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This one is easy. Toast some french bread, shred half of a chicken breast and warm with shredded cheese, parsley, and some green onion until the cheese melts. You can add a little mayo and a tiny bit of yellow mustard to taste Stuff the toast and eat. It’s an easy, light, lunch. I always like to add soup. In this case, it’s a hearty chicken noodle with big noodles.

I bought chicken tortilla soup from Costco the other day. There are two containers in a pack I freeze one and eat one,  but I junk up the soup from stock by adding more cheese, more tortilla (crushed), and a dollop or two of sour cream. It’s not from scratch, but it will make a nice lunch. All you do is warm it and eat.



I never fired a Reising. I presume that they fired from an open bolt like a Grease Gun and a Thompson.


South Africa (UK and Portugal)

The 1890 British Ultimatum (the Brits were all about ultimatums then) to the Portuguese.

The area in pink was controlled by the Portuguese before the ultimatum.

Map showing incomplete British control of the Cape to Cairo route, 1913. The British wanted to build a railroad from Capetown to Cairo.

  British colonies (pink).  Portuguese colonies (purple)

Britain wanted its colonies to be connected and it couldn’t let Portgual stop that from happening.

If Portugal had not have allowed Britain to take the middle portion, Britain would have taken all of the colonies including Mozambique and Angola by force. The Portuguese army and navy weren’t strong and would have collapsed in Africa.

British Army Uniforms, 1890

The 1890 ultimatum soured Anglo-Portuguese relations for some time, although when in the late 1890s Portugal underwent a severe economic crisis, its government sought a British loan. With the outbreak of the Boer war, Britain sought support from Portugal and signed an Anglo-Portuguese Declaration on 14 October 1899. This new treaty reaffirmed former treaties of Alliance and committed Britain to defend Portuguese colonies from any possible enemies. In return, Portugal agreed to stop arms being supplied to the Transvaal through Lourenço Marques and declared its neutrality in the conflict.

Although official relations were repaired, the 1890 ultimatum was said to be one of the main causes for the Republican Revolution, which ended the monarchy in Portugal 20 years later (5 October 1910), and the assassination of the Portuguese king (Carlos I of Portugal) and the crown prince – 1 February 1908.

You throw a stone in the water and there are lots of ripples.


Identify the Mystery Aircraft


    • The Defiant was one of those concepts whose failings should’ve been obvious before anyone greenlighted building a prototype. WWI experiences with designs like the DH-2, the Vickers Gunbus, and others showed how difficult off-axis offensive aerial gunnery was, as well as the weight and performance penalties of a non-defensive gunner. The thought of cruising up alongside of a bomber formation and hosing them down with 4 .303 machine guns while their gunners hose you down with 7.92mm machine guns makes certain parts of me shrivel up and crawl inside. Get rid of the gunner, the power turret, mount twice as many Brownings in the wings, and you end up with something a lot more effective. Something a lot like … a Hurricane.

      • Exactly. No forward-firing guns and the weight of a power turret doomed the design, yet they built it. Sort of a nearly fangless, stretched Hurricane with an extra 1000 lbs strapped to it (man, power turret, 4 guns, and ammo).

  1. I’m surprised you have never fired the m50 seeing it was Navy issued. They are a closed bolt gun and fairly accurate because of it.I have fired a authentic semi auto version made by H&R that was a Coast Guard gun.

    • We had the Navy Thompsons, grease guns, Karl Gustav (Swedish K), and a wide variety of 3rd world weapons that we fired for familiarization every six months, but not that. I would like to own a Thompson. Shooting it would be expensive, but love the low cyclic rate, the weight of the weapon, etc. It’s not a modern weapon but that’s the charm of it. Shooting .45 ACP tracers at night (pumpkin balls) is a hoot.

    • $20.94 – I wish I could buy two or three at cost today.

