Obama Administration – Summarized

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This seven minute YouTube clip effectively summarizes the Obama Administration and establishes their legacy (and it will be interesting to see what they’ll do over the next four years if swept into office again in November).

Bill Whittle characterizes President Barack Obama as:
“The most polarizing, mean spirited, petty, thin skinned, self-centered baby.” Yeah, that about sums it up.

9 thoughts on “Obama Administration – Summarized

  1. obama thinks the block party is the highest form of political planning. Anything and everything else is out of his range.

  2. I don't know about that WoFat – he seems to be perfectly able to sell us out to the Russians for fun and profit.

  3. It is true, he will be re-elected not because a majority shares his vision for America, but because not enough on the Right will go out and vote.

  4. Barack Obama worse than Jimmih Carter? Who'daa guessed that was possible? Well most of us with more than twenty firing brain synapses:

    Here's what I wrote back in September, linking a Ha'aretz article on the subject of Obama's incompetent and incoherent foreign policy: News from the Obamaphate: Emulating Jimmy to Win in 2012. Indeed, I'd also linked back to you as well.

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