Captioned Map: When the Internet was Introduced (According to information available on the Internet as of 7/23/2021)


The Primary Smartphone Brand By Market Share In Each Country, 2021.


Impact Craters

All known Earth’s impact craters at 10x geo-magnification. The largest number is in North America.


I Like The Netherlands

Rotterdam is a bit too industrial for my tastes, but here’s an interesting map showing building ages in the city. I did a little work with the Dutch Intelligence & Police Service a few years ago and enjoyed working with them.


Kangaroo vs Human population



Politics ALWAYS Enters In



In 2018, 1 in 3 people in the world professed Christianity: they represent about 33% of the world’s population, ahead of Muslims, who account for about 23%.



How Does Your Earning Stack Up?

Average salaries in 2020

  • Estonia – $1580
  • Russia – $710
  • Moldova – $470
  • Kyrgyzstan- $270


Not a Map (obviously)

Engine overkill? You be the judge…


First published on September 30, 2020 (BBC)

A British wildlife sanctuary has been forced to separate five parrots who wouldn’t stop swearing at visitors.

Keepers say the birds encouraged each other to keep cursing and had to be moved from the main outdoor aviary.

Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade, and Elsie were removed from view this week, The Associated Press reports. They recently joined the Lincolnshire Wildlife Centre’s colony of 200 African gray parrots in August, were put in quarantine together, and quickly overwhelmed the staff with their naughty language.

“We are quite used to parrots swearing, but we’ve never had five at the same time,” the center’s chief executive, Steve Nichols, told AP. “Most parrots clam up outside, but for some reason, these five relish it.”

According to Nichols, none of the zoo’s visitors complained about the parrots, and most found them amusing.

“When a parrot tells you to ‘f*** off’ it amuses people very highly,” he said. “It’s brought a big smile to a really hard year.”

Still, keepers thought it would be best to keep them away from children so not to ruffle any feathers. They were separated and moved to various different areas of the wildlife center so they are unable to provoke each other,

Nichols told BBC News that the parrots “swear to trigger a reaction or a response,” so seeing people shocked or laughing only encourages the birds to curse more.

“With the five, one would swear and another would laugh and that would carry on,” he said.

“I’m hoping they learn different words within colonies,” Nichols added. “But if they teach the others bad language and I end up with 250 swearing birds, I don’t know what we’ll do.”



  1. Kangaroos seem to be the white tail deer of Australia as far as being a menace to drivers. A friend in Queensland once commented to me that many who do much driving outside of town install bull bars on their vehicles. Makes sense to me.

    • I have an ARB kangaroo bar on the front of my Toyota to defeat deer and it works. Elk – wouldn’t want to. try. Moose, worse still.

      • I nearly hit a moose years ago when one trotted out in front of me on US 2 up in Montana. Only 30 year old reflexes saved the pickup though it was a near thing.

    • If you look at kangaroo and deer side by side, they are very similar. Same ecological niche breeds similar characteristics. Just ‘roos bounce while deer spring.

      And a full size one of either breed will kill a full-sized vehicle.

      As to cattle-guard on the front of trucks, the boat place I used to work at long ago had a customer who hit a cow in his full-sized pickemup truck with bull bars and it flipped the cow into the 30’ boat he was pulling and just about destroyed the boat.

  2. “African grey parrots are [said to] have the mental and emotional capacities of a 5-year-old human child.”

    That sounds about right then, eh?

    • That would make sense. I have 5-year-old grandchildren and they’d get on famously with the bad parrots, learning all sorts of naughty phrases, for which they would be disciplined, of course.

  3. The boat reminds me of the ones the L.A. Harbor Police used. It almost looked like a RIB, but with more aluminum, and enclosed wheelhouse, and four 500HP Honda outboards. The guys I talked to said they’d hit 60kts, easy…..

    • The Harbor Police boats had a broad beam, stable in chop, significant freeboard. I always coveted them. I docked my boat at Alamitos Bay.

  4. Samsung, had an iPhone but like this one better, not that I really like the electronic leash when not doing business.

    Buddy and I were up in Canada, camping on a large lake we had gone to as Boy Scouts, one day we hear this rumbling sound getting closer. Turned out to be the wardens checking things on the lake, very nice Boston Whaler with 2 huge engines on the back, they were standing looking very imposing. Yessir. That one above, overkill.

    What would you expect when you name parrots; Billy, Eric, Tyson, Jade, and Elsie. Reprobates.

  5. As to that boat, well, no. Love to have the money to afford the fuel bill on that sucker.

    I remember the days when having a 20′ center console with a 115hp on it was enough. Now? I go to watch yousetube videos of Haulover Inlet down in Mijami and I see 35′ center console super-sport fisherboats with 4-6 300hp or more engines on the back.

    Crazy, but I understand it. Less time to and fro, more time for fishing and drinking. And the extra power is nice in bad weather or bad seas.

    Again, would be nice to have that type of money, but my inner ears won’t let me play that game anymore. Difficult enough to walk a straight line or on flat surfaces.

    • Though, well, I do miss the rush of properly piloting a small craft in rough seas, watching the waves, speeding up in the lull between two waves, slowing down as you crest it, surfing the downside.

      Navigating using compass and charts and landmarks, none of that fancy schmancy GPS stuff. We could go out 30 miles off the east coast of Florida and make it back with minimal corrections once land came into view.

      Dad wouldn’t let us steer the boat until we could navigate.

      And none of us ‘drove’ the boat. It was piloted or steered.

    • I would like my next boat to be a RHIB, but because my intentions are simply to use it on larger lakes, there isn’t the need for the horsepower required on the ocean. Freshwater lakes can get frothy and the wave period is less than you find in the ocean and it’s a different sort of problem.

      For most of my adult life I’ve had a boat (Break Out Another Thousand) and yes, they are a hole in the water that you throw money into. I miss not having one now.

  6. I didn’t know the Philippines has their own brand of Tasp.

    It looks like somebody was really mad at South Africa and Australia.

    I looked at that income map and thought “wow, I’m doing lousy“. Then I realized it’s monthly gross, not weekly, and am now depressed for a different reason. A p/t school bus driver should not be making more money than everyone on a continent.


      • On one site, the site owner mentioned coming to the States for college and taking a taxi to the college to familiarize himself with the area. After passing through a neighborhood with houses very similar to the middle class houses he grew up around in the Philippines, the taxi driver asked him what he thought of those slums.

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