Iran – Now Terror-Free?

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When you live long enough, you find irony in many more things than you did when you were younger and didn’t have that much water under the keel yet. Yes, there are people like (blogger) WoFat who have pissed more salt water than I’ve sailed over — but the irony has been kicking in more now than ever before. Thus, I find that it’s time for a sermonette, which is a code word for “rant”.

The Obama administration bleached Iran and Hezbollah out of its new intelligence report on worldwide terrorist threats. “Domestic threats from suburban soccer moms and their husbands who commute into the city to work, who are not entirely pleased with the Obama Agenda and may run amok,” is still high on the US list of concerns…higher, it would seem, that a nuclear armed Iran that is pledged to our destruction.

The 2015 “Worldwide Threat Assessment of the U.S. Intelligence Community” excludes Iran and its network of terrorist groups, driven by the Shia sect of Islam, from the report’s terror section. 
This is a sharp turn from 2014, when Iran featured prominently in the report on national security threats. In fact, Iran and its Hezbollah army in Lebanon got its own subsection then. What happened in the course of 12 months that took Iran from “evil empire” to near American ally status? Let’s bounce back to 2014 and that enumeration of the same report:

“Iran and Hezbollah: Outside of the Syrian theater, Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah continue to directly threaten the interests of US allies,” last year’s U.S. report warned. “Hezbollah has increased its global terrorist activity in recent years to a level that we have not seen since the 1990s.”

First lady Michelle Obama hosted a big White House party celebrating the Iranian New Year known as Nowruz. The event featured a Persian dinner and an Iranian dance troupe. Mrs. Obama explained that celebrating the Iranian New Year is part of the “traditions that make us who we are as a country,” as if Nowruz ranks with Thanksgiving or Independence Day. Really Michelle? Really? To me Nowruz is at the bottom of the list, right under Kwanzaa.
While we negotiate away economic sanctions in feeble nuke talks, let’s not offend the ayatollah with terror assessments, and while we’re at it, let’s show him how respectful we are of his culture.

Clearly, the executive branch of government has departed from prudence and any sense of rationality or proportionality. And the pretender to the throne, former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton, author of the Arab Spring debacle and Bitch of Benghazi… is poised to take over the nuclear launch codes. Do the American people really want her to step into Obama’s shoes? The only person inside the beltway who is smaller and more petty, vicious, nasty and venal than Barack Obama is Hillary Clinton – as if anyone would think it possible that someone could be smaller and worse.

I had lunch with a friend from DARPA today down the street from the UCLA Campus and reminded said person that they voted for Barack. They hung their head in shame. I asked if they’d vote for Hillary Clinton (they are dyed in the wool liberal). The answer was a strident , “NEVER”. Maybe there is hope.

12 thoughts on “Iran – Now Terror-Free?

  1. Maybe there is hope

    Just when I start to believe that may be true, something comes along to dash that belief against the shoals of the MSM's covering lies in support of this horrible administration.

  2. The promise was: Hope and Change. They're delivering hope that Iran can steam roll over the rest of the Middle East and it represents change. The Manchurian Candidate is doing his very best.

  3. I've heard quite a few 'post purchase dissonance' stories about Obama voters who were sorry they ever woke up on election day. Some, twice. But I think that these are a vast minority of prior Obama voters. Mostly, Obama phones, food stamps and free stuff still enthralls the vast majority of the voters that Alexis DeToqueville warned us about a century or two ago.

    Your DARPA buddy is a government worker, and although Obama is giving their preferred party a black eye right now, government workers are government workers: entrenched bureaucrats, working under ever expanding budgets, guaranteed employment for life, retirement at age 55, full Cadillac medical coverage for life, you know, a government worker. What do they know about the real world that the rest of us live in, the one where our taxes support these guys in the style to which they have become accustomed?

    Not much. But don't get me started on government workers…

  4. Nothing like a good bit of Norwuz to get the holiday spirit flowing! Hillary with the launch codes? Now I'm sick.

  5. I'm not saying that the DARPA friend isn't a drone…just that the liberal intoxicant of a mulatto in the White House has lost its charm. The friend is a woman, who has been ranting about the glass ceiling for years. Now that Hillary is moving there, it gives her nightmares. I find that telling – even from a drone.

  6. I like a good party just the same as everyone else does, but now I think that I may have been missing out all these years. I feel less American because I haven't ever celebrated Norwuz.

    Maybe Hillary will issue Norwuz pre-packaged kits so that the same people that enjoy food stamps and ObamaPhones will be able to understand and enjoy the pleasures of Norwuz??

  7. Why not a photo of the "Second Couple" – Abedin and Weiner. Anthony Weiner is one of those charmers in the Clinton orbit who is likely to be coronated Secretary of Defense of State in the Clinton White House.

  8. Actually I hear from a reliable source that Weiner is now PNG in Clintonia. He was UpChuck Schumer's protege until his naked selfies emerged.

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