that Geo. Washington is such a badass that he doesn’t even bother to draw his sword, but is rather pummeling the tiger with his bare hands.

      It’s all true, every word. Except of course for the dusky henchmen of the nefarious Asura; that’s a libel because dusky persons are always on the side of good. But questioning any other part of this 100% true and accurate narrative will be punished to the full extent of the law.

  2. I don’t save tea bags because I’ve never understood why people drink mildly flavored earthy tasting water.

    Bacon grease saved. Check.

    Wash aluminum foil. Sometimes.

    Heritage Foods has great bacon in different breeds.

  3. Oh, speaking of 10-cm pet turtles. Years ago I was surprised to learn that in my home state it is illegal to sell a turtle under 4 inches (how measured is unclear) to a minor child without the permission of the child’s legal guardian. It is however perfectly legal to sell turtles over 4 inches to any person regardless of age (barring of course those who have been banned from possessing chelonians for other reasons).

    Puzzled by this curious law, I asked the local pet shop owner. He said it was a Public Health law intended to combat the spread of salmonella. The concern is that small turtles are cute and more likely to be kissed by children, which is a health hazard because the filthy beasts are literal shambling reservoirs of salmonella and other diseases. Big turtles are apparently less kissable due to not being “cute”. This is doubtless traumatic to full-figured turtles, and they deserve compensation.

  4. The modern version of that story would be a cartoon picture of some old guy licking an ice cream cone…the remaining pages would be blank. Mr. Brain-Dead slurs through offering OUR NG to another country to alleviate “Russian!” energy yet won’t do a damn thing here, killing the Middle Class. We’re beyond them projecting intent, it’s obvious.

    We don’t wash Al-You-Min-Ee-Umm (for Jules), mixing flavors adds a surprise. We do keep it in the fridge to avoid a biology experiment (I’m not a botanist, but I know what mold is, altho a little bit does boost ones immuntiy). Next Sam’s shop gotta get more Reynolds Wrap to stock the prepper pantry, in case there’s a run.

      • Seems obvious anymore. The newest self-serving virtue signal by our elites is GETTING Covid (or so they say, probably just a stupid cold), despite vax’d/boosted.

  5. Bad advertising has done remarkably little actual damage to Hillary over the years, so….

    Speaking of bald eagles, the Vietnamese had never seen a bald eagle and so referred to members of the 101st Airborne Division as “white chicken men.”

  6. I don’t dare save bacon grease. Banner demands the plate the bacon cooked on in the microwave.

  7. Bullet Sponge.

    Dear God.

    And think of the AZOV Dirlewanger LARPERS. Nothing to lose now.

    Let’s see this thing wind up soon, please.

    • I see it all grinding on. If you want a famine, you can’t have farmers going back to the land.

  8. Hmmm… As to the Japanese history of ‘Murica, it still is more true than what is being taught as ‘history’ in most schools these days.

    And that’s a very sad statement, isn’t it?

    Love to see that made into an anime. It would totally rock!

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