      Then again, it would have been decent of Creepy Joe to bring back the weapons that he gave to terrorists and auction them to the general public here. Or maybe a lottery. I could use an MRAP up here at the mine, trust me. It would be hull-down in a revetment covering the approaches.

      • A Cadillac Gage Commando would be better. And if all you’re doing is going hull-down, an uparmored M113 with a decent remote turret would be cool, plus the ram allows roll-on-roll-off for those wheelchair bound, or easy access to those with bad knees.

        From what I’ve heard, the Grease gun was fun to fire.

        • A friend as Engineers in Germany in the ’90s. They still had Grease Guns as some of their issue weapons, he said they were indeed fun to fire, but also entirely worn out after 50 years, having been built as semi-disposable in the first place. Hitting anything beyond maybe 50 feet was an act of God.


  2. “hearty chicken noodle with big noodles”

    The elixir of life. Good for what ails ya. Whatever ailment that might be.

  3. Biden is a POS, looking at his watch at Dover. What happened to reverence, like that displayed in Taking Chance? Proves the Dem’s are cold-hearted bastards, including Psaki with her “you’re not a woman so have no clue on killing of a human life” nasty comment yesterday.

    Having grown up on top-rate subs THAT is a good sammich. Now if I could get Amoroso hoagie rolls out here I’d be a happy camper.

    Chicken noodle soup- Better not say anything how it helps with Covid because the hyperventilator’s will start screaming propaganda that it’s dangerous and untested.

      • Agree on both your points…the Apple Watch and his earpiece are bluetooth connected, like a mini teleprompter so he can see and hear the next words to parrot…from King O, Rice, or The Nann.

          • He always flashes to Beau. Why not Hunter?

            “Back when Hunter was boneing his brother’s widow, scoring crack, and flying in Air Force Two to pick up palates of cash in the form of bribes to me….” (continue the story here)

        • Why has someone not yet hacked Biden’s connection(s) and fed him gibberish? Or maybe they have, and we just can’t tell the unofficial nonsense from the official nonsense.

  4. When I was stationed at Ft. Knox back in 1970, I was assigned to drive the company’ M578, a light tracked recovery vehicle. That slot came with an M3 grease gun, but I never got to play with it dammit.
    Some years back I dated a Jewish lady who described chicken soup as the penicillin of her people. She also owned several firearms. I miss her sometimes.

    • Many women don’t share the organic love of firearms that men seem to have (then again, we’re talking men, not “birthing people”).

      I think that everyone can agree that chicken soup is comforting. I like it with fresh homemade bread (or rolls) that I can dip into the soup. I’m a dipper – full disclosure. Then again you can always put dumplings into the chicken soup for a match made in heaven. Jews and Christians can both agree on that.

    • It’s your heritage – your legacy. But you were in HM Army, not in the senior service so walking the quarterdeck and issuing maritime orders are not in your remit. (sorry old chap) ;^)

  5. Dating from about the same time as the same time as the Ultimatum was the land swap that gave Deutsch Südwestafrika (now Namibia) that long strip at the northeastern corner stretching to what was North Rhodesia (now Zambia). The Caprivi Strip was intended to connect Deutsch Südwestafrika with Deutsch-Ostafrika indirectly via the Zambezi River. The Germans would’ve preferred a direct land connection, but the British would’ve never agreed to that. As it turned out, Victoria Falls is 40 miles east of the tip of the Strip, making the Zambezi unnavigable. In return for the Strip and the island of Heligoland of the German coast, Germany recognized the British protectorate over Zanzibar. Later, they wanted to trade the Strip for something else (just about anything else, I suspect), but had no takers before WWI broke out.

  6. …And then after causing all that strife with the Portugese, the Brits threw the land they demanded away and gave it over to savagery between 1980 and the present day. Woot, victory achieved.

    I think they also wanted an E-W railroad, but never got there.

    Sounds like a great lunch!

    I too am a fan of buying commercial soups (&c.) and then doctoring them.


